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EDITOR’S NOTE: We received this e-mail on August 30, 2010 from Rick Moore of Franklin, NC. Following the e-mail is his story which was the bulk of a March 25, 2009 column by Roger Marsh with The testimony shows that large triangular Sky Ships have been seen for decades in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The way it behaved supports the common belief that triangular ships are man made.

I came across your site by accident (?) and as a long time resident of this area, I thought I would share a true story that happened to myself and my (ex) wife back in late March of 1986 in Jackson County. Rather than relate it all over again, I will just link to a story done about the sighting. . . .

If you have any questions or would like to use this true report, please feel free to do so, and you may use my real name. . . .

I believe we are in a very special area indeed, and I have met many people who ended up around here but had no idea why! I am originally from Miami, Florida and have been here for almost 30 years now after being drawn here by a “feeling” long ago. I had an auto detailing business some years ago in Cashiers at the EXXON and so I know the area pretty well, and have no doubt that it is a '”special” area indeed. Have a great day and I hope you enjoy reading about our experience.

Rural motorcyclist witness to massive triangle UFO

In early (March) of 1986 we were married about six months and living in a cabin in Jackson County, NC in the Adie community. The road leading home is the Old Sylva Highway; a two lane country road, and it was about 11 p.m. that night.

There was no other traffic, which was normal at that hour, and we were slowly cruising home on my motorcycle. Just past the beer distributor (Budd), I looked up at the night sky and noticed that a red light was just coming over head; it was so close overhead that I was startled. I pulled the Yamaha over to the side of the road and we pulled our helmets off.

Coming from south to north was a triangular craft, with a red light at each tip. It was no more than about 100 yards above us, and the red lights were at least 100 yards in between each one, forming a perfect triangle. It was massive - huge. I was experiencing a gut fear; it looked so heavy, so massive, that I was having a primal fear that if it set straight down we would be reduced to a smear on the ground. I recall thinking, "My God, I could hit it with a pistol!!" and then "I could hit it with a strong bow!!" That’s how low it was.

I could not see the sky between the lights, but could not make out a definite outline of the craft either…but the red lights never varied in position and were traveling "flat," meaning that one red light was at the "front" of the thing and the other two were at the rear. . . it was moving north.

Just to make sure that I was not having some mental issue, I began immediately asking my wife to tell me what she was seeing…doing a "reality check" of sorts, to make sure that I was not misinterpreting what was happening. But, she was seeing exactly the same thing and related it perfectly in accordance with what I was seeing.

The craft came over us

The craft was totally silent. No noise at all. It was moving very slowly, maybe 5-10 mph at most, just "drifting" over us, if something that looked as if it weighed a million tons could "drift." It had a "feeling" about it; not bad, but intelligently controlled. I could "feel" that it was occupied and flown purposefully. The craft came over us and began moving slowly away to the north.

It gained in altitude as we watched, and at a point when it was perhaps 500 feet up or so, it STOPPED, TURNED THE ONE FRONT FACING RED LIGHT UP TO THE TOP OF THE ARRAY, WITH THE OTHER TWO AT THE BOTTOM, AND CARTWHEELED OFF INTO THE EASTERN SKY!!!

That really blew us away. We were stunned and began talking about how the occupants had "buzzed" us intentionally. It seemed to us that the craft had spotted a lone motorcycle on the road and decided to play with us a bit. There is no way that this was not done with purpose.

Had the lights been off, we would no doubt have not seen anything. Had the craft not come so low that it caused a fear reaction, we might not have been attracted to it in such detail; it was as if it WANTED to be seen, and the cartwheeling at the end was a sort of "goodbye" from the operators, whom I imagined were having a good laugh at how we must be changing our drawers after such an event!!

I would be happy to relate this to someone that could plot the event on paper, and it was for sure one of the most incredible things ever to happen to us. I had about an entire 90 seconds to experience this after we stopped until it was totally out of sight, so I got a good look at the thing. I have no idea as to who was operating it, but my gut tells me it was anti-gravity for sure, probably back engineered and likely flown by humans.

I did not get the feeling through this that we were being surveyed by aliens; rather, it seemed to be a goof, someone blowing a couple of motorcyclist’s minds for a laugh. At least, that's the impression I got. The cartwheeling was no doubt intended to be seen and it was so unusual that it could only be attributed to a purposeful event.

Thanks to Evelyn Gordon for the above report.

This reminds me of a case many years ago where a group of motorcyclists were camping at Bryce Canyon campground. A huge object, described as above, came down over where they were camped for the night. All of them saw it. One of the persons in that group I have previously written about when he saw 5 landed UFOs at Red Mountain in Washington state. Could it be that they were just letting him know they were still monitoring him? Who knows the reason; it could be just coincidental. - Aileen

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