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Hello my name is Chris Bledsoe I had an experience In Fayetteville N.C. on the Cape Fear River.

There was a show on the Discovery Channel called UFOs Over Earth: The Fayetteville Incident. The spiked craft looks very much like what I saw hovering just 10 feet over the ground in front of my truck less than 300 feet away. It was laying on its side the spikes were vertical and it was glowing very bright white and the spikes were also rotating.
The spikes are not new...I have seen them and up close. "There is nothing impossible with UFOs".
I think this video is real.
Thank You

NOTE: this was sent in response to our posting about Chris' and his father's claim at Videos: MUFON Investigation - UFOs / Lost Time - Cape Fear River, NC ...Lon

Go to the web site and watch the three video's. It is very interesting. I would not take the polygraph experts opinion. I remember how the same thing happened to Travis Walton. The "expert" said one of them was lying when no such thing took place. Travis's case is one of the most sensational and documented cases in UFO abduction history.

Here is a new case that my friend Bill Puckett received on UFOSNW. I wish I could talk to the young man. My heart always goes out to persons like Chris up above and the young man in Colorado.

- Young Man Has Frightening Encounter With Light & Entities -
- Basalt, Colorado -
April 26, 2009 (Updated)

Sketch of Object Encountered by Witness.
Sketch of Object Encountered by Witness.

Basalt is in the High Colorado Rockies Near Aspen.
Basalt is in the High Colorado Rockies Near Aspen.


° Listen to Clip of Interview With Boy's Mother (MP3)

Date of Sighting: April 26, 2009

Time of Sighting: 2:30 am MDT

Location of Sightin: Basalt, CO


I had a long conversation with the witness's mother. A portion of that interview is included in the above recording. The woman's 18 year old son was out (against his parents' wishes) to visit a friend. He returned about 2:30 a.m. He was followed by a large light on his walk home. The light came close and shined a beam of light on him. He fled to his room (crawled through the window). The light continued to pursue him and "rendered him motionless" by some force. The boy said that he saw small beings approach. They were about 4 feet tall with "legs that were reversed." He doesn't recall their faces. The encounter lasted about 15 minutes. The parents both awoke at the time and heard a roar outside like a "tornado" was blowing a tree. However, they did not arise to check out the disturbance. The next day one of her son's friends mentioned the sighting to the mother. She then questioned her son and he related his story. He is reluctant to share his story with any investigators. He drew some diagrams of the craft and of the entities. The witness's mother said she would scan and send the drawings. The mother said that her son does not lie or tell stories. He had one beer the night of the encounter, but does not have a drug problem.

NOTE: I have requested that the witness look at the area where the alleged craft was located to see if any disturbance was present (burn marks, dead vegetation, etc.) I recommended collection of samples and that photos be taken if any disturbance was located. This is a very remarkable report. I found the witness's mother to be quite sincere and credible.

UPDATE APRIL 29, 2009: The witness provided a sketch of his sighting. (See above) The witness's mother added the following information:

My husband and I checked out the area and did not see anything unusual. No burn marks or any weird marks on the tree that we could see. My son always slept with his window unlocked, but now both of his windows are locked. I know this has him scared and me too in so many ways.

I wanted to explain the picture. The yellow ball in the center was the energy field. If you zoom in you can see how he drew the energy force beams pulsating. The stick person is him in comparison. He has a really bad cough. He says he doesn't feel well. I have not seen any marks on him.

We want to thank Bill Puckett for the above report.

P. Urial

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