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(Plateau of the Dawn Wraiths)

by Victor Kostrykin
Nalchik, USSR

(In 1991 I attended the UFO Congress in Tucson sponsored by Wendelle Stevens and Bob Brown. Victor Kostrykin came from Nalchik, USSR to speak about his contact. Victor was so sweet that the pigeons where he lived would come and land on him when he came out of his house. They were giving him their unconditional love. Unfortunately after he returned to Russia he was murdered because of what he knew I suppose. That made me very sad. This writeup was never finished but what is here is very interesting.)

Until 1962 I was also skeptical about the existence of UFOs. Then I saw them myself on one starry summer night. It happened in the countryside in a village called Blagoveshenka, in the Prokhladnenski region KBA SSR around 10:00 p.m. in the evening, Moscow time.

I was watching satellites. Suddenly I saw, very high in the sky, a bright point of light. Synchronically changing luminescence but without glimmering, it moved across the sky in a northeasterly direction from the main Caucus Range of mountains along a strange zigzag trajectory.

The object moved rapidly. It was beyond my understanding of the laws of physics. It moved at right angles. Any earth-made object moving with such speed and dynamics would break apart. There wasn't any inertia in the object. But if there isn't inertia, there isn't mass. But if there is no mass there is no time. All this was very strange. Impressed by this unusual conundrum I watched the object for 5 - 7 minutes.

I was thirty years old at that time. From that day I started my investigations, analysis and new observations. Later unbelievable events led me to some conclusions and new riddles. Being in Blagoveshenka I recalled my childhood and my grandmother who told me how, before the Revolution, people saw over the Nalchik, flying fiery spheres.

So I began to look at the heavens more often. I myself began to make prognosis of UFO visitations. First, tens of people saw UFOs, according to my prognosis, then hundreds, then thousands. Often, for observations we organized trips to the mountains. The group of observers, especially unprepared, was a company that rushed from the grip of the city into the countryside. Of course, it was fun, but mostly we had been sitting near the fire or fishing, looking more at our lines than at the sky. That's why I began to work alone. I cannot say that having this adventure I was not afraid. However, interest suppressed any thoughts of danger. Curiosity is above any feeling of foreboding.

The same was true on the night of 6/7 of July 1968. I reached the mountain village of Hushtosyrt in the Chigemski region. Hushtosyrt from the Balkarski language means "Husto Hill." From the village I went into the high mountain pastures.

Why did I chose this region? Because in that part of the sky I very often saw UFOs. I sat on a haystack. The pleasant smell of the freshly mown hay was like perfume in the air. It was safe, comfortable, and I could lie on my back watching the evening sky. The stars were magnificent. Of course, I didn't dream of having any contacts. From my position I was staring into the depths of the universe. There was no living soul around. With any luck, I was hoping to see a UFO to convince myself of the soundness of my prognosis. It was around 3:00 a.m. on July 7. Suddenly I saw an unusually bright vertically falling meteorite. Then the brightness diminished. The object descended, trialing a smokey effusion in very close proximity to me, coming down in a spiraling movement.

I instantly came to a sitting position, amazed, and waiting for an imminent explosion. Silence... I tried to gather my wits about me. Close to me was a small wooded area. From that place I sensed something watching me and I was instilled with an overwhelming feeling of terror. I looked behind me, saw a humanoid figure in flames standing still, unmoving. Immediately I fell out of the haystack and ran as fast as my legs would carry me. I thought it was a Yeti, an Abominable Snowman. I thought, in my fevered condition that the Yeti had been torched by our technology, and was now, in his pain, going to revenge himself upon me. In my headlong rush I had forgotten ten thunderflashes that I had taken with me to scare off any dangerous wild animals. In my panic and confusion I came to a dead halt. My ability to move deserted me. I had not control over my limbs. Every hair on my body stood on end. I was completely free of any pain. I broke into a cold sweat. My heart thumped like a beaten drum but my conscious mind was clear. I was soon gripped by a feeling of suspended animation and my oppressive fear dissipated. My previous feelings gave way to a wonderful sense of lightness filling my whole being.

I heard a voice calling me.

Behind the hill I saw a disc shaped object of immense proportions that could not be of earth construction. It was bright and glowing. It had a circle of portholes around its center which emitted a bright light. Drawing closer to the object I realized that they were not portholes. They were in fact, round mouths of tubes. There were no portholes in the earthly sense of the word. Every tube along the whole radius of the craft pierced deep into the bowels of the object. Like spokes form the rim of a bicycle wheel, they ran to the hub. The light coming from the tubes was of a soft milky hue. This strange light circled the body of the object as if under the influence of a magnetic field. It gave the impression of being cocooned in a sea of light.

I was met by an alien being of very similar appearance to a human being, except in some small details. There were a few tongues of flame running across his silver coverall, which later disappeared. This silver figure had five digit hands, and other limbs of similar proportion to our own. He was of slightly higher than average height. Later they explained that a man being in their close presence perceives them to be of regular human dimensions. They real height is 5-6 m (18 feet). They can compress (squeeze) dimension or extend it. The color of the dress was light and around their heads and legs there was a luminescence especially visible out of the craft. The figures were slim, with normal proportions. Movements were staid, slow and sublime. They don't like anyone to talk loudly or wave your hands while you're talking. They stopped me many times, asking "Speak (be) quiet, don't wave your hands."

By gesture I was invited into the spacecraft. I crossed the threshold (beyond which all earth laws loose their power) where stops all earth power and probably our three dimensions. It was warm inside. Warmer than on the pastures at that time. My footsteps were muffled. The light inside the craft was soft, no like electrical or our daylight. There were no (sharp) strong shadows. The light was warm, soft-milky, falling from above. I hadn't seen lamps, or maybe didn't remember.

Near the wall there was a control desk with colored glimmering buttons. All furniture or aggregates go in or out of the walls or floor. There were no curtains or slide-valves on the walls, but the walls could move apart and a screen appear. Here I noticed some more figures. There were five of them in the craft. They looked alike and dressed like twin brothers. Before, and from this time on, I write 'THEM" with capital letters according to THEIR achievement. THEY are worthy.

THEIR heads were big, like an elongated oval. The faces were handsome and had something special in their features. Somehow, I got the feeling that THEY are looking through you; look and know what you are thinking about. There was not any hostility or curiosity from THEIR side. The most particular thing was THEIR big wraparound eyes. It seems THEY could see all around.

There was something on THEIR heads that looked like a skull-cap made of gold and stones. From the side it looked like a field cap. Later I was told that it is a brain-phone for long distance talk-though transmission. I noticed that there were no buttons or folds on the coveralls. There was something that looked similar to the fold on the end of sleeves and trousers on the neck and waist. All of THEM were dressed in silver coveralls. The soles of THEIR shoes were thick. THEIR hair was gray and short but THEIR faces were young and without wrinkles. My feelings were ready to jump out of me, seeing all these incredible things.

I presented myself, saying that I'm Caucasian from the group of natives. At the moment I was told that in the Caucus there are only four native nations. All others are mixed, or brought here. THEY gave THEIR names. All names were old, or THEIR own, and only one reminded me of a word "Svany", though, Svany call themselves "Hevsury." THEY even pointed out locations of each of THEM but I don't remember. I was very impressed by THEIR appearance and expedience (advisability), stability and confidence. With men THEY talk telepathically and you hear the voice inside your head. When THEY talked to me THEY didn't open their mouths. I tried to close my ears by holding my hands over them or turned and bowed my head in different directions and to the side. All was the same. A wellspring of sound was stable and didn't change when I turned my head. I answered my questions speaking reserved and silently. The answers were clear and precise without unnecessary words in perfect updated Russian language. Between each other THEY used language unknown to me. I remembered one word "Taila-Laila." THEY spoke with me very politely and respectfully. THEIR voices were young, different in timber and direction. The emotional state I could feel by tone. THEY respect good, health humor.

THEY invited me to sit in an arm-chair and in Russian told me, "Now our way is to the mountain," and one of them pointed in the direction of the Elbrus.

THEY contact me again on August 5, 1970 by calling "Taila-Laila." Eventually I found on the map not far from the Elbrus mountain a mountain called Taila-Laila - 4,010m over sea level. I didn't know this word. Maybe it was the name of the mountain, maybe it was a way THEY called me.

Let's get back to the events of that unusual night.

Sitting in the arm chair I again paid attention to a unique, right angled plate over the door leading to another room. It seemed to be made of gold with colored stones on it. The whole picture carried some meaning.

Then two ETs, looking like twins came up to me. One of them had long black gloves on his hands. I took notice of their hands. The wrists were refined, with long, thin fingers. The gloves had no folds. I was impressed by the quality of the material. There was not any speck or shine on them. They were absolutely black. I looked at THEM, not without fear, watchfully thinking what are THEY going to do? THEY took my left hand, turned it edgewise, pulled the thumb aside and took a piece of skin between the first finger and thumb with a strange device. It was very fast without any pain or blood. A small trace disappeared at once right when I was looking at it. Then pulling myself together I said, "I know what kind of gloves you have and what it is for." I took them as medical. Without any words, suddenly the hand in the black glove, with all fingers began to sink into my thorax. with wide open eyes, I watched this unusual (spectacular) performance. There was no barrier for the hand. No muscle, no skeleton and even my undershirt that I had on. There was no pain or any other sensation. Only when the fingers touched my heart I felt very strong pain and screamed. The hand in the black glove promptly pulled out. There was not any traces or blood left on my chest. Incredible!! The hand in this wonderful glove did operate on my thorax as a solid body. How to explain?
(Editors' Note: Unfortunately that is all the transcript we have from Victor's wonderful story.)


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