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2009 - Alien Encounter in New South Wales, Australia
By Billy Booth, Guide
Sep 15 2011
Witness Reports UFO - EBE Sighting in Australia


I would like to thank investigator Albert Rosales for initially publishing this account. Although the exact location remains a secret, we do know that the incident occurred in New South Wales, Australia 1, on the night of February 18, 2009.

The account is similar to some others where a small being is encountered. In this particular case, the being looked human, except for his size, and his ability to show super-human strength.

The Nightly Ritual

Each and every night, our eyewitness, a woman, went on a walk with her dog. They always went around the local race course, which was across from a lake. On this particular night, something extremely unusual and frightening happened.
The woman was surprised when she saw about 200 meters away from her what appeared at first to be a "small man." Thinking nothing of it, she continued her walk. But, as she got closer to the man, he began to wave to her.

Encounter with Being

Attempting to be friendly, she walked up to the man and began to make small talk about the weather. Changing the subject, the little man asked her, "Have you seen any shooting stars2 in the sky tonight?"

Surprised and baffled by his question, she just chuckled as if the off-the-wall comment was some kind of joke. When he did not react to her, she responded by telling him that she very often did see shooting stars, but had not seen any on this night.

She then decided to break off the conversation with the strange man by throwing a ball for her dog to fetch. The direction the ball went drew her attention across the lake. There she saw a shining, blue-silver object. It looked like it might be a flying craft of some kind.

The Craft

Though baffled by the sight of an object that she had never seen before, she did not mention it. After her dog brought back the ball, the strange man copied her by also throwing the ball. The only difference was that when the man heaved the ball, it went some 500 meters, an incredible feat. The dog shot off after the ball.

Awestruck, she looked at the man, and made comment on how strong he was. He simply laughed and thanked her. Their conversation continued with small talk about dogs. Then, something very strange occurred.

Out of nowhere, a thick layer of fog was all around her and the man. She was not able to see where her dog had gone, but could make out the craft across the river, which was also covered with the fog.

Strange Disappearance

Although she had become quite obsessed with this small person, she was worried about her dog, so she took off to try to locate him. She headed into the strange fog3, and soon he came back, safe and sound.

Her and her dog walked back to where the small man had been, but he was gone. Wondering what had happened to him, and his possible connection to the craft across the lake, she journeyed around to check out the craft.

As she approached the area, she could see that it too was gone. Looking around, she did see an area that had crushed grass where the craft must had been. She had no idea just who the strange man was, what he wanted, or where he came from.

This entire account, though believable as we have evidence that the woman who reported the incident is reliable and not given to fanciful stories, does leave us with many unanswered questions.

Was this man an alien? If so, why did he look just like a human, except smaller? And where did he get his super-human strength? Could he have been from another planet, or another dimension? We may never have our answers, only the story of a small, strange man and his flying craft.
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