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July 10, 1981

I was walking down a city block. I could see tall buildings to my right side and then a vacant space.

Kristine, my friend, was in the next block walking ahead of me. All of a sudden a space ship came swooping in an arc over our heads. As it went by I could see the Beings inside piloting the ship.

The ship was shaped like a rocket. It had a RED TAIL. In the front the window was quite large and I could see a “steering wheel!” It looked like one was piloting it and two were sitting behind him.

I yelled at Kris, “Did you see that?!!” She said yes and I started waving at them.

At this point it went into another 360 degree arc and as it completed the circle it went “poof”, “poof”, “poof”. like the light Dan and I saw over the airport in Seattle. At that point it produced another ship at each poof. From that last poof there was another huge “poof” and this produced silver colored Beings with heads in the shape of a star without facial features. They appeared everywhere. Around each one was a glow produced from the force they gave off.

Everyone died around us (“I didn’t see that but I knew it.”) except Kristine and I. At this time I could feel the electrical prickles on my body but it didn’t hurt me. I said to Kris, “I know now why our chemistry was changed. To enable us to withstand their force. I felt they were landing in masse to stay.


September 16, 1981 - The Advocate, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

If you think you’ve seen a UFO over Central Alberta within the last few months, don’t rush out to seek professional help - someone else says he’s been seeing them too.

It may not be Close Encounters - but a Sylvan Lake man says he has seen three different UFOs since late July.

“What is that? What’s going on? Are these ships from outer space or just the Americans fooling around?” asks Stan Haywood.

Mr. Haywood lives on an acreage on the Half Moon Bay road 4.5 km west of Sylvan Lake and works in Red Deer on a ward at the Michener Centre.

His first sighting was on July 22 about 2:30 p.m.

“I was driving into work and I saw this flashing in the sky to the east.”

It was a cloudy day, he says, and as he looked out his vehicle window he saw “a stainless steel circular object with a disc on top that was whirling counter-clockwise and pipes coming out of it.”

The second sighting was Sept. 6.

Mr. Haywood says he was standing in his backyard when he saw an object hovering about 300 metres above the ground between two rows of trees.

“I had time to run in the house and get my binoculars, and it still hadn’t moved by the time I got back out.

“It was about half as long as a DC-8, but it didn’t have any wings although something was sticking out the sides. And it had a fin-like tail
with a red stripe down the back part of it.

“If planes traveled that slow, they would never stay up. The only thing it could be is a helicopter but there was no noise from it.”

The third object was sighted Sept. 4 about 6:40 a.m. Mr. Haywood says he was on his way to work and was stopped at a red light in southwest Red Deer.

“It didn’t have any shape to it, it just looked like a real bright star.”

He estimates the object was about 1.5 km away, and slowly moving in a southwesterly direction.

“It was flying about as low as a small plane would fly,” he says.

“It looked like a real bright star, although I’ve never seen a star like that at that time of day.”

Mr. Haywood says he can’t explain what these objects are, or why he keeps seeing them.

“It’s something where you’re just looking around and just happen to see. There’s no noise to attract your attention.”

Not one of his friends or neighbors has mentioned seeing anything like this to Mr. Haywood.

“I told the guys at work and they said I should report it.

“But people think you’re wacky seeing things like this.”

So why did I have a dream previous to this sighting observing the same type of craft? Was it precognition or what?

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