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Alien Beings in Neighbor's Yard - Connecticut - 12/17/09

NOTE: the following report was submitted to MUFON on 12/17/09 from a 15 year old in Connecticut.

MUFON witness report (unedited): "First what happened is I woke up because i heard a boom from outside. I was scared out of sleep. I sit up, and I see a white figure in my neighbor's yard. I figure it must be a light, and I try to fall asleep again. It doesn't work. I think about what it could be, and I surmised an extra terrestrial. For 30 minutes I was scared like hell to even get up, so I checked my cell phone which was on the table next to me to check the time. It was exactly 6:02. The event has gone on from about 5:30 to now, for I currently see the objects while writing the report.

I sit up, and I see the figures closer now, so i can make out what they are. Bodies. Paper white bodies in the distance. I stare at the figures longer. I see the figures blink their "heads" on and off, with no particular pattern, as if speaking to one another. Then I see a third one come in.

The order of the objects in the window is this from me: Orange figure far left, short figure middle, a slightly bigger figure to the far right. This orange figure is about twice the size of the other two, and is orange. I heard a great roar from the sky, like the cry of a low wailing engine. I figure it could be their vessel's engine, but I cannot see any crafts.

I get up a little bit later to look out the window. I saw them oh so clearly. I saw bodies, two arms, two legs, heads, and on one of them I saw a separate light coming from the one on the far right. It is square. It seems like a map. They blink their "heads" once again as if in conversation, and I turn on my computer to write this report.

I am but 15, so I am scared shitless, shaking more than I ever have in my entire life, pardon my french. I talk to my friend and she says she wishes to see the figures as well, while I do have a webcam, it is too late. I look out one last time, and they vanish. I heard another engine sound, loud and clear, and then nothing. Only the wind remains now."

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