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George Adamski was the first to claim contact with extra terrestrials.

Adamski's case presents an enigma. Although an anathema to scientists, still there is an event that took place after his demise that leaves one perplexed.

Adamski died of a heart attack on April 23, 1965 in Silver Springs, Maryland.

At the time he was visiting Madeline Rodeffer, who had also taken movies of the identical craft as Adamski had photographed at Mt. Palomar Gardens in California. (This is not the enigma however!)

On April 24, 1965 in a remote field near Scoriton, England, gardener Arthur Bryant was dramatically confronted with a situation completely beyond his comprehension - a huge flying saucer and its three occupants.

Bryant had gone for a walk around 5:30 pm as he often did. Upon arriving at the Down, he turned to look back at Scoriton and as he did so a large saucer like object appeared out of thin air over a field.

"I must confess that my first reaction was to turn tail and run really hard, but some influence seemed to suggest I remain where I was. The saucer rose a few feet or so and then, swinging like a pendulum to the left then to the right and then to the left again before leveling out and becoming stationary thirty yards away over the field in front of me; there it hovered about three feet above the ground. A door slid up into the roof from the center and three figures appeared from it all dressed alike in what I took to be diving gear. After watching me for a few minutes, one of the three beckoned me, with both arms outstretched. Somehow I had lost my original fear and climbed over the iron gate to the fence separating the field from the lane."

What followed then was completely baffling to Bryant. Two of the beings had extremely high foreheads which came to a point. Their features were thin and sallow and there was no facial hair. Eyebrows and eyelashes were fair and fine and their hair, which was longer than ours, was between a blond and a mousy color. The nose was squat and the eyes very blue in color with a vertical cat-like pupil. Each had four fingers but no thumbs.

The third person had a normal appearance - there was nothing to distinguish him from you or I. He had short brown hair, very dark brown eyes and appeared to be a youth of between fourteen and fifteen years of age. The three wore suits of a silvery color that rustled like tin foil when they moved. "The young one's suit struck me as being too large and the belt too loose." The boots were similar to ours in design having two straps, one at the toe and one at the ankle; the soles were very thick - approximately one and one half inches. When they moved no sound was heard.

The youth seemed to be in charge. "My name is Yamski" (or something close to that). "I thought he was Russian but he had an American accent."

Yamski gave several messages but Bryant had no idea what they meant. The things Yamaski said were completely foreign.

For Desmond Leslie, who co-authored "Flying Saucers Have Landed," with Adamski, they had a great meaning. Only Desmond Leslie, when he eventually heard them would understand, as they were directed to "Des Les" which is what Adamski frequently called Desmond Leslie.

The three also said they would bring proof of Capt. Thomas Mantel's plane that had crashed while chasing a UFO. They did bring parts (like new but with fresh grease or lubricant on them) that were identified as being off the same type of plane.

George Adamski had said to persons close to him that he would have a young boy's body waiting for him when he died.

Many of the "abductees/contactees" have seen identical replicas of themselves on board the ship at the time they were abducted. They have been told that these bodies are waiting for them.

Could it have been that Adamski really was telling the truth about his contact with alien beings? WHO WAS THAT MAN?

NOTE: The detailed account of Arthur Bryant's contact can be found in "The Scoriton Mystery" by Eileen Buckle (1967), published by Neville Spearman, 112 Whitfield Street, London W1, England.

P. Urial

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Take a look at this link for one person's reflection on Mr. Adamski.
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