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Recently on Phantoms and Monsters blog an abduction case was posted. When I read it I recognized it right away. It was one of the cases we worked with in Washington in 1981. The person that had this happen to submitted it to Phantoms and Monsters as a current or recent case. I asked Len to send my e-mail on to the person, I assume he did but we never heard back from her. Just to prove it is our case and it happened years ago this is the story.

"Kathy" (her name begins with K) was a 25-year-old "health professional" and a college graduate with a 3.7 grade point average. She told her story because she believed others had been contacted by extraterrestrials but were afraid to come forward with their stories.

BUT why did she send it to Phantoms and Monsters blog saying it was a recent case??


She was driving home from work the night of February 10, 1981 when she saw the UFO, which displayed a horizontal ring of red and blue lights, flashing from left to right in apparent sequence. It was about 75 to 100 feet in diameter and hovered above a grove of trees.

Curious, she slowed down, looking at the light. She entered the parking lot of her apartment building, parked her car and looked again toward the UFO. It was hovering about 100 to 150 feet off the ground, across the street about 100 feet from her car!

She thought, "If this moves or starts coming down, I'm getting out of here!"

It began to move and descended in a falling leaf motion to an altitude of about 20 feet. Then it started coming toward her.

Consciously, she remembered only that after turning off her headlights, leaving car and running for her front door, when she reached it, the UFO was gone.

The next day, Kathy contacted the UFO Contact Center to report her experience. The directors came to interview her on February 13 and suggested she undergo hypnosis to find out any experiences she didn't remember.

In a series of four sessions, she revealed that the car suddenly was filled with a bright, white light. The next thing she knew she was standing in a dome-like room, about 15 feet wide, with white, very smooth floors, walls and ceilings and an arched doorway in front of her. A desk-sized white box with "zillions" of colored lights on a dark field was in front of her. A long white table perched on a single pedestal behind her.

She stood there, "calm, but bewildered," and absently reached to unbutton the collar of her dress. The next thing she knew, the garment was at her feet.

Two beings came through the door. They were about five feet tall, with thin upper bodies, long, sloping shoulders and arms that hung almost to their knees. They seemed unable to straighten their arms completely, she said.

They had four very long fingers. Their heads were shaped like light bulbs and they had large, wide-open eyes. Their noses were very small, just a ridge; they had slits for mouths and small holes with small skin flaps for ears. Their skin was gray-white and very cool.

They were dressed from neck to toe in blue-gray metallic fabric. The upper left chests of their uniforms displayed an insignia, a triangle inside a white circle. They took her by her upper arms and guided her to the table.

"The whole thing seemed to go like clockwork," she said. "I got on the table and they gently pushed me down. I wasn't frightened. I had no real thoughts."

She sensed a third person in the room. He was like the other two, but wore a red-orange uniform with a black stripe around the neckline. He put a silver, mallet-like object to his eye and then placed the other end on her abdomen. He moved it around a bit and then left. He came back a short time later and the three beings stood around the table.

"What is the purpose of this?" she thought.

"You are progressing physically and mentally as planned and are very receptive to us," they responded by telepathy.

They told her they were pleased with what her father had taught her and then told her she must go.

"I didn't want to," she said, "but they assisted me off the table. As I put my dress on, they said "You will see us again," and the next thing I knew I was back in my car."

She has no strong opinions about who her abductors were, but thinks they were probably creatures with higher intelligence who traveled to earth from another galaxy. She found out why she might have been chosen when she called her father after the hypnosis sessions.

"He cried," she said. "He never told me before, but he has had four encounters with the same people."

What is interesting about this case and why the aliens responded as they did to Kathy, is that her mother and father were never able to have children. Kathy was born when they were much older and she was their only child. As far as I know she has not had children either.

The above write up was written in 1981. You can look this case up on Phantoms and Monsters blog if you wish. I don't remember the exact date but I know it was last year or the beginning of this year.

P. Urial

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