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Two orb pictures, not necessarily the one the author has spoken about.  The orb "face" was taken by Paul in Perth Australia and was featured on Lon Strickler's Phantoms and Monsters blog (  It is the most unusual orb I have seen.

This ORB photo was taken on October 18th 1999, in Xagar Tibet. There are the two large orbs in this photo, with a smaller one in the arm of the chair just off to the right. These ORBs appeared on the night of my miracle which took place in Shigatse, then we traveled to Xagar to spend the night, before heading into Kathmandu, Nepal, ending our 28 day trek through Tibet. (Sorry no photo accompanied the article)

In Shigatse, I mentioned a miracle, that miracle took place on October 17th (the exact same day, called an anniversary date in the metaphysical world, as the day I broke my back in 1979.) I was in Tibet via the guidance of my Angels, and of course, NOW I believe I was there via the guidance of these ORBS as well. I was told to get out of the bed I'd been lying in for nearly two years while dealing with my back once again, in June of 1999. I was told via the Angels I was going to be guided around the world via their guidance, specifically to 'heal' my back once and for all, and to understand the significance of my injury from a multi- dimensional level!

I'll refresh your memory on what happened in Shigatse that day, so you can grasp the 'whole scope' of what I, NOW know, these ORBS to have been doing for me.

We were traveling throughout Tibet visiting all the different Monasteries in each town. When we walked into the Monastery at Shigatse, I walked through a tunnel, into a gateway/stargate, and my knees buckled. I reached out to grabbed the girl next to me, in order to keep from falling down! Immediately, I began to weep. It was a knee jerk reaction as there was no way for me to stop as the tears began to flow hard. I grasped at my chest for air as I lost my breath, and my head began to spin within a 'time-warp-zone'. There was a Monk standing on a podium in front of the Buddhist Statue that greets you as you walk in the doors of this particular Monastery. As soon as I looked up from grasping my friends arm, me and the Monk's eyes met, and my crying increased to an intense hyperventilation, as I tried to grasp what his eyes were telling me. In that very moment I felt as if I knew that man, and that place I was standing in. Never being in Tibet before, I was confused, to say the least. The Monk's eyes, never left me, and I had to look away. I looked down at the ground to grasp my bearings, and when I looked up again to see if the Monk was still staring at me, he was. I continued to cry, grasping my chest as my heart seemed to be expanding to a size that was larger than my chest. When all of a sudden, the Monk began to make his way down-off the podium and started to come towards me. Once down from the podium he had to wade through the throngs of people walking past the Statute to make his way to me, with his eyes never loosing contact with my own, and he was talking to me wildly!

When he reached me, he put his hand on my heart, and I thought I was going to faint, as he grasped my arm at the same time, to take me with him! My legs were barely working, and I tapped him on the shoulder, to indicate (since we didn't speak each other's language) that I needed to take my friend with me, as my walking stick! He nodded that this would be acceptable as he proceeded to take me up upon the podium. I was absolutely 'stunned' at his actions, as I continued to search my memory banks for some kind of 'reason' for all of this to be happening. When we reached the top of the podium, we were standing in front of the largest Buddhist Statue (a 3-story gold-plated statue) in Tibet the Chinese were unable to completely destroy. The Monk continued to express his excitement, speaking to me as if he needed to tell me something very important. He turned towards me and once again, he touched my heart. Then he touched the Golden Statue of Maitreya , then he put his hand on my chest again, then, patted the Buddha. My girlfriend gasped, saying, "Dawn, oh my God Dawn, I think he's telling you, You're this Buddha! Or you have something to do with this Buddha!" I was unable to speak my throat was tight, and my heart was still pounding as the flood of tears continued to blur my vision. Then, this Monk began to bow-down to ME, several times, before reaching down to pull a Tibetan rug before my feet, where he indicated he wanted me to kneel in front of the Statue. He was showing me what to do, when my girlfriend attempted to help me gain my wits, "Oh my God Dawn, I think he's going to let you touch the Statue," she gasped! As I tried to see her through my tears, the Monk had knelt down in front of the statue and touched his forehead to the Buddha, then, stood, while indicating it was now my turn. With the aid of my two helpers, I was able to kneel down, while the Monk returned to bowing down to me as I touched my forehead to the Statue.

