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Location, Donetsk, Ukraine

Date: February 1990 Time: 0115A

The witness, a 68-year old pensioner named Ivan Nikanorovish who lived alone in a house at the edge of a large meadow.   He woke up one night when his dogs began to bark furiously.  He got up from bed, dressed and went outside.  In the yard he noticed several very tall "people" about 3 meters in height.  Upon seeing the figures the terrified Nikanorovish attempted to run but fell to the ground.  Soon he fell under apparently hypnotic control of the "aliens" and began walking towards them, leaving his house and poultry pens unlocked.  As they walked in the garden next to the kitchen the aliens spoke among themselves in strange squeaking sounds resembling that of dolphins.

At the end of the garden the witness saw a round object, shiny as the moon and about 12 meters high and 8-10 meters in diameter.  The witness was so frightened that he did not notice any details on the object.  Entering into the craft by ladder, he could see that the craft was bluish in color.  Inside the craft he noticed a strong "violet" smell.

When he first saw the aliens standing near his picket fence they were wearing spacesuits but as they entered the spaceship their suits were automatically peeled off.  Nikanorovish saw two males and two females wearing sports style suits, made out of a strong wrinkle free material.  The alien faces were human-like, but their noses were flat and protruded downwards.  They had no bridge for their noses.  Their eyes were large, round with eyebrows, they had small mouths and ears smaller than those of humans.  Fine, sparse hair covered their heads.  The faces of the female aliens were beautiful, with grayish color skin and short-cropped hair.

Two alien females approached the witness, took his clothes off, and examined him thoroughly.  When they touched him he felt as if their bodies were the same makeup as those of humans.  They had five fingers on each hand.  Still, the witness felt mortal fear, afraid that he was going to be taken away forever and not survive their "experiments."  The aliens examined him, listened to his heartbeat, etc.  Soon the aliens placed some metal clasps on his body that emitted clicking sounds.  The witness could see red dots or lights appearing on the instruments in the room.  Most of the clamps were placed on his fingers and then they measured the volume of his legs, chest. Soon they placed what appeared to be electrodes on his chest, (EKG?) he could see on a circle-shaped device his internal organs.  The aliens did not place any instruments on his head.

When the medical examination was over they dressed him and by gestures made him exit the craft.  In the meantime the aliens communicated among themselves in high-pitched timbre voices.  
The doors of the spacecraft opened and Nikanorovich was descending down the ladder when the aliens pulled him up by his shirt collar and back into the spacecraft.

Resigned to his fate Nikanorovich was led into a room with a couch like object, where he sat down.  Moments later he felt the spacecraft apparently rising slowly from the ground.  They invited him to come and look out an oval-shaped window and he saw the earth from a very high altitude with thousands of small specks of lights scattered beneath, apparently cities.  But the whole marvelous panorama vanished in a few seconds.  They were flying in space at an unbelievable speed, but strangely no one in the room felt any affects.  He was able to stand up and walk about the room.

In the room he could see what appeared to be a main control console with two screens on one of the walls.  One screen was about 3 x 5 meters, the second smaller.  The craft seemed to approach many planets (probably in our Solar System), and in minutes the small dots in space suddenly transformed themselves into huge bodies in the sky.  He could see all this on the large screen that seemed to be more active than the other one.

He saw a container with transparent liquid, which tasted like ordinary water.  They explained to him by gestures what buttons to press if he would like to have a drink.  At this point Ivan's fear had  vanished, as he realized that the aliens meant no harm and apparently had good intentions.  Gradually, he began examining everything around him with interest.  Besides the main control panel in the room there was another panel in the room where the male aliens constantly sat around.  He could see many devices installed on the walls and on the ceiling.  Most of the equipment was covered with "panels" which moved aside as any of the alien crew attempted to check something on it.

All the rooms inside the spacecraft emitted an even bluish light, and some buttons and levers shone so brightly that it was difficult to look at them.

Ivan was amazed by a meteor "catching" system on board the alien craft, when they encountered huge rocks in space the craft was able to evade them easily while the smaller rocks were collected in a special container that opened and closed automatically.  During the flight, Ivan counted five such captured "meteorites".  Most of the flight Ivan remained in that one room, but he was allowed to visit other areas in the craft, even the special crew compartments.

At one point he fell asleep and was suddenly awakened by one of the aliens and was called over to one of the screens.  On the screen Ivan could see an endless desert with many scattered rocks and deep craters and fissures on the ground.  Apparently that was the first planet he saw.  They passed by it at high speed without touching down.

He sat down on the 'couch' and soon sensed the spacecraft smoothly landing.  The aliens then placed a spacesuit on Ivan, which was completely hermetical with many tubes jutting out from it.  Three windows were present on the suit for viewing purposes.  The aliens had spacesuits of a different design, with one glassy window-like opening.  Ivan moved out following the aliens thinking that they wanted to leave him there.

Outside Ivan could see small humanoids, standing in a meadow and by a river.  These small humanoids were not afraid and did not run away.  The faces of the little men were round, good looking and child-like.  Their bodies were covered by fuzzy hair and they had wing-like protrusions on their backs, commensurate to their height.  Their maximum height was about 1:20m.  Their wings were feather-like, slightly tilted upwards.  They had doll-like faces.  Their color was mostly white with brown patches.  These small entities also possessed hands besides the wings, and legs.  However none of them were flying as Ivan arrived, they were walking near the river.  Ivan watched the strange humanoids for a while until he was guided back into the spacecraft by the aliens.

While on the spacecraft Ivan felt rejuvenated and energized, he moved around easily and his chronic leg pain had completely vanished.  When it was time to eat the aliens invited Ivan to a table where two alien females and a male were sitting.  The food was prepared by the females, which consisted of many tasty dishes inