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At this point is seemed as if Micki and Kathy had been transported to another dimension, another sphere of reality, for all at once things started looking peculiar, totally out of whack. "Then the sun started to come up, but only it was an orange ball and it was coming toward us. And then it was not orange anymore, but its color turned suddenly to gray, and it was about 100 feet across, just enormous. And people started to appear out of nowhere, walking across the freeway carrying tubes or pipes. We didn't actually see them come out of any ship because the sun -- or whatever it was -- had landed in a valley out of our immediate viewing range."

The beings -- or whatever they were -- were standing in the middle island that separates the north and southbound traffic. "There were these bunch of blue lights and we knew something was going to happen. We were terrified. We felt like we were going to be taken to another planet and would never be heard from again."

Without warning the car started up. "I got mad at Kathy because I thought she had slammed on the brakes and I hit my head on the dashboard. We saw this ship coming down the Interstate and we also saw an 18-wheeler truck towing one of the sports cars we had seen earlier in the evening. Something pushed us from behind but we couldn't get the car to run of its own accord."

From out of nowhere a man appeared and asked the girls where they were headed. "He said he was heading toward Chicago and we said that's where we were going too. I'd have gone to Timbuktu just to get out of the spot we were in."

From what I was able to gather, the man did not know anything was happening. He seemed totally unaware of the frightful state of the girls' minds caused by a terror that was real enough to them even if nobody else was able to perceive what was transpiring around them.

"I was so scared that I crawled all over the driver. He stopped at a truck stop to get coffee and we got out and walked to a nearby motel. We didn't have very much money. But we had about $35 and so we got a room. We unlocked the door and turned on the light and the TV went on by itself. Also this little teeny light flittered around the room and we knew we hadn't escaped."

Realizing that they were being observed, the girls tried to intimidate the light that was buzzing around their room.

"Kathy, did you mail that letter telling about the flight pattern of the UFOs to my lawyer?" I asked with a purposeful slowness. She said she had, playing along with the game.

"We called the police and finally, at 5 o'clock the next afternoon, they came and took us back to the spot where we had abandoned the vehicle. As it turned out, the car wasn't where we had left it. And when we went back to the valley where the ship had been, the area wasn't the same. There was no little road on the side of the road. The freeway railing wasn't even the same. There was a sign MOUNTAIN ROAD 189. There is no Mountain Road 189 in all of Wyoming. We had a full tank of gas and we were about 250 miles into the state and there wasn't a gas station anywhere."

It was like they were driving without consuming fuel.

The one item of interest was the corpse of a cow and a sheep off in a nearby field. The cow was all bones and the sheep had all of its skin peeled off, which made it look like a blanket lying there."

Micki says that the police made them fill out a complete report. "After they had finished hearing our entire story they shrugged and told us we'd seen swamp gas!"

Moving the tape recorder closer to Micki, she reported that both her life as well as her friend's have been drastically altered because of the events of that night. "Kathy is only 31 years old, but she's been in the hospital at least 20 times since this happened. It's hard to explain, but somehow I feel we are the same people, but then again we aren't. Kathy had always been a slob and I have always been neat and clean. Now my house looks like the wreck of the Hesperus, and Kathy's is really neat, tidy, and very well cared for. Before I had always been the type to make my kids breakfast, lunch and dinner, while Kathy believed her children should prepare their own meals. It's just the other way around now. It's almost as though we've somehow exchanged personality traits. In other words, I'm still me, but it's as though I'm having my personality altered -- taken over. I have always been a reader, but instance, and now I'm reading much more. I'm reading as much as I can on UFOs, that's the one subject that fascinates me the most."

Under hypnosis, Micki was made to draw what she had seen. When it came to sketching the trucks that had appeared on the highway, she rendered a skeleton-type being instead of a moving vehicle.

"Is it possible that they altered your whole thinking process that night?" I asked the witness. Micki admitted that this is what might have happened and that what really transpired could be entirely different from what she perceived. For some unexplainable reason, Micki and her friend, Kathy, have grown farther apart in their friendship. "Before the experience we had been the best of friends for 17 years. Now we speak to each other only once a week, tops."

Micki is anxious to undergo further hypnosis. She wishes to find out what really took place on July 22, 1978. She is not satisfied just forgetting about the incident. The whole episode is a true puzzle. Taken as a isolated encounter, most UFOlogists would probably do their utmost to doubt the word of those individuals who were personally involved. The rule of thumb seems to be, "If you can't explain it, or it doesn't support existing evidence, brush the whole affair under the carpet." If we were to do this, we wouldn't be any better than the government agencies who have tried so hard to hide the very existence of UFOs from the public.

This case is a prime example of how mysterious the entire UFO phenomena might be. Just when you thought you might have pinned down the answer, it darts right away from you!

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