Friday, December 4, 2009


On Wednesday Nov. 25th while hiking the area of Kettle Moraine State Park (Wisconsin) a friend and I noticed a strong sulfuric odor coming from the woods. Looking down we saw what appeared to be a small craft at the bottom of a hill. Upon further investigation we found that the damage to the craft consisted only of a few dents and scratches. My companion and I returned later with a large flat bed tow and full bio hazard suits, covered the thing completely with tarp and hauled it to locked refrigerated storage.

We photographed the object on site but I had to remove all color from the photograph just to be able to see it as everything in the photo had a deep blue color. We also photographed the stump the craft had landed on and that photo also came out blue. The attached photo will allow you all to at least get an idea of the size and shape of the craft.

We were unable to open the craft and from the available window we could only see 4 coffin like objects which appear to be made out of the same titanium like substance as the craft itself.

I fully recognize the value of such an object and am therefore offering it for sale to the highest bidder.

I will warn you all that the smell of sulfur is intolerable especially in the enclosed storage area and because of this we will not be showing this object unless all involved are safely attired in full bio hazard suits and masks.
Further information on the craft's exact location will not be released to anyone other than serious inquirers able to afford such a unique find. We will not risk our health for mere "curiosity seekers"! For more information contact:

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