Sunday, August 21, 2011


By Mary Joyce

Sky ships and military helicopters have been observed over a second secret entrance to the underground world of government/military Black Operations in Western North Carolina. This one is located beneath a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) facility on a mountaintop in the Hendersonville area. We’ve dubbed the site “FAAT” because it’s so much more than an FAA facility.

From the air, FAAT looks like an abandoned nuclear silo, but don’t be fooled says Rebecca who lives near the facility. As if to confirm this, FAAT is “bleached out” on a Google satellite map of the area. Details clearly aren’t clear, while the adjacent map segment is “unbleached.”

We found all this intriguing, so two of us from the Sky Ship website met with Rebecca at her home on Sunday, June 27, 2010. It was an adventure just getting there. She lives at the end of a steep, narrow, gravel road with multiple hairpin curves. The road ends abruptly at the FAAT gate, but it’s another 30-minute hike to the actual site.

Helicopters over FAAT

“There are two distinct things that happened up here that are very odd,” says Rebecca. “One was in 1969 or 1970. It was night and there were helicopters flying up at the top of the mountain. They would hover over the mountaintop and drop earthmoving equipment. They had floodlights up there and worked all night long. The shape of the mountaintop changed overnight.

“The next morning, my husband and I hiked up to the site,” she continues. “It was like walking on a fresh grave. It was like they’d dug something up, taken it out, put something else in and covered it up. I don’t have a clue what it was. It was covered with sod.”

Explosion at FAAT

“The other very strange thing that happened up there was about five years ago,” says Rebecca. “I was up here alone and heard and felt an explosion inside the mountain. It shook the entire house and the mountain. At the time, I wasn’t sure if it was an earthquake or an explosion.”

She soon knew it had been an explosion when she saw an unmarked 18-wheeler being escorted by two unmarked white pick-up trucks, one in front and one behind, and a person walking beside the 18-wheeler.

“There was something huge on the trailer that was covered with a tarp,” she says. “They all went up the mountain and stayed up there all day. Late that afternoon, the three vehicles went back down the mountain with something on the trailer covered with a tarp. I was under the assumption they’d replaced whatever had blown up.”

Tire tracks disappear into wall

As if to emphasize this part of Rebecca’s story, a white Jeep Cherokee with a governmental seal on its door went by her home very, very slowly. It turned around at the end of the road and slowly went by her house again. We all shared a knowing chuckle and Rebecca continued.

“Back in the sixties, there was a vehicle that would come up every morning with three people in it,” says Rebecca. “The same vehicle would leave that night with three different people in it. They seemed to do three day shifts at the top of the mountain.
“There are a number of structures up there,” she adds. “I once managed to peak into one. I could see tire tracks go into a wall, so obviously something happened there - maybe an elevator behind the wall.”

Sky Ships over FAAT

“Most of sky ships I’ve seen here were round with a circular top and bottom -- very much like that one,” Rebecca says while pointing to Devon Heenan’s sky ship photo.

“Now I did see one at the bottom of the mountain by the side of a dirt road that was small,” she continues. “My husband stopped the car and we looked at it for probably two minutes. It was circular, like a big metal ball. It was about two feet across and had antennas sticking out from the top going in all directions. Some had little things on the ends and some didn’t. It was raised about eight inches to a foot off the ground on four wiry little legs. There were rows of lights going around the ball. If it had an equator, then there was a row of lights above and another row below that. The lights would move around the ball. I think it was remotely controlled because it was so small.

“When I started to open the car door to get out and investigate closer, my husband reached across, closed the door and said, ‘We’re out of here!’ When we returned from town it was gone.”

This Google satellite map of the FAAT facility appears 'bleached' so details are obscured.

See map on Google -,-82.268125&spn=0.000951,0.002586&t=h&z=19 Used with permission

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