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Location. Elkader, Iowa
Date: February 15 2004 Time: 2300

The witness was returning to her house after finishing a late night farm chore when something caught her eye as she almost reached her door. To her left she saw a "thing" running very fast about 30 yards away from her, not comprehending what she was seeing, she could only describe the entity as looking like a "stick man." It seemed to turn its head over his left shoulder and look straight at her, and then it took off in a sprint towards her front door. Very upset the witness ran inside and locked all the doors. It took her 2 hours to calm down; she began to sob so hard that she started to hyperventilate. She never told anyone, including her family about what she had seen. She felt that the "thing" wanted her to see it, for some unknown reason

HC addendum

Source: NUFORC Type: E

Comments: I cannot help but notice the similarity in descriptions of the entities with this case and the January 24 Indiana case.

Location. Spokane, Washington
Date: February 16 2004 Time: 0300A

The witness was in bed when he was awoken by a sound at his window. He tried to move but couldn't. A shadowy figure shaped somewhat like a human but all black like a shadow loomed over him and grabbed him. He felt that he could not breath and then passed out.

Later he awoke to the words "he has (unintelligible) send him back". It felt like he had an IV in his arm. His next memory was of being back in his bedroom at 0500A. He has no other memories of the event.

HC addendum

Source: NUFORC Type: G

Location. Chaco, Saenz Peña, Argentina
Date: February 21 2004 Time: late night

26-year old Liliana Nievas was sitting in her patio with her boyfriend when suddenly several "cascotazos" (a sort of rock or brick abundant in the area) fell on the two apparently coming from an area behind the patio. Liliana went alone to investigate when she came upon a short dark "man", which began to pummel her and attempted to drag her away. She could only describe the entity as short, dark and shadowy, which covered her mouth and began to drag her on the ground. Hearing her screams, several neighbors, family members, and her boyfriend ran to find the woman lying on the ground suffering facial injuries. She kept screaming that "he is trying to drag me away" as the astounded group watched as a mysterious force indeed seemed to pull her away, however they did not see anybody. Finally with the help of her boyfriend and others they managed to hold Liliana down and the force seemed to release her. She was taken to a local hospital suffering from grievous injuries.

Others in the area reported being pelted by bricks and another witness reported seeing a shadowy entity stealing fruit from his backyard.

HC addendum

Source: Planeta UFO Groups, quoting "Norte Edicion Digital"
Sunday February 22 2004, Chaco, Argentina Type: E

Location. Hampshire, England
Date: February 21 2004 Time: 2300

Emily Parkinson was lying in bed when a bright white light suddenly was reflected in her mirror. Instantly she sat up terrified and went to the window to see whether it was her husband coming home. She then saw a figure of approximately 6 ft in height standing on her lawn. It seemed to have a huge eye on its stomach (?) resembling huge black circles that seemed to pierce the witness head with an incredibly high-pitched sound. She was fixed to the spot with terror, as the strange creature seemed to slowly dissolve from view.

HC addendum

Source: I Was, UFO Reports Type: E

Comments: I wonder if any additional details on the humanoid are available, it could have been a Mothman type creature.

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