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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Several days after witnessing two low flying objects over the area, on two separate nights (one of the objects was described as huge, making a rumbling like noise; it had a V-shaped tail with two rows of round and oblong windows and was black, gray, and silver in color) and after receiving a suspicious phone call from someone claiming to be a General from the Canadian armed forces, two strange men appeared at the door of the witness' residence.  They produced wallets, one black, one brown, containing photo ID that stated they were from the Canadian Air Defense.  They asked to come inside.  The witness extended his hand, but was ignored.

Moving into the house took them through the kitchen area, but they stopped upon seeing the microwave.  After some questioning, the witness lowered a portion of a counter and they carefully slid through the extra space.  Sitting down they produced a small silver colored tape recorder and inserted a small disc, between a nickel and a quarter in size.  On entering the house one of the men had noticed an unusual walking stick in the hallway, to which he remarked that the head of the stick's carving, painted red, reminded him of primates back home.

The two men were olive skinned and appeared to have slanted eyes.  Each wore glasses with thick rims.  They wore gray suits with black shirts, one had a white tie, and the other was buttoned up to the neck.  The one with the tie had a clip that contained a red "stone" that flickered.  The other had a ruby ring surrounded with diamonds.  His watch was square but without apparent hands, instead being encircled with buttons that periodically illuminated from white to green to mauve.  The strap appeared to be molded into the skin and was a solid steel band.  The belt on his pants was of metallic strips with a square buckle.  Both had very large feet, estimated to be 14".  Each carried a brief case that was heavy and cold.

When sitting down they never relaxed into their chairs but retained a stiff back the whole time.  Not once during their stay in the house did they speak to each other.  The witness' two cats were extremely agitated the whole time during the visitors stay.  Also the owner's dog that lived upstairs barked during the whole episode.  The men noticed that the witness was wearing a very unusual watch and one of them touched his arm.  The touch felt very cold and clammy.  They questioned the witness about his sightings, and one of them appeared to be taking short hand notes.  When they questioned him they looked into his eyes and seemed to "pierce his brain."

As they were leaving they again carefully avoided the microwave.  Outside in the yard they spent about 30 minutes scouring the ground with a Geiger counter.  As they rounded the corner of the house the witness went from the kitchen to the bedroom, which gave him a clearer view of the driveway and the road.  Despite the very short period of time it took him to achieve this, the two men were not in sight, nor was a car leaving, or no car door could be heard slamming; they had vanished.  Later the witness discovered that on the window sill, only six inches behind where one of the men had been sitting, was a Windex bottle and was partially melted as if heat had been applied to it.  Alongside was a cassette warped in a similar manner.  The witness suffered from a severe migraine type headache after the two men left, his eyes also felt gritty and teary, and his face now appeared sunburned.  He also suffered from strange dreams, one that was of lying prone on a table in a round room with a bright light above him then sensing being touched.

Two days later, while going outside his house the witness saw the same two men he had seen before in the driveway.  Both were dressed in white coveralls.  One was carrying a Geiger counter, the other a 12 to 1 inch parabolic dish in his hand, pointing to the sky, plus earphones and a microphone that was attached. He appeared to be searching the sky.  The wires all led into a black box at his waist.  At one point he had what looked like a camera, although not video, aimed at a tree over which the UFO had been originally seen.  During the time they were together neither was seen speaking to each other.  Nor was any car seen which they might have arrived in.

In December, a few days after Christmas, a man appeared at the door of the witness.  He stated that he had come to see his unusual watch.  He stated that his name was Mr. Smith and showed some ID.  He wore a dark charcoal suit, white shirt, and black tie.  He also wore a black fedora.  His feet were very large, "size 13, or 14", like the witness'  previous visitors.  His shoes were black and shiny, with no signs of dirt on them at all.  He was about 4 feet 8 inches to 5 feet tall, very thin, and very pale skinned with very long fingers.  He also wore black wrap around glasses with silver frames.  The witness extended his hand but was ignored (again).

Upon entering the house the visitor commented upon the carved walking stick in the hallway.   He also asked the witness to turn the microwave off before he walked in front of it.  Sitting down at the kitchen table he produced a small silver tape recorder, claiming it could record up to 80 hours or more.  Using a pick like tool from his breast pocket he examined the witness' watch.  He opened a black briefcase, removed some paper, a silver pencil with a red top, and a pen like flash light that emitted a mauve, pencil thin beam, which scanned the interior of the watch with.  He took a small digital type camera and with it he took several pictures of the watch.  During the whole of his visit he spoke very little, and his speech seemed slurred.

Again the cats were agitated during the stranger's visit.  He again expressed interest in the watch and the witness asked $500 for it, but he replied that he had to check with his colleagues. The stranger also expressed interest in a computer saying that it had very minimal power. 

The stranger departed without saying good-bye. The witness went immediately to the window but could not see any sign of the visitor or any car in the vicinity, he had simply vanished.  

A plastic hair blower nozzle was found melted and a ruler in a drawer close to where the visitor had been sitting was bent into a slight "S" curve.  Again the witness suffered from a severe headache and an eruptive nosebleed.

In early January 2001, two peculiar strangers again visited the witness to a previous UFO encounter.  These two were different from the others.  They were at least six feet tall, very bony, with head, hands and feet out of proportion to the rest of the body  They wore gray suits that seemed to be "oily," had black ties and hats plus wrap around sunglasses that they never took off.  When questioned about the glasses they remarked that they could see perfectly well.  Their ears stood out from their heads and their skin was pale white, whereas their fingernails were gray in color.  They never removed the hats during their visit.  And throughout the whole time only one of them spoke.  When asked for ID's they displayed "silver" cases that contained a photo, an unusual symbol, plus their names in small print.

Upon entering the kitchen they asked the witness to please unplug the microwave, they also told him to turn the computer off.  The two Persian cats were going crazy dashing around the room, and trying to get out of the window, which was closed.  Each man carried a briefcase with an inverted "L" shaped handle.  The man that did all the talking asked to see the witness's unusual watch, he then removed from his briefcase four small containers, each had a different colored top.  Opening two he proceeded to pour the contents over the watch.  He told the concerned witness that no harm would come to the watch.  He was given $250 for the watch and told that they would give him the rest later.  He told them that he was moving soon, to this they replied, "We know, don't worry, we can find you if we want to."

They soon departed without the common courtesies, staring blankly at the witness as he extended his hand. Once again the witness hurried to the bedroom window only to find, as before, no sign of either man departing, nor could any vehicle be heard leaving.  After the visit the witness felt drained, had a severe headache that lasted for two days, and a rash on his arms, face and chest.
Researched by Graham Conway, UFOBC.  Graham is now deceased.

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