Sunday, April 10, 2011


Dr. Tom O’D.... was an Associate Director in the UFOCCI. He was the head of the Durango, Colorado chapter. This is a letter he wrote to me that I thought you all would find interesting.

A new development (and strangely enough, I sense that there is a connection between these two bits of news): There has been a craft hovering over my rural property here, south of Durango, since the Cottonwood conference. I believe I know who they are but much remains a mystery. Generally it is in the northeast about 30 degrees from the horizon, but it sometimes moves to the northwest or west. Right now, at this hour, it is west - northwest at about 45 degrees. It was in this same location the first time that I saw it - with Tom C. and Richard W. several months ago. I believe it is the same craft. Flashing multicolored lights, it will move according to my requests (which initially verified to me that it is a craft). Several days ago I got a visual in my mind, seeing it come down near here. So I suspect that a landing might be imminent, but this is an impression.

Could I give you some background to this? It may be worth it for I believe that a firm contact is about to occur here. Two and a half years ago, I was in an Athens, Greece hotel when an alien presence came in through the top of my head. It occupied my body for about 15 or 20 minutes, and it was a fascinating experience. I sort of took a back seat and let this entity try out this “novel” body. Then something that I don’t understand occurred - I could see or “sense” the color blue in my throat area, and feel it was being stimulated. Then I involuntarily blew out a blue fog or mist, which filled the room! Then the alien left. About five minutes after this, the woman who was sharing the room with me, a wonderful lady from Columbia who is very spiritually oriented) woke up suddenly and - get this - the exact words out of her mouth, when she opened her eyes, were: “I see blue!” This certainly confirmed to me that the event had actually happened. Why the blue?

Last January, I was in the Baja California, with another wonderful woman named Nita. Nita is from India and resides in California: I had met her at Astara (Robert and Earlyene Cheney’s center). We had planned a week’s vacation to the Baja.

Every other day on the trip, I received a contact from these aliens. In the first contact, I was laying on the bed when I suddenly found myself propelled out of the body and up toward the ceiling. There was an orange-red claw like hand come through the hotel ceiling and motion to me to come close. I floated up close (I have had several out-of-body experiences since 1987) and responded to it by saying: “Later.” The “hand” immediately withdrew. I could tell that I knew it, but that awareness was not fully in my consciousness.

Two nights later, it gave me some information. It told me that it was from a planet that was lacking in water, and that it needed help. I saw myself visually on that planet, helping to water the plant life. It also indicated that the government (I don’t know which government) was after it and that some hiding and secrecy were needed. It told me that its craft was damaged in taking off - I believe the government had something to do with this. It asked me to work with a group of others to help it. I was given some coordinates of a place to go for a meeting with it or them. The numbers of these coordinates I know are locked in my mind, but not readily accessible. Like they are on the tip of my tongue, so to speak. I also got a visual of the site - very clear. Of course, as a psychologist I would want to look at the symbolism in any experience for the greater meaning. The need for water, as expressed to me, might better be taken figuratively to represent that race’s need pertaining to emotions, since in our symbols water traditionally has represented emotion or subconscious forces. Well, perhaps.

Again, two nights later, I am laying on the bed in a relaxed state and Nita states that she is going to take a walk. Within 30 seconds of leaving the hotel room, the alien entity enters through the top of my head, just like in Athens nearly two years before. It is a similar experience, as if the entity wants to get accustomed to this human body. It particularly found my right arm interesting, and moved it around quite a bit, getting the feel of it. It stays for 15 minutes. 30 seconds before Nita re-enters the room, it suddenly leaves. I realize that it was monitoring Nita’s presence (she would not have reacted kindly to the incident, and I don’t believe I would have let it enter in her presence).

The last night in Cabo San Lucas, I see my first clear sighting of a ship, which is off over the Pacific but in clear view of our hotel windows. It was flashing lights and was quite spectacular. It was there all evening.

Well, I mention all of this because I think it is the same entities. I never knew what those things really meant, and have not thought much about them for the past year. But in Wendelle’s (Stevens) wonderful presentation in Cottonwood, when he presented in a positive light the Zeta, something overwhelmed me. I could feel that force again, and I felt compelled to say (in silence): “Now!” In the Baja, I had said “Later,” but during Wendelle’s presentation I knew that the time was Now. My wife was sitting by me at the time, and she later said that something was overshadowing me and from her perception it was alien.

Upon returning, I discovered that a craft, nearly every night, is hovering close to my house. It does move according to my requests (e.g., move left) although I try not to over-do this?

One more note on this: the craft is seen at night. During the day of these sightings, a small single engine plane circles my land. It makes tight circles, and stays directly over my property! I was out planting trees on the first occasion, and after 30 minutes of circling directly over me I got angry. I then thought of something: I ran into the house and got my camera and telephoto lens. I then started taking pictures as it made one of many, many fly-overs of my house. It immediately went straight on, heading due south toward the New Mexico border. I feel very strange about this plane. I might also say that there have been many army-looking helicopters go directly over our property in the last several months. In one case, six armed forces helicopters flew directly over our house. There is no airbase in this immediate vicinity.

At first I was frankly scared but exhilarated; in the past week I have been working on the issue of fear. Interestingly, I am increasingly feeling a sense of loving when I look at he craft. As love is incompatible with fear, I find this most interesting.

I hesitate to start making interpretations as when one does, they usually are wrong. But I do feel that there is some connection with the Zeta, and I have a strong feeling that it is now about time to see them face-to-face regarding a project that I don’t yet understand (although it may have something to do with some dramatic changes about to occur). To put my current thoughts in a nutshell regarding their presence, I believe that some genetic work is being done mingling both races. Several years ago, I had an out-of-body experience where I was in this room of a craft and looked at about five or six silver pedestals with infants, connected to tubes, resting on them! I can’t explain it, but where I looked at one infant I knew that it was me (Most interestingly. I met a friend of Jerry W. at the conference named Katherine who has had the same experience!).

Unfortunately I have lost track of Dr. Tom. Maybe he will see this or someone else will and send it on to him. In that case, thank you Dr. Tom for letting me share your most interesting experience.

P. Urial