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Enrique Castillo Rincon arrived at the site of his expected contact at 7:45 p.m. on November 18, 15 minutes early. However, the contact was seven hours late. Even though he was in the middle of the jungle, the snakes and jaguars id not bother him -- not even the mosquitoes bit him. Castillo though that maybe "they" were protecting him with some kind of energy, although they wanted to test his patience by not coming down right away.

Finally, at 3:00 a.m., 13 ships of various types arrived, and one of them (a small one) landed on three legs. It was 4 - 5 m. in diameter and not over 2.20 m. tall, though it was like two stories. Krhisnamerk got out, and Castillo went aboard with him. There he met two small beings who were not from the Plieades, but from Mercury (!). There was a metallic ladder (like in submarines) up to the control room. But Castillo did not visit the control room; they took him to a mother ship. He saw two strange ships with a type of big head like a whale's flying over Bogota, and in a later contact he saw a third one like that. (They told him at that time, "that is the whale which swallowed up Jonah." Asking them "Have extraterrestrials contacted all the prophets?" Castillo was told, "Of course, every single one.") He asked why they don't contact more people, and, at about 5:30 a.m. (about dawn), they demonstrated to him one of the reasons why not.

The small ship, with the crew of three plus Castillo (now he is back in the small ship), rapidly came down over two men milking cows. The panicked and ran away, and a cow kicked over the milk pail. The ship went to hide behind a cloud, and they watched the men gesturing and explaining the sighting to a man, a woman with an apron, and a boy about 8, who all looked up but could not see the ship behind the cloud.

Then they showed Castillo how city people react to space ships. They went above a car with three well-dressed men. Then they went ahead of the car and made a pass, shocking them such that the car ran into the ditch, and two of the men ran away. The third, who had been asleep in the back seat, looked out, and when he saw the ship he too ran away, , tearing his suit jacket on a barbed wire fence nearby. Castillo could see all these details (he could even see that the driver's tie was loosened, the piece of cloth left behind on the fence, etc.) because of the electronic device he looked through.

During this contact (Castillo does not say when) he saw, for a few minutes, two beautiful women, and also a strange robot-like being. When the robot entered, and the spacemen he was speaking with turned to look, Castillo saw an H-like symbol, with something else above it (the details of which he now forgets - the Ummo symbol) on their backs. There was a 2.8m tall Jovian there (possibly the same as the robot -- Castillo is not clear), who did not say anything, but just stood with his hands crossed.

The Bogota El Tiempo had received some anonymous letters, supposedly from a man who had made contact with a race of Hindu-like beings in a flying saucer, who came from Earth's twin planet on the other side of the sun.

When Castillo got out his ball-point pen to sketch the solar system, so he could ask about this supposed twin planet, they passed around the pen, studying it. The pen impressed them because they have something which looks the same. They let Castillo use one of their pens. When he pushed the end so the point would come out, it began to vibrate a little and make a soft noise. As he drew a butterfly, it turned out in relief and in full color. They explained to him that the pen picked up his mental images of the butterfly.

This contact lasted 26 hours, and Castillo said he could fill a book about it. Description of the aliens:

High cheekbones, Oriental eyes, deep blue. Straight nose, wide mouth, thin lips, very broad forehead, blond hair, 1.75 m. tall, light gray tight fitting suit with tangerine-colored gloves and boots. No belt or anything (like buttons or weapons visible on the suit. Very stylized figure. Very beautiful without moles or marks on their skin. All very similar. Later he saw others with suits having 5 buttons on a belt at the waist.

Sid Padrick's alien beings were very similar. They also said they came from the other side of the sun but we could not see them because the sun was between the two orbits.

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