Sunday, April 19, 2009


I had a conscious abduction experience a few months ago... at least I was conscious when it started. I had just turned off my lamp and was lying in bed listening to the radio when I suddenly heard this roaring sound in my head... like a waterfall. Then I felt a tingling sensation, almost electrical, starting at my head and working it's way down my body. My body felt weightless and it felt as if it was actually rising up off the bed. I was paralyzed, unable to move. I remember thinking, Oh no... it's happening again... I know what this is."

Then my body started to slowly turn. My head was at the foot of my bed. It continued to turn and as my head was back at the headboard, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It looked like a thin, gray arm was starting to protrude from thin air. First I saw the fingers and hand... then part of the arm. At this point I got angry. I tried to yell but I couldn't. So I yelled in my head, "get out of here!"

At that point it felt as if the paralysis was broken. I grabbed for the arm (don't ask me why... till this day I can't explain why I did it) and got my fingers around it. It felt dry and brittle.. as if I could snap it in two with very little force.

Then as suddenly as it started, it disappeared... poof! I thought I had stopped the abduction. But I woke up the next morning with two bruise puncture marks on my right arm. This was the fourth time I have seen these same marks... always after an abduction experience.

I can't tell you for sure who or what was involved with this abduction. Under hypnosis, I was able to recall seeing something that reminded me of a spider with an insectoid type head... something I had never recalled seeing prior to this. I'd be interested in hearing from others that may have had similar experiences.


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