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This month a new book has been written by Bonnie McEneaney concerning the messages from loved ones that died on 9/11 to their relatives.

Many years ago I met a family that had evidence that life exists beyond this one. This is their story.

Madeline and Mason Longmire lived at Angle Lake, Washington. Madeline's sons were both Alaska airline pilots flying back and forth from Seattle to Alaska. They were twins, Bud and Bill Donovan.

One night Madeline was awakened by the house shaking and Bill's dog howling. She knew something had happened to her son. Sure enough his plane had crashed and there were no survivors, in fact the bodies could not be recovered either.

From that point on Madeline would receive messages that she felt were from her son. The radio would come on and it would be playing MOTHER. She would smell roses in the house, which was her favorite flower.

Madeline was a strong Catholic so when faces started appearing in the wood in their family room she asked the local priest to come and see them and tell her what he thought. He told her he was familiar with such things but "it would be best for her not to come back to church and upset the parishioners"! She took him at his word and did not return after such an insult.

In England there were many psychics well known for their abilities. She wrote to Maurice Barbanell to see if he could find anything out about her son. He had already received a message from her son giving his Mother's name and address. He had asked Maurice to make a tape and send it to her which he promptly did.

Her son said he was alive and well and that he loved her. He asked her to start meditating and he would try to come to her. She developed rapidly. I know because I used to go to her house and sit in meditation with them.

After receiving the tape she went to the Aquarian Foundation in Seattle. Keith Rhinehart was a well known medium with extraordinary gifts. He could produce apports and materializations out of ectoplasm. Madeline made an appointment with Keith for a materialization seance. When her son appeared in his pilot uniform he told her "Mother, I am going to give everyone in this room what you have put down the front of your dress." She hadn't told anyone that she had put a fresh rose down her dress. Everyone had a fresh rose dropped into their laps.

Being still skeptical, Madeline asked if he could get with the scientists on his plane of existence to give her something the next week that would prove it was him. He said he would try.

When Madeline went back the next week he appeared again and told her to hold out her hands. He dropped the very rosary she had bought him in Italy at the Vatican the Pope had blessed. His brother had one exactly like it Madeline had bought at the same time. The rosary hung over Bill's picture in their house. There was nothing recovered from the plane wreck in the way of personal items but Bill and the scientists had recovered the rosary somehow and gave it to Madeline to prove that life goes on and that they are aware of us. They try to show us in many ways, just as this new book is saying that the victims of 9/11 have done with their loved ones.

By Aileen

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Courtney Lemus said...

Hi Aileen, I just found your post. I'm Courtney, the youngest of the grandchildren.

If you have any stories to share about the house or my grandparents, I would love to hear them. There was a lot of history there. Grandma passed away in 86, and Gramps in 88 (almost to the hour).