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UFO's? Inquiring Minds Want to Know, Sort of

By Cathy Free
Salt Lake City, Utah Tribune
July 15, 1987

To set the scene; when the UFOCCI (The UFO Contact Center International) was in business we traveled a lot and spoke at different conferences. I found this old article today and I laughed and laughed; it was written so funny. I thought I would share it with all of you so you could get a good laugh too! Some of you will remember this.


More often than not, when somebody sends me a notice about a meeting, I wad the paper up, toss it across the news room into the sport desk's garbage can and score two points. I've never been good at covering meetings -- I find them boring and a waste of time. Then last week, I received a meeting notice from Mary St. Clair. (Mary was an Associate Director in our organization from Utah)

"FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE!!!" the notice exclaimed. Notices about meetings are always exclaiming things that are seldom immediate or important, so I nearly crinkled up Mary's meeting notice and tossed it, along with a notice of a trailer park bridge club meeting. I was just about to go for a three-pointer, when I noticed the word in the middle of the page: Extraterrestrials.

I took a closer look. Yes, I had read it correctly. "Aileen Garoutte, director of the Seattle UFO Contact Center International and five of her associates will lecture at a UFO meeting July 7 at 7 p.m. in Pioneer Hall," read the notice. "They will discuss extraterrestrials and UFO contacts."

At 6:45 p.m. last Tuesday, while other news people were covering "bored" education meetings, I arrived at the UFO meeting, notebook in hand. "You're the only member of the news media who bothered to show up," said Mary, extending her hand. She was wearing a button that said, "UFOs Are Real - the Air Force Doesn't Exist. "I'm certain you won't be disappointed," she said.

I was certain too. After all, while meetings about unimportant things are held every day, it isn't often that somebody decides to hold a meeting about unidentifiable things. I took a seat on the second row in front of a wall hanging covered with silver flying saucers.

Shortly before 7, the audience started to file in: Sue Barney, and her two children, Cindi, 16, and Chris, 14, who have never seen a UFO but wish they could; Mary Sewall, who says she has seen a UFO and wouldn't mind seeing another one; a woman who identified herself only as Jenny and said she had been taken aboard a UFO and was so terrified she hoped it never happened again; Gerry and Malcom Newman, who weren't sure they would recognize a UFO if they saw one, but were curious to see what kind of people would show up at a meeting about UFOs; and dozens of other people, some skeptical about UFOs, some not.

In all, 82 people showed up. "A much bigger turnout than we expected," said Mary. She took a seat with the other UFO speakers at the VIP table introduced Aileen Garoutte, and the meeting began.

Aileen, a short woman with an easy smile, long coal-black hair and enough heavy turquoise jewelry to ground, well, a UFO, adjusted the microphone and asked the audience how many of them had actually had a close encounter of the "third k ind." Everybody looked around the room and nervously giggled for a few seconds, then five hands slowly went up.

"Very interesting," said Aileen. "Most people in Utah are afraid to talk about their experiences. Would any of you care to discuss yours?"

The five hands went down. Five heads vigorously shook "no."

"Well, all right," said Aileen, "but my associates and I are still willing to meet with you after the meeting. Through hypnosis at our center in Seattle, we help people to cope with their UFO encounters. It can be traumatic, especially when physical abductions are involved."

Everybody's eyes grew round as flying saucers!

"Yes," said Aileen, "it does happen. It hasn't happened to me personally, but I know of many people who have had it happen."

"Well what about you?" asked a man in his late 50s, seated on the last row with his arms crossed tightly and his lips pursed in doubt. "What kind of UFOs have you seen?"

Aileen took a deep breath. "Several years back, I was driving through Oregon about midnight, when my car was engulfed with a green light. I could see the shadow of the wheat, and the light stayed with me five miles. For ten years, I didn't know what I had seen, then one day, I suddenly knew. That's how it happens. You lose a few hours or a day and can't remember what happened. You can find out through hypnosis, but there are simple symptoms to help you as well."

"After being contacted, you may develop a liking for turquoise," she said. "Blue is a good color for contactees. (A murmur filled the room. Half the audience was wearing blue.) You'll hear a buzzing or beeping noise in the ear. It's their way of letting us know they're around." At this point (it couldn't have been timed more perfectly) the microphone buzzed and somebody's message beeper went off. The audience gasped. Aileen continued:

"You may have a low body temperature and feel the urge to move to Arizona... You may see balls of light in your bedroom at night, and be able to read minds or move objects... You could have marks on your body or be covered with a rash." Everybody inspected their arms. One woman's right arm was covered with itchy, red hives. "It's poison oak," she whispered to the woman next to her, lest anyone should doubt.

A lot of other things happened at the meeting that night -- Linda Benson of Washington talked about the balls of spinning light and strange V-shaped planes she has seen over the years, and Shirle' Carsh from Vancouver told the story of her two-year association with an alien in a radio repair shop who promised to come and get her when the earth is destroyed by earthquakes and pollution.

But the highlight of the evening was when Nell Zajac of Seattle told the story of a South African man whose friend George revealed he was actually an alien named Valdar form the planet Koldas. "I have a tape recording here from one of Valdar's superiors," she said, flipping the switch. Gerry Newman, on the sixth row, nearly fainted.

"Mrrmmkleklahg fidgjlkajjanaa" said the voice. Gerry clutched her chest. Nell laughed, "Wait just a minute," she said, "I put it on the wrong speed." She made a minor adjustment, and within seconds, Valdar's superior, Vax Noah, was telling everyone in a voice very similar to Orson Welles that his people loved earthlings as their brothers and sisters, but they would stay on their planet and leave us alone.

A room full of people in Pioneer Hall breathed sighs of relief.

Some of the things in the article the author did not have quite right but needless to say, it was so funny I couldn't stop laughing! Hope you enjoyed it too.


Strange Flying 'Creature' Photographed at Macachín, Argentina Airport

Posted: 10 Dec 2008 12:08 PM CST

The CEUFO (Center for Studies UFO) of Argentina received an email from a photographer (Fabián Romano) that claimed to have captured a strange being on his camera while taking some shots around the Macachín airport.

The image submitted to CEUFO is said to have been taken in midday with a Minolta digital camera. Using a lens of 135 mm and a manual speed of 1/1000.

The CEUFO analyzed the image and declared it to be that of a flying “entity”. They also said that the image was of a “high strangeness”. The CEUFO came to this conclusion after submitting the photograph to rigorous testing.

CEUFO also submitted the image to various centers around the globe for further examination. The curator for the Provincial Museum (Gustavo Siegentale) said that the image was “very strange” indeed. Gustavo Siegentale went on to even claim that this could be a “mammal, carnivore and with wings” obviously “an unknown species”.

According to The CEUFO, the image was then submitted to the Special Criminal Division (police) of La Pampa. The division, using hi-tech equipment that is usually used for criminal cases, said that the in the photograph, one can see eye sockets, a beak and the object could be 80 cm tall. Taking in reference the airplane’s propellor in the background.

The CEUFO also said that this was not the only reported sighting of the creature. There has been other situations were people have seen strange creatures in or around the airport area. Further investigations are pending.



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