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UFO predictions – bull’s eye again!

Fulham’s final letter on UFOs and aliens

Those who predict UFO displays seldom are correct – except for Stanley A. Fulham. In an interview on June 26, 2010, the retired Royal Canadian Air Force captain accurately foretold the UFO display over New York City on October 13, 2010. That same October day, he made additional predictions, including one that just came true on January 3, 2011 when UFOs appeared over Moscow.

Since two of his predictions hit the bull’s eye within three months, we decided to print his last letter which was written 16 days before his death on December 19, 2010. The 87-year-old claimed his information came from extraterrestrials called the “Transcendors” who represented the Pleiadians and a Council of Aliens. Here is his letter in its entirety.

I had advised my readers and UFOlogist supporters I would notify them by e-mail on the next major UFO display in their ‘intervention process’ with mankind which started in their major display over New York on 13th October 2010. The prediction, documented in my book Challenges of Change (Third printing March, 2010) stated that “that there would be a major display over our principal cities” on that date.

There was a great deal of speculation about this change in the Transcendors prediction. In late September 2010 I asked the Transcendors about this significant change. They replied: “The Pleiadians are much more aware of the consciousness of mankind than you are – after all they have been observing you for millions of years. They came to the conclusion that mankind (generally speaking) is not prepared for a massive display of their UFOs over our principal cities. They would regard it as a hostile intervention – a prelude to invasion. Accordingly, the Alien Council decided about three-weeks before their ‘display’ they would focus on one of our principal cities, New York. It is recognized worldwide as our most cosmopolitan city with a population not likely to be overwhelmed by the sight of UFOs; however, the ‘display’ date of 13 October 2010 would remain. There were other major UFO sightings on that date all over the world. But the Transcendors caution that they were not part of the Council’s principal focus over New York. The New York display is simply the beginning of the Alien’s “intervention process.”

In my last ‘Reading’ with the Transcendors on Tuesday, October 13th, 2010, the Transcendors advised me of the following predictions on the Pleiadian UFO displays:

A. There will be a major UFO display over Moscow between the end of the first part of January 2011 and the second week of January 2011.

B. This ‘display’ will be followed by a major display over London approximately seven-days later.

C. Interventions will then accelerate, not so much over our cities, but dispersed over our continents with sightings increasing in duration, the intent of these interventions is to increase mankind’s acceptance of the alien phenomena, so that hopefully, we will be prepared to accept face-to-face encounter and communicate, perhaps as early as next year (2011).

D. Objective – a dramatic introduction of the alien reality – an appearance at the United Nations.

The alien ‘intervention process’ will provide a philosophical challenge to mankind as nothing else has ever done. It will challenge our most fundamental beliefs. Did Christ teach to this extraterrestrial world? Are they aware of Allah and his hatred for the heathens and infidels (which, of course, must include the aliens – they also have souls!). Do they have any religions? – or spiritualism?

UFologists can then divert their focus to the challenges the new alien technologies will bring to mankind.

Due to my declining health, this may be my last writing on this subject. In the meantime, I wish all my readers and ‘UFOlogist’ supporters the very best in their future work.

Stanley A. Fulham
December 3rd, 2010

UFOs were seen over Moscow on January 3, 2010.



ramround33 said...

Use of the word Pleiadians gives me a pain where I sit down. The Pleiades are group of hot, young stars shedding copious amounts of
deadly radiation in every direction.
Any planets within many lightyears
would be irradiated with lethal consequences for any would-be lifeforms.

Gib said...

Oct 13th wasn't so bad a prediction on the whole - as the new york sightings were significant indeed.

However - alas - the one over London failed to materialize.

big disapointment on it really - Exopolitics group were really hyping it up too - kindof looks bad for them.

exopolitics group usually not to be taken seriously - but i was intrigued by the fullham situation - however now - its hard to give it as much credence -

Billy Meier info. still the most important as far as i am concerned - his info. of 3 years ago - on saudi peak oil, recently being corroborated in a wikileaks cable release.

jason said...

@ Gib- Perhaps you simply missed the London Sightings? There are in fact several sightings captured on video in mid-late January just as Stanley had mentioned. If you cannot find them, then go to Stanley's page and you will clearly see the links.
Google Stanley A Fulham, and go to the website which has Challenges of Change within the web address.