Sunday, May 24, 2009


A True Story
By Bianca Rivas

Taken from the Indigenous magazine, "Teen Profiles of the American Southwest."

One summer four cousins, Suzanne, Leanne, Celeste and me Adelia, were hanging out in Aztec, New Mexico, where Suzanne and Leanne live. Celeste and I live in Cortez, Colorado and were visiting.

The night before Celeste and I went back to Cortez, we were standing outside with our Uncle Robert. He looked up and said, "Look there's a UFO." Celeste looked up and had a terrifying look on her face. I told her, "Don't let the aliens get a hold of you." She had this terrified look on her face and turned to run inside. Our uncle started laughing, and went inside to check on her. The movie "Signs" was playing in the living room, and then I said the same thing again and started laughing. Then Celeste ran into Leanne's room. Celeste told us she didn't like aliens and they were evil.

The next day when everyone woke up, I told Suzanne what had happened. We all laughed along with Celeste. We got everything together and a couple hours later we started heading back to Cortez.

After putting gas in the car, Suzanne got her cell phone out and checked a message then we headed out. A few miles outside of Aztec Suzanne's car started going out of control. It would slow down then speed up to the speed limit and the radio turned off. She finally said the aliens were taking over. Celeste had a terrified look on her face. While we were driving our cell phones turned off, we couldn't call anyone now. The joke was on her. We all thought that it would be fun to make fun of Celeste.

Celeste had begun to look through the sunroof saying, "please don't hurt us." I couldn't help but try not to laugh with her talking to the aliens. When we reached Hesperus we drove up a hill, and when we got to the top the car stopped. There was nothing but silence in the car. In the back Celeste didn't look too happy. She said, "I just want to hurry and get home." Suzanne finally turned the radio on, but this time it was an AM radio station. There was only static coming from it. She started the car again and then started down the hill very slowly. Celeste thought the aliens would make us go speedily down the hill so she covered her eyes.

When we got to the bottom everything went normal. In the back Leanne tried to keep Celeste calm. She started singing and making Celeste laugh. As Celeste was calming down the radio turned off again so Suzanne told Celeste and Leanne to look out the sunroof to keep on lookout. Suzanne and I just looked at each other then looked away. With everything going on I was sitting there trying not to laugh. It was hard to keep a straight face. I'm usually not a person who could keep a straight face when it comes to something like that.

While almost in Cortez the radio turned back on. When it did, lyrics came on that said, "You never know what a killer looks like." We couldn't possibly plan that so it made Celeste believe even more. After a while Suzanne saw a rest stop and decided to pull in there to rest for a few minutes. Before she could park the doors locked and the heater turned on full blast. It was already hot in there because it was summer and with the heater on it was scorching. We tried to roll down the windows but the windows were also locked. We decided to leave before anything else happened any further.

After a while we reached Cortez and turned our cell phones back on. Suzanne saw a cemetery and used her phone to ask me if we should go in there. I said yes so she pulled in. When driving through the cemetery she saw a grave that was being dug up. She parked n front of it and Celeste looked up and was really scared. "I don't want to be here, I just want to go home," she said. Leanne was trying to talk to her about how it was just a cemetery. She started to plea for the aliens not to do anything to them. She said, "Please don't hurt us. Why won't you talk to me and let me know why you're doing this." She was almost in tears. Suzanne looked at me and then she started the car and left. Celeste was relieved to get out of the cemetery.

After a few minutes we turned a corner. We drove to a trailer park by the hospital. Suzanne stopped in front of an old house that looked like something from a horror movie. She looked at me with this odd look and started to squirm and yell all kinds of things like "It hurts so badly," then got stiff. She started talking in a deep voice like she was possessed. I never thought that she could make it sound like she did. Celeste was terrified by this point and started talking to the aliens again. "Can you just let us get home?" After a few minutes Suzanne came back and said that was the scariest experience ever. She hoped that would never happen again. She started the car and went to the park.

The radio turned on but she turned it back off. She didn't want to hear anything at that moment. We sat there in silence. Then Suzanne started (fake) crying and I started to laugh. I couldn't help it anymore. I was surprised by how long I could keep a straight face for so long. Leanne got mad at me and asked why I was laughing at a time like that. "I didn't want to cry so I just thought I would laugh instead," was my response. Then everyone went silent again. Celeste had tears in her eyes and was ready to cry.

After that moment we thought we would tell Celeste what happened. She burst into tears, "I hate you guys," she said.

When Suzanne took Celeste and me home, we told our family what happened and they looked at us like we were crazy. Suzanne wanted to get home before dark and left without saying anything else to us. I told Celeste that I didn't think that I could only hold in the secret for so long.

Celeste then went home before I could say anything else to her. She started walking out the door before she could tell her Mom what we did to her and when she walked out she went laughing.

That night I went over to her house to visit. She was sitting in her room and I was in the living room telling this story. Then she said, "Adelia stop making those sounds, I'm not falling for it again. Come inside so we can play a video and where did you get that alien costume?" I got up to see what she was talking about and went to the door of the room and said, "What alien costume?" She said, "I mean it, stop it." I walked into her room and said I'm not doing anything. She looked at her window and had a frightened look upon her face.
Since I live in Cortez, all the places mentioned in the story are familiar to me! Since I moved here it has been hard to find anyone interested in UFOs. I don't know who these girls are but obviously there have been UFOs around. I think the girls are in high school.


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