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R.D. Morningstar's Enhancement of the Niagara Falls UFO, 2008

One Man's Early Alien Contacts ETAP in Canada in the 1960s
by Patrick Tamas

(Copyright © 2009 Patrick Tamas)

Posted: 12:30 May 11, 2009

I am a Canadian who has been very interested in UFOs for a long time.

Many years ago, in my mid teens (1964 1965 1966), I witnessed UFO activities in the sky on several occasions here in Montreal, in the Laurentian Mountains and in Matane, Quebec, Canada.

* Enhancement of George Adamski's famed UFO photo

I also saw a UFO in Silver Spring, MD & Washington DC in the sky above Madeleine Rodeffer's home, while visiting her. She was associated at the time with George Adamski.

I met her through the Montreal UFO club the year Adamski died when she came and gave a conference. Since then my life and passion in life has always been UFOs, even if at times I had put it on a back burner.

After a successful career in the movie business, I am a now a young retiree in my fifties, still with the same passion and obsession, i.e. UFO.

I am searching and trying to understand the reasons for my past. I also believe that while seeing the ships in the sky during the daytime, I was being abducted during the night.

I remember humming Beatles tunes to myself in the daytime while walking in the country, but instead of the words of the songs, I used to hum thoughts and words to them that I used to send out to them in my mind my wish to see them.

To my surprise, I did not realize then that they could be the UFOS and that the occupants picked up my thoughts, which attracted them. Often they would show up only for a few seconds or for a minute or two.

In the autumn of 1965, one ship awoke me during the night followed by 7 others. Days later this story had hit the papers because of many others that had seen the ships.

Being naïve and innocent at 15 years of age, I thought that everything coming from the sky had to be good and nice. Later, an adult friend at the time who was much into this topic warned me to be very careful because of the "negative Aliens "and the men on Black.

The men in Black had invaded Madeleine Rodeffer's home and seized a portion of her UFO film. That was a film showing when a UFO came down while she and George Adamski filmed it. It was flying over the treetops over her home.

A single frame from the Adamski-Rodeffer 8 mm. UFO Film

Since then I have been able to watch them from a distance, but I could not overcome the fear of what would come out of the ship to make a full contact. My mind was too scared and could not accept their appearance if different or out of the norms, or if they were evil in some way.

However there are three contacts that I remember very well.

The first Alien was present in a light brown, pinkish awful room in the spacecraft.

However I could not and was not allowed to see him. (Dream like state)

The second alien was a Caucasian type man and he had really short hair. I was stunned because his hair was so short and told him so while he was piloting the ship. (Dream like state.)

Editor's note: The "Caucasian type" apparition described above could easily have been a shapeshifting "Tall Grey"

The third alien was a very handsome Nordic type Caucasian that I bumped into with a friend in the elevator in the Library of Congress in 1966. This alien was in a very physical form and this event also happened during the daytime.

Through telepathy (and a cat a mouse game that he played and directed), he revealed himself in a very funny way (for a reason) in the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.

During the conversation with the first Alien, I was told that I would remember much more regarding what this was all about later in my adult life, and that what had happened to me was to be part of a plan that would unfold in many years to come.

UFO Art by Charles Rash

During this dreamlike state, I remember being in a spaceship that was made, in a way, like glass so you could see through its walls. I remember, being inside the ship while it was flying over the auto route, watching the line of lampposts on each side in this way from high and above.

Once over the Montreal City, I remember floating out of the ship, watching my neighborhood from way above on a beautiful morning at sunrise.

Then I remember watching my apartment building and floating down through the roof of the apartment building, through the ceiling, watching my best friend Bobby, as if viewed from the ceiling, sleeping in the adjacent twin bed, and then looking through the bay checked windows on this beautiful sunrise morning.

Suddenly, I awoke instantly, "in a flash" to this glorious spring morning, just like I'd seen it moments before.

That and other things have all happened throughout the past 40 years.In my mind, I know that they are "just a thought away."

Throughout my life, I've seen stars moving forward, backwards, sideways; lights moving in and out of triangles, a silver disk, a green florescent ball floating over fields, a big yellow rectangle UFO floating over a lake, and more. I once saw a light the size or an egg up in the sky moving like the flight of bumblebees through the windowpane of the bedroom, after awakening me.

Patrick Tamas
Montreal, Canada

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