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The following article is from the book UFO CONTACT FROM THE PLIEADES, a Supplementary Investigation Report. Used by permission of the Copyright holder,

Wendelle C. Stevens is the author of this book. Ptaah told Billy Meier’s he was the only person on earth in contact with the Plieadeans (Plejarans) but what Wendelle found out proves that is not true. Thus this article.

“When I started my investigation of the Plieadians UFO contacts in Switzerland in late 1976, they had already been going on for over a year and a half, kept in relative secrecy with a closed group, and very little of the true nature of the contacts were getting out. Up to that time I had never heard of UFO contacts from the Plieades before, and the whole idea was fascinating and very exotic, and quite possibly not even true, at least that is what I thought then. For a time I thought these Pleiadian contacts originated with Eduard Meier on 28 January 1975, their first contact with him.

When I got on scene and began working directly with Meier and the other witnesses there, I discovered that these same UFOnauts had been using another contactee before Meier, one M. RASHID, a priest in Jerusalem. Then the Contact Notes being kept by the Swiss group showed that Meier had been told that this group had at least TWO OTHER ACTIVE CONTACTS with Earth humans going on at the same time. They had told him that theirs was not the only inhabited planet in the Pleiades, a comparatively young star group, and that other similar humans from some of those other planets were space travelers, and that yes, some of them were even contacting Earth. They told him that their group had contact operations going on in THE ORIENT and in the WESTERN PART OF NORTH AMERICA but would not reveal any more, saying that it had nothing to do with their relations with Meier.

When I released my first article on the Swiss case in 1977, I was amazed at the amount of relevant information it stirred up. Over the next three years my attention was called to several other UFO contactee cases where the UFOnauts said they came from the Pleiades.

The first was the discovery that a well known Argentinian UFO researcher, FABIO ZERPA of Buenos Aires, was investigating a case involving Pleiadian contacts with Engineer ENRIQUE RINCON of Bogota, Colombia. This was also a profound series of ongoing contacts that began in November of 1973, and was still going on. He thought his was the only such case too.

Then in 1979, a correspondent who had read my magazine article, called my attention to another Contactee case involving Pleiadian extraterrestrials who were visiting one SENOR GUILLERMO TORRES of Hacienda Las Cruces, and had been doing so since 1974. These Pleiadian ETs were also entirely human as with the ones visiting the Colombian, but these contacts were centered near El Tocuyo on the north coast of Venzuela. These ET visits and contacts were still going on too, and hundreds of pages of notes and technical dialogue had been recorded. This was also kept highly confidential with a small select group of participants who were not letting the story out.

Then in 1983, Lou Farish of the UFO Newsclipping service, sent me some notes on another Pleiadian contactee case that began in July of 1974, and was also still going on. It involved contactee CHARLES A SILVA who was repeatedly met by an extraterrestrial human woman who said he could call her Ramatis, and that she and other UFOnauts associated with her came here from their home planet in the Plieades. Those contacts were taking place in Southern Peru, and they also are still going on up to this time. SILVA described these contacts in a 400 page book privately published, which got little distribution.

Another correspondent who had purchased a copy of our Preliminary Report of investigation on the Swiss case, wrote me and gave me the address of another contactee whose extraterrestrial visitor told him he came from the Pleiades, and more specifically the Alcyone system. His experiences began with UFO sightings that led up to the later face-to-ace contact, and long discussions after DELAMER DUVERUS was “prepared” for telepathic communication. Those contacts continued for many years and are also still going on, and a whole philosophy of life and being and Earth man’s relationship to the greater plan was imparted, and in 1973 DUVERUS published this information in a 214 page book titled “The Golden Reed.”

About the time I received that book, I received a registered letter from Argentina, from an old friend, SENOR PEDRO ROMANIUK* of Argentina, who had seen something concerning my activities with the Swiss case, and wrote to tell me that he had been in contact with ET beings who told him their home was in what we call Alcyone in the Pleiades.

I received scores of letters from sincere people who claimed they had observed UFO craft that were very similar to or even identical with some of the spacecraft pictures in the Preliminary Report. All of the UFO clubs were receiving these too, which infuriated them to the extent that none of them ever told me what they were receiving. I had to get my information from those who were put down by the clubs for even reporting.

Having examined all of this from a knowledgeable point of view, we can draw some comparisons that seem to be of interest.

1. All of those mentioned here who claimed they came from what we call the Pleiades looked as much human as we, and were all about our size in stature and build.

2. All of them articulated the language of their contactee, speaking fluently on our sciences, history and culture.

3. They all said that Earth humanity was descended from their own ancient ancestors, from whom we had inherited our unusual aggressiveness.

4. All of them said their ancestors had been here many times before over the ages, coming and going as conditions changed.

5. They all claimed that they participated in some of the great events in our religious works and our mythologies, sometimes being adored and worshipped as Gods, which they said they were not.

6. They all claimed extensive lifespans at least ten times what is normal for us now.

7. They all, without exception, deplore our misuse of our sciences today, saying that our mind has outrun our spiritual development, and that we have already prepared the end of our Planet and our own species, as we know it, and that we have done this before, over and over, and still have not learned this important lesson. For this we are a valuable laboratory study and many ETs from far and wide come here to observe.

8. They all travel faster than the speed of light as we know it in their interstellar ships.

9. There was no conclusive evidence that any of the groups mentioned were in direct contact with any of the other Pleiadian groups mentioned.

10. They all mentioned other inhabited planets in what we call the Pleiades.

11. They all mentioned other extraterrestrial beginings from elsewhere in the Universe coming here to study and observe Earth. Three mentioned actual contact and willing cooperation with other ETs of other race-types and systems. Three of them used robotoid, part mechanical and part organic, created beings in limited operational functions.

12. They all used organic computers that could be controlled telepathically.

13. They all foresaw great changes in our planet in the near future.

14. None of them had money as we know it, religion or a competitive political system.

15. Three of them had active bases operating on the surface of our planet.

16. They all were capable of underocean operations and used our oceans to great advantage.

17. They all used a variety of different spacecraft in their operations, and they all had distinctive styles of ships and equipment, yet there were many similarities in many respects.

18. Three groups, that we know of, used very large carrier-type mother ships in deep space near our system while they were here.

19. In each case, to the group of individuals who formed around the contactee, the new contacts and information was so mind-boggling and so profound, and so far exceeded their knowledge of what was going on elsewhere in this world, that they carefully guarded their secret within their own immediate circle for a number of years, and then only confided it to very trusted friends.

20. Up to 1979, none of these groups had ever heard of each other, and there was no cross-correspondence!

Why weren't the other contactees told the real name of the place of origination like Billy was?

* Pedro Romaniuk is the person who wrote the book “Aldis”. Aldis was Gorbachov’s son and a crystal child. We are trying to obtain a copy of this book. I have been in contact with Pedro and he said he would send a copy of the book but it is in Spanish. We will have it interpreted into English thanks to CeCe Stevens.

** I believe if we started a class just on this book by Wendelle Stevens, UFO Contact from the Plieades, a Supplementary Investigation Report, that persons would learn so much they had never dreamed of.

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Unknown said...

The book Aldys is a complete fantasy fiction...The Gorbachev's had one daughter Irina, never had a son. Why Pedro Romaniuk tries to pass this fiction off as truth is a mystery. Why people actually believe that it is truth is even a deeper mystery. It is fiction.