Thursday, February 17, 2011


Dear Aileen, Krsanna, Donald and readers,

What I suspected would be has become. I have been given a commq from my HQ that I am to vacate the planet by 4am Florida time, a ship being sent to a nature park not far from this town. The threat/leverage they have is to rescind my lifetime pass onboard the Service Corps ships. So be it. I will be back, even if it’s as a stowaway. But I will not whimper my way thru these dwindling minutes. That is not my wayclination. My time is now imminently short but I want to dispense a few last (for now) notes of helpguidance.

“UFO War in the Southern Ocean” is a Sorcha Faal production. This is David Booth plying his nefario, albeit smartelligently delivered. It is a fear-based diversion, like mostall of what is on his website, and the subsidiaries thereof. Beware.

On that subject, to broadstroke it, if you disbelieved everything on the Internet, you’d be A LOT CLOSER to realityization than if you believed everything. Generally, anything that mentions reptaliens, shapeshifters, shapeshifting reptaliens, alien invasions or stargates (for instant travel to Luna or Mars) is spun out of false fabric.

I want to give you a short backdata on Nibiru, the Anunnaki and why they are now taking charge here. You see, your world is legally “owned” by Nibiru, fully registered as such. What’s pertinentrue about this planet is that it’s the outermost sphere in the orbit of a dark star that is binary to Sol. Since there’s a constant and ongoing intersection of the two solar systems, by the rules of the game, they are considered one “system.” That is why the Anunnaki were given such latitude to do what they did here (mine resources, bio-engineer the primates, etc.)

There are legal cases pending but Nibiru has won the early rounds in this thornacious case. In the early 90’s, when I lettered you, I fully expected Nibiru to be blocked off a return based on non-residency (only a few hundred maintained habitat here) but they were not. The laws in such matters stipulate that a world can lay claim and colonize another orb in its solar system, unless sentient life is imminent. It’s like if you terraformed Mars and found primate life living in caves, you’d go ahead anyway, and soon someone would postulate upstepping the critters to be capable of helping with the work. Since the Neanderthals, in terms of years, were still many zeroes from sentience, they were not proscribed from what they did. The Sector government frowned on this exploitation but the further fact that the original DNA on your planet came from a collision between Nibiru and Anturia eons ago cinchlocked the decision.

They were supposed to only create a limited number of non-procreative relief workers for mineworking. These beings were needed because of the emergency situation on the homeworld (their very survival in doubt) where they needed large quantities of gold to particalize and spray into the upmosphere. The Nibs pleaded that they were behind schedule and experiencing labor shortages and worker duress. The requisites before grantmission could be accorded were very specific in that the workers were to remain “pre-soul” and subhuman, ie, low consciousnes. Further, and quite importantly, these beings were only to be used for the tasks specified, and were explicitly prohibited from being utilized for sexual purposes, blood sports, soldiers, servants or sale to other offworlder races. Papers were duly signsealed, but all those prohibitions were broken in due time. Plus the use of WMD to utter-totally destroy the Sodom and Gomorroah areas.

But they do have the rights here, the “deed” to the property, so to speak. They’ve made many promises as to the safekeeping of the world (which they’ll be moving to gradgradually over the upcoming centuries) and its inhabizens. So we’ll see.

If I can give you some last advise, considering the factalysis that the sooncome will be high-stressured: Bolster your immune system, at all costs. And boost your pineal gland (psychsensor gland) any way you can (gotu kola, vitamin A, manganese, wheat germ, etc). And avoid flouridated water and toothpaste as this element calcifies the pineal. Research these health verities to make the right food and supplement choices.

Despair not! If you’re reading this, you are among the attuned cognizenti and will be protected during the upcoming enviroclysms. Live fully until the last moment. If you are brought onto one of the emergency ships, know in advance that it will be the adventure of a lifetime. You can’t premagine the level of gizventions you’ll have access to. And to see your planet from high orbit will be a thrillsight. At the most, it will be 6 months aloft while the storms and/or soot blanket resolve themselves.

Until the next time,

Peace and Protection,


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Gib said...

I enjoyed this article -

one thing though - nibiru/annuaki existence still very suspect i.m/o

As it happens....Sitchin made some basic errors in the interpretation of the Sumerian tablets.

also according to billy meier info. - it dont exist neither.