It was instantaneous as a bright flash of light entered my forehead and shown brightly within my third-eye. Then, a bright bright symbol appeared, it was the Star of David. This vision never left my sight, it was just always there from that moment on (for over two years). As I basked in the moment, it was time for me to go, as the Monk aided me to my feet, then proceeded to bow repeatedly and touching my heart again, and patting the Buddha. Then, he asked another Monk to come up on the podium with an assortment of different colored Katas (the scarfs the Tibetans put around the Lamas and Monks necks as a sign of respect.) As he waded through the many Katas it seemed he was looking for a specific color, and when he'd found what he was looking for, he again bowed before me, as he tied a knot in the middle of the Golden Kata he'd found, then amazingly, he put it around my neck. Once again, my knees buckled and I was barely able to stand, as I closed my eyes to gain my wits, and could see the Star Of David again. The Monk continued to talk to me wildly, as if he were imparting me with some kind of 'ancient secret', and he wanted to make sure I understood MY role in the world!

Six months later I was back in the United States for a much needed rest. I'd done as the Angels had instructed me to do, and had traveled for a year around the world which ended in Peru with a four day grueling hike of the Inca Trail. I was enjoying my much needed rest at a friend's home in Northern Idaho, when I had my first contact with a spaceship! In hindsight, I now believe these ORBS made that contact happen! I not only witnessed this spaceship, I was mentally in contact with it, and the intelligence of that ship, instructed me to meet up with 'them' outside of Rome, Italy!

Six months later I was on a plane for Italy. I spent nearly nine months traveling throughout all of Italy before my instructions were made clear to me. I was to meet up with another ship outside of Rome to be downloaded with the 'frequency to be the Key' in order to open a new Gateway into Rome, from outside our Galaxy. When that day arrived, I was where I was supposed to be, and that night, while waiting with four other people I'd been told who were to join me at this gathering, we waited for the ship to appear. Sure enough, at the appointed time, upon the horizon a bright star appeared and began to move towards us. Stopping perhaps a mile away from us positioned over a Nunnery, the star began to expand and grow in size, as we each stood with our eyes peeled and our mouths gaping! The star transformed itself into the Star Of David!!!!! And it was there, standing thousands of miles away from Tibet, and years later, that I knew WHAT that Tibetan Monk was trying to tell me. And why I continued to see that Star of David everyday for nearly two years. Amazingly, on that very night, the planets of our solar system were aligned in the formation of the Star Of David as well. While all of this took place only 3 days before 9/11 in America!

I was instructed to perform a ceremony on September 17th, 2001, earlier in the month, which turned out to be the last day of the Giza Calendar, as well as, the end of a 26,000 year cycle of time! I was to perform this ceremony just outside of Rome, where we'd sighted the ships earlier that week, in order to open the Gateway! Sixty people traveled from all parts of Italy and Greece, as they too, knew, within their hearts they were to come to be with me, after only one contact via the 'right source' I'd met earlier in the month. (The ORBS, had guided me to the Number ONE person to meet in all of Italy, who was the head of the UFO society there, only one month before I was to perform my ceremony. I'd been told there would be many people with me to perform this ceremony, before meeting this man, and I couldn't fathom how that was going to happen, but I also trusted it would be so.)

There is no doubt in my mind I was there as a 'gatekeeper' in the form of being the KEY (my Role) to that gateway, after a ship met up with me to help me accomplish my Mission!

Mission accomplished, I left Rome one month later and have continued to meet-up with ships around the world! At this very moment I am in Australia, after arriving only five months ago. I am still awaiting my new instructions.

By the way, I'd never been to Italy before, nor did I speak Italian, nor did I know anyone in Italy. The entire nine months I was there, I was guided via these ORBS and my Angels to the right people, at the right time, in order to accomplish my Role on the planet! Also, years later when recounting my story to a woman (an American Monk living in a Tibetan Buddhist Community in Colorado) who was thrilled to hear about my miracle in Tibet! Yet at the same time she admitted she was confused. I asked her why, and she explained as far as she knew, "NO ONE ever receives a Golden Kata. This sign of respect is only to be given to the Dalai Lama!"

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