Sunday, April 5, 2009


FROM Jackie:
October 1998

Dear J___:

I have seen these Nordic Beings during psychic readings an the "link" to certain human beings. I have also seen the "Praying Mantis" beings (very loving and slow moving). The Nordic beings have fascinated me for quite some time. They are of such a high level and I have been unable to identify where they are from (possibly Andromeda). I am just not certain, however, they have allowed me to see them and understand the connection to others. You, of course, should be aware and probably are, that you have access to information that others do not, as yet. If you use this, you need only request an answer to something, call them in, and the answer will be given within a short period of time (usually immediately or within 24 hours). Some are given it in metaphor (outside of themselves) and others are given it directly, telepathically.

I even have been with someone that is a hybrid of these beings. It took me a while to "see" it. She is a psychologist and very involved in UFO's etc and the CSETI. She wrote a book about connecting with ET's and I have a copy of the original draft. I finally told her about her hybrid heritage and she didn't even hear it come from me but from someone else in the room. Very strange.

I should explain that when these things come through, it is as if someone has grabbed me by the throat and is squeezing the words out. I seem not to have a whole lot of control over what is being said. Telling this poor woman that her father was not her father in a group of people certainly was not the most appropriate thing that I have ever done. Again, it was as if I couldn't control the words. They just spewed out of my mouth.

What was so fascinating was that she had asked me to read her a few weeks earlier at a meditation group and I couldn't get anything except two stone walls (mountains). The night that this happened I was sitting at her side and it was as though her eyes were lenses and everything that she experienced was being recorded or transmitted to these same Nordic beings. I really am not a nut but have had my own UFO experiences and my son was on George Knapp's two hour special (national TV) with his experiences. You already know that though. Blessings to you for the work you are doing.
I do not know the source for this story.


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