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Location. Perez Zeledon, Punta Arenas, Costa Rica
Date: January 13 2008 Time: night

The witness, Richard Sandi, (involved in other encounters) was sleeping when he suddenly realized that he was floating apparently out of his body in his “astral self”. He found himself floating towards the ceiling thinking that “his time had come” and to relax. Once outside the house he was met by a woman human in appearance but not quite. He felt no fear as the woman introduced herself as “Mentric” and told him that she came from another planet whose name the witness could not remember. She told him that they knew that this is what he wanted to do and that she was going to show him “things”. He suddenly felt himself floating alongside the woman inside of what he thought was some kind of “bubble” the whole time he felt a strange sensation. He was shown scenes of humans at bars, discos at other places as the woman pointed out how humans did not really care about the planet or about themselves. At one point the woman told the witness that she was going to take him to see her friends, but he apparently blacked out and does not remember anything else. He saw himself lying on the bed and felt his astral body floating down and rejoining his sleeping body on the bed. The next day the witness took several photos of the Gulf of San Jose and upon developing the photos he found a huge object in one of the photos which he had not seen while taking the pictures.

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Location. Georgetown, Texas
Date: April 24 2008 Time: 0315am

The witness was awakened by a female voice in his head (telepathy maybe) saying “John, wake up!” and then a very clear rectangular “screen” picture (TV monitor type) appeared in his bedroom 10ft to his left and 6ft from the floor. The “screen” was approximately 3ft x 2 ft and did not emit light anywhere in the room, not even on a large dress mirror located behind and to the side of it. On this screen was a human-like being with black or dark brown bulging eyes (very little white showing) no eyebrows, a very small nose, a short thin straight lipped mouth and off-white to vanilla skin. The figure wore a beige helmet with a clear face plate which covered its hair and ears if any. It wore a beige/off white suit with 3 or 4 circular fittings in positions like T-shirt/necklace, similar to deep-sea diving suits. Since the screen ended at mid-chest the witness could not see any hands, legs, etc. Although the being constantly moved his/her lips the entire 2 minute episode, no sound was made. The being reminded the witness of a TV news anchor facing the camera lights, a clear reflection shown from the helmet & faceplate with a tan/light brown wall in the background. Back in February 2008 a guest in the house had seen a small human like figure standing in his room early one morning.

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Location. Miami, Florida
Date: May 2008 Time: 0315am

The witness who had been sleeping was awoken by some kind of movement inside the bedroom. When she opened her eyes she saw a small figure, light gray in color, around 3ft tall and very skinny, that was holding a light, not like a candle but more like a long stick with a small flame and was running out of the bedroom to the hall next to the bathroom. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing so she closed and opened her eyes several times and concluded that she had been dreaming and decided to go to sleep again. Around 15 to 25 minutes later she heard some voices out in the living room, voices with a sort of echo-like resonance and she couldn’t understand what they were saying. Thinking it was a nightmare she went to sleep again. Minutes later some movement inside her closet made her open her eyes again, and she saw 2 little people similar to the one she saw originally that were both “playing” with their “fire stick” and seemed to be enjoying what they were doing. She was very scared and tried not to open her eyes so much afraid that they noticed she was watching them. Her body felt paralyzed and she was sweating. Two days later she came home from work around 1700 and the TV was off, and then she noticed that the TV screen was covered in some strange thin hand prints. She took a picture of the prints.

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Location. Reseda, California
Date: June 6 2008 Time: late night

On Saturday June 7 the 34-year old witness began getting glimpses of memories of an encounter/dream she had the night before. She “dreamed” of being face to face with a reptilian creature that showed her images telepathically. This creature showed her what appeared to be a slide show of her life as if he knew her completely from early childhood until now. Not only did the creature show her things about her personal past, it showed her things to come for humanity as a whole such as war, natural disasters, etc. It also showed her what seemed to be a child approximately 8 years of age walking. While walking this child morphed into a reptilian-humanoid and back, the reptilian entity displayed this hybrid child to her with some kind of importance as if she “mothered” or had something to do with it’s creation and hinted towards a future child that would have even more importance to her and their species. (The witness husband recalled a “dream” she mentioned having about 14 years ago before even the birth of her 1st daughter who’s now 15 years old. In this “dream” she had, she remembers lying on a table pregnant ready to give birth when suddenly someone reaches out to her belly and suddenly her belly shrinks back to normal size and the pregnancy is gone. She said she screamed hysterically “Where is my baby? and a “doctor” replies, “What baby? You were never pregnant”). The witness said that in this latest “dream” or encounter her husband his older brother and a host of other people she has never seen before were present with her but stood motionless and expressionless as if they were “frozen in time”. She described this creature as having big black eyes with lizard-like skin, facial features resembling a snake but the mouth never moved and was more of a straight line than a mouth. She said only the creature’s head was visible. In the morning both woke up feeling very tired as if they had been drugged. 2 weeks prior to the encounter, the husband and his stepson saw a triangle-shaped UFO fly over the apartment building. A week after that sighting his older brother called saying he had spotted a square-looking UFO by his house in Mission Hills.

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Location. Tuckerton, New Jersey
Date: June 12 2008 Time: 0430am

The main witness was resting after a day of fishing when he heard a “voice” approaching the window that was opened. A strange creature then walked up to the window and chanted his name. His hair stood up and he froze. He looked out and the creature had disappeared and over the bay he saw a flash of light, and five minutes later a small airplane flew to where the light had been and immediately turned around. The next weekend the same thing happened again but this time the creature was making strange chirping sounds like a squirrel and jumped on the roof. Then outside the glass sliding door he saw the creature again, described as a black being approximately 3 feet tall. It wore some type of black suit with white dots on its chest, the being then walked away, and seemed to be breathing heavily. The witness then ran and told his grandfather which did not believe him. The witness reports additional experiences, like an odd craft flying over the treetops and jet aircraft swooping low over the area.

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Source: NUFORC
Comments: Multiple experiences

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