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Interdimensional Angel Lightship and Green Halo photos taken in sequence in Winnipeg, Manitoba in January/February 2009
by Randy Kitchur

Posted: 15:00 February 12, 2009

Our contact experienced contact with an enormous, glowing Lightship Plasma Orb Light Entity (POLE) on February 2, 2009 that telepathically directed him to look up as it passed low, directly over his house just over 48-hours after his January 31, 2009 close encounter, and took these crystal clear photos of the event.

Narrative for Interdimensional Angel Lightship Plasma Orb Light Entity photos taken on February 2, 2009, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Lightship POLE 1

Lightship POLE 2

Lightship POLE 3

It was a bitterly cold evening in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with a minus 38 degrees Celsius windchill on Monday, February 2, 2009 when our contact, fresh from a miraculous encounter with an enormous green Halo Plasma Orb just over 48-hours earlier, received a telepathic message to take his cell phone camera and go outside his house and look up. Having learned from past experience the message was being directed at him from Interdimensional Angels, he did as he was asked, and instantly upon going outside and looking up saw to his amazement a slow moving, house-sized Lightship Plasma Orb Light Entity (POLE) directly over his head. The Lightship was so close our contact could have taken a rock and hit it -- which he of course would never even consider doing -- and one can get a sense of just how close of a close encounter this was by taking the contact's gloved finger holding the cell phone camera along the bottom of the first photo as a point-of-reference.

Our contact immediately began to take a series of photos upon looking up and seeing the Lightship POLE and telepathically expressed his gratitude to the Lightship POLE -- which he always does with each and every encounter. The Lightship POLE immediately responded to our contact's telepathic message and dramatically increased in size, which can be clearly seen in the second photo.

In the second photo and third photos, and possibly even in the first photo, but obscured by the contact's gloved finger, can be observed what we believe is a "Scout Ship" accompanying the Lightship POLE. The Scout Ship is clearly seen directly beneath the Lightship POLE in the second photo as three equidistant horizontally-arrayed lights, which may be of a "porthole" configuration, and these same three lights have clearly moved slightly away and in front of it to its right in the third photo. This is clear evidence that while it may have initially seemed to be physically connected to the Lightship, it is an independent object or entity, although with a direct relationship to the Lightship POLE.

Another striking feature of the photos, all of which were taken in rapid succession of only a few second intervals between each photo, is the radical transformation in appearance the Lightship takes. It suddenly develops what we view as feathery light-wings in the second photo which transform more clearly and are quite evident in the third photo. For us, it makes perfect sense, given our contact had been told by them that they are truly, Interdimensional Angels, that among one of their many Divine attributes, one of them would be to have the ability to manifest, quite literally, Wings of Light.

Another incredible aspect of these series of photos is the round Halo enveloping the Lightship POLE or Interdimensional Angel, which is in effect what we have learned is really an Interdimensional Stargate or Stargate Vortex they use to traverse dimensions, galaxies, and perhaps even universes. When our contact first saw the Lightship above his house, it had just emerged from the vortex of light surrounding it, and just after our contact took the third of the three photos, he watched as the Lightship POLE rose slightly into the sky whereupon it re-entered the Stargate Vortex and disappeared in an instant. As with all encounters, the contact experienced strong waves of joy, peace and love emanating from the Interdimensional Angel, and this entire close encounter from the moment the event began until it concluded lasted approximately one-minute.

Our contact experienced another miraculous close encounter with Interdimensional Angels the evening of January 31, 2009 and took this series of crystal clear photos of a gigantic, green, glowing Halo-shaped Plasma Orb Light Entity (POLE).

Green Halo POLE 1

Green Halo Pole 2

Green Halo POLE 3

Green Halo POLE 4

Our contact had just begun a skywatch in his backyard in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada at approximately 9:30 PM CT on the evening of Saturday, January 31, 2009, and was only a few minutes into his observations when he noticed something very high up in the sky that immediately drew his attention, so he moved into a darker part of his backyard and took out his cell phone camera he always carries on him and began to take pictures.

At first what he was observing floating slowly down toward him out of the sky was quite dark, but quickly noticed what he was observing was an enormous glowing green oval- or Halo-shaped Plasma Orb. He continued taking photos as the green Halo Plasma Orb got closer, and the closer it got the brighter it got, as it was in the process of "powering up."

Our contact noticed that the green Halo Plasma Orb was not hollow and that its inner core was a shiny black solid that gave off a sheen to it not revealed in the photos. Our contact estimated the size of the green Halo to be approximately 500 meters or yards across, and at its closest approach was approximately only 300 meters or yards away.

While the green Halo Plasma Orb powered up at one point, our contact was only able to capture on film photos as it was in the process of powering up and the last one after it had done so.

Our contact received waves of peace, joy, and love being directed toward him from the green Halo Plasma Orb throughout the experience, as he always does with each encounter.

At the bottom of the last photo is the top of a patio swing set in the contact's large backyard, and this is used by us as a point-of-reference as a visual check in estimating the approximate size of the green Halo and its approximate distance away.

After taking the last photo, the green Halo slowly rose in the sky to the west and faded out to the point where it could no longer be seen.

From beginning to end -- meaning from when our contact first noticed the green Halo Plasma Orb high in the sky and began taking photos, until the point at which our contact took the last photo and it disappeared -- the entire miraculous event with the Interdimensional Angel lasted approximately one-minute.

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