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These pictures were taken off of a NASA web site. They were taken when the space shuttle launched towards the Space Station. Some of you may have seen them and some may not. Thanks to Gerald B. for sending them in.


On July 23, 1947, the editor of an American Aviation journal, named John Jensen of Morristown, New Jersey reported a weird encounter. He was flying at 6,000 feet when, he says:

“While my eyes played over the horizon, I became aware of a shaft of light that seemed like that of a photographer’s flash-bulb. It came from aloft, very high up. It was above that position which, over a plane’s nose, fliers call 11 o’clock. I at first thought it was merely the reflected sun, bouncing off the sides of an exceedingly high-flying aircraft. I gave it no further thought. Now, the engine of my plane began to perform peculiarly. It coughed and sputtered spasmodically. I pulled on the carburetor heat and gave it full throttle. This was to blast out accumulated ice from the carburetor at that height. The engine emitted one final wheezing cough and then quit. Now, the nose of my plane instead of dropping to a normal glide, remained... rigidly... fixed on the horizon, in its normal, level flight altitude. Abruptly, I became aware that my plane was now defying the basic law of gravity. I became frightened, and close to panic, at so weird a predicament. I saw the air speed indicator was at zero! There was now an odd prickling, electric-like sensation coursing through my body. I had an eerie sixth sense feeling that I was being watched and examined by something that minutely studied my features, my clothing, and my airplane... with tenacity. I flecked a cold bead of perspiration from my eyes. Then I saw it! Above, and slightly beyond my left wing tip, was a strange, wraith-like craft. One of the flying saucers! (Remember the date- Ed.) Its flanged and projecting rim was dotted on either side with steamer-like portholes. It seemed to radiate in a dull metallic hue that conveyed an impression of structural strength, and a super-intelligence not of this planet. It was motionless. Perhaps a quarter of a mile away … beyond, and slightly higher. I could see another disk, seemingly fixed in the sky. I assumed that the second strange craft was but waiting for the one nearest to me to complete its examination. Then I had the most unaccountable urge to reach up and snap on the magneto switch. I had turned it off when the engine quit. I switched both magnetos to the “on” position. slowly, the propeller began to turn … then the engine burst into its steady rhythmic roar. She nosed into a stall, picked up air-speed and steadied under control.”

That is Mr. Jensen’s story. It must be believed or not! But it is a fact that U.S. pilots, flying on the Burma road, had this experience in 1944.

It was in August 1947, that there came one more of those stories indicating that some of these flying saucers may be of tremendous size. Two pilots, flying on an Alabama line, told Project Saucer that they spotted a “huge black object in the sky. It was bigger than a C-64” a large type of U.S. naval plane. “It stood silhouetted against the brilliant evening sky. We pulled up to avoid any collision. We may have been 1,200 feet distant from it. We now watched it cross our path at right angles. Then we swung in behind it and followed it at 170 miles an hour, until it outdistanced us and vanished from sight, four minutes later. It was smooth surfaced, streamlined and had no motors, wings or visible means of propulsion.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: This may seem a very long time ago that the above pilots had their experience but as in the following reports, you can determine that UFOs have always been here. Many persons are not aware of the ancient reports.

B.C. 90 - Whilest Libius Troso promulgated the laws at the beginning of the Italian Wars, a globe of fire, at sunrise, appeared in the sky with terrific noise, and burning, in the North... in the territory of Spoletum. A globe of fire, golden in color, fell to the earth from the sky, and was seen to gyrate... It became greater in size, was seen to rise from the earth, was borne East, and obscured the disk of the sun with its magnitude.

A.D. 796. “Small globes were seen circling around the Sun.”

A.D. 823. In Summer, a piece of ice fell from the sky over Burgundy, France. It was 16 feet long, 7 feet broad, and 2 feet thick.

A.D. 919. A thing like a burning torch was seen in the sky, and glistening balls like stars moved to and fro in the air over Hungary.

A.D. 1011. A burning torch like a tower was seen to flame in the sky with a great noise. This was in the year of the Emperor Henry II, and happened in Lorraine, at the Hill Castrilocum.”

As you can see, sightings have been happening all along. Many religious scenes took place in the sky that have no explanation. At the time I believe they used what mankind “knew” to make impressions on the people that would have meaning to them. The only ones since that time that pertain to religion are the appearances of the Madonna in Fatima and the appearances in Egypt over a church and similar occurrences in other parts of the world but they are few and far between.

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