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Location. Manchester, Dearborn County, Indiana
Date: January 24 2004 Time: 1930

A 17-year old motorist traveling almost 10 miles north of Aurora Indiana on Saturday night claims to have encountered an unusual figure on the road. While driving his black Chevrolet Cavalier Southbound along North Hogan Road a "figure" was spotted in the headlights of the automobile as it was crouched down near a puddle of water. From the driver's perspective the figure was spotted out the windshield on the right of the car. After passing the frail-looking figure, the driver looked into his rear view mirror and again observed---illuminated by the taillights of his car---what he described as a tall, abnormal figure that moved strangely with pointed joints that "buckled out". He estimated the figure stood around 6 feet, seven inches. "It had protruding joints and moved very strangely." The driver said he was able to ascertain the figure, alleged to be dark gray or black and "pencil thin" stand up and take several steps toward the woods along the roadside. The figure definitely walked on two legs and was thought somehow, to be a male, although no clothing was noted. No face or eyes could be seen, but the witness had the impression that the figure was looking straight at him. The figure was immediately thought to be something out of the ordinary, not a human being.

The duration of the sighting was "hurried" and possibly within the 3 to 4 second range. The driver continued on for a small distance after passing the figure and finally put on his brakes, coming to a stop at an estimated 2 minute walking distance on the road from the location of the sighting. He looked back to further observe the entity. At that point, a second car came into view and approached from the opposite direction, passed and then reached the spot on the road where the figure was thought to be. The 17-year old motorist reportedly watched closely and observed the second car undertake what he thought to be an evasive maneuver near the vicinity of where he thought the figure would be situated, then the car turned around at that spot and shortly pulled up behind him, somewhat in the grass. There was an elderly couple in the car, both in their late 60s or early 70s and both with gray hair. The driver, who wore glasses said, "Boy, did you see something back there? I'll tell you right now, that was no person." The passenger, an elderly female said, "It was no human being. It was no man." The elderly couple were reportedly "spooked" but offered to follow the first witness the remainder of the trip down North Hogan Road, clearly in the opposite direction of their intended destination route. It was thought that the elderly couple observed this same figure on the opposite side of the road, and possibly had observed it more closely.

Later, the 17-year old witness was said to have become hysterical, and within an hour was describing the figure as an "alien".

HC addendum

Source: Kenny Young, Florence Kentucky, UFO Research,
Bob Leibold, Natural Light Productions Cincinnati Type: E

Location. London, England
Date: January 16 2004 Time: late night

In the middle of the night the witness, Jim, (involved in previous encounters) suddenly found himself wide-awake. A loud buzzing sound filled his ears. He was curled up on his bed in a fetal position facing the closest wall. He felt a force push on the back of his head. It did not hurt but felt extremely uncomfortable. Again he heard the now familiar "clicking" sound in his head. This time it panned from his right ear to the left. He looked at his arm and it was covered in a bluish purplish pulsating energy. He could not move his legs and arms; he could just move his head.

Somehow he managed to break free and used all his effort to turn around. Standing before him in the center of the bedroom was some kind of short humanoid creature, with a large mantis/fly looking head. A beam of energy seemed to be shooting from the alien to the witness. Thousands of thoughts entered his head at the same time. Strangely he felt no fear and felt as he had known the strange being all his life, but also felt that he had been somehow manipulated into feeling this. He then heard a slow deep voice, almost overwriting all his other thoughts. It seemed to be communicating telepathically. It said in an abrupt manner, "Now do you understand?" "Yes" the witness found himself answering, but he had no idea why he said that. "Good" It replied. The witness then turned his head back to the wall and shut his eyes. The buzzing sound stopped and he felt extremely tired. He then collapsed and lost consciousness.

He described the creature as humanoid, 5 ft 5 inches in height. Its head was huge in relation to its body. Its eyes were extremely large, shiny, and insect-like and were supported by big sockets. His first impression was that it looked like a cross between a praying mantis and a fly.

The being appeared to be surrounded by a bluish purplish field of energy. In the center of its cloak was a golden badge, there was definitely a design or symbol on it, but the witness could not make it out. He looked closer at the head and it had two protrusions between the eyes and a mass of protrusions was in the area where a mouth would normally be.

The witness woke up the next day feeling very tired.

HC addendum

Source: Martin Jasek, UFO BC Type: E

Location. Maryland, exact location not given
Date: February 12 2004 Time: afternoon

Virginia and her husband had retired and purchased a home near the Maryland coast, the house was 85 years old and needed some major repairs. Most of the repairs involved an interior facelift. A small room with an old desk and empty file cabinets on the second floor of the two story home was slated to become a part of a larger room next to it with the removal of a wall. Some old suitcases, empty packing crates and other debris had been left in there as well.

With contractor work scheduled to begin within a few days, Virginia, her husband and two friends went to work removing everything from the small room. They moved the desk and file cabinets out first, and then began bundling up the old suitcases and various pieces of debris left in the corners, of the small room. While the four worked, Virginia began to feel a bit sick to her stomach. Her husband and friends complained of similar feelings over the next few moments.

Before any of them had time to consider their sudden, unexplained illness, an odd green mist filled one corner of the room. As all present were focused on the green mist, they could see a human form taking shape. It looked like a man dressed in what all agreed later was a sailor's white uniform. It did not appear to be a modern uniform, but one that might have been worn 50 or 60 years ago. None were familiar with Naval uniforms, but the group came to this conclusion after viewing photos of US sailors from the 40's. Within seconds, the man became solid and started to move a bit.

Virginia's husband had been an electrician for years before he retired and noted that he smelled the odor of over-heated circuitry in conjunction with the sailor's appearing. Before anyone could say or do anything, the sailor looked at the group and said, "2005. Watch out for 2005! They're playing with your future!" (Boy isn't that the truth!) After that, the sailor faded into the wall and the green mist dissipated in less than ten seconds. All agreed later that they had heard his voice and everyone heard the same thing. They described the sailor's voice as deep and full, but sounding a bit muffled.

HC addendum
Source: Bill Knell, May 1 2004 Type: E
Comments: The source indicates that there is a possible connection with this incident and the alleged "Philadelphia
Experiment" episode and the Montauk Point conundrum.

Above cases from Humanoid Contact.

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