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Location. Tarqui, near Cuenca, Ecuador
Date: 1965 Time: night

A female peasant reported to authorities that at a local ‘abandoned house’ she was able to see on separate occasions ‘somebody or something’ taking refuge or hiding in the old dilapidated structure. According to the witness, Noelia, whoever it was it always arrived around 3 in the morning apparently to sleep. Noelia immediately thought that it could be a thief or ‘drug addict’ that had begun to frequent the region. Thinking that things might get out of hand Noelia decided to investigate herself. She went to the location one night accompanied by several other neighbors or locals, and decided to confront what they were sure was a thief or robber.

The abandoned house was located at about 200 meters from hers, in an almost direct line, except for several hills that blocked certain angles of vision. One night a group including Noelia armed with sticks and knives invaded the house sure to catch someone hiding there but were surprised to find it empty. Looking around for clues one of the group suddenly noticed a strange odor, which the group could only compare to rotten eggs or sulfur. There was a sudden change of ambiance and the group felt that some unseen presence was stalking them. Suddenly something unseen appeared to leave the abandoned house, something that could not be seen, at the same time the strong odor permeated the air.

The group, now afraid, decided to leave the house and as they stepped out of the house they all saw at about 40 meters away a “man” that appeared to be staring intently at them. Apparently the stranger had been observing the group’s behavior for quite some time. The man appeared to be wearing a worn gray cloak or hooded outfit, which covered him completely, his face was not visible. His height was about 1.70-80m. There was a bright full moon that night, thus the visible details. Upon seeing the strange figure the group immediately ran in his direction in an attempt to capture ‘him’ at the same time the stranger did the same, but according to Noelia in a very peculiar manner. As he ran away, the group noticed that he never seemed to turn around, and seemed to be able to ‘run’ remaining in the position when he was first seen, or facing the astounded crowd of pursuers. He maintained this position the whole time he fled from the group. The stranger seemed to be able to gain distance from the group in great leaps and bounds, and as the group advanced they noticed strange tracks on the sandy terrain on which the stranger had fled over. The strange tracks were not normal feet or footwear; the stunned witnesses could only compare them to those of “goat’s feet.” Alarmed, the group stopped in unison and ended their pursuit. Terrified they watched as the ‘man’ also stopped and then began to glide away at high speed without touching the ground until he disappeared behind a nearby hill.

HC addendum
Source: Esteban Coronel, Ecuador Type: E

The location is Tonnarella, Messina Province, Italy, in August of 1966, the time around 2030.

A young woman, identified as D. R., while looking out the window of her apartment located in the center of town spotted a luminous spot which was quickly approaching her location from the direction of Santa Barbara de Montalbano just southwest of where she was. As it got close the luminous object began to assume a cylindrical shape, transparent in nature. The curious witness watched as the strange cylinder-shaped craft approached even closer. The cylinder was illuminated from within with a homogeneous light source. The craft then descended to within several meters from the ground and about 50 meters away from the witness. She could hear a low motor-like sound apparently coming from the object. Inside the object was visible a male human-like figure that appeared to be floating in a vertical position inside the object (she didn’t see any furniture or equipment). The figure was about 1.68m in height, while the cylinder appeared to be about 3m in height. The eyes of the figure were closed and he was totally immobile, apparently meditating. The facial features were human and he sported a very long gray beard, giving him an “elderly” or ancient appearance. The humanoid figure was wearing a one-piece red tunic type garment and what appeared to be sandals on his feet. The witness however was very impressed about a large silvery medallion which the humanoid had on his chest area, shaped like a circle with an iridescent spot in the middle. In an instant the craft suddenly shot away, quickly disappearing from sight and again becoming a luminous spot in the distance and finally disappearing in the direction of Capo Milazzo.

Just maybe the aliens do not all look like the typical Hollywood “Gray” version that is rammed and impregnated into our subconscious by the television and film industry.

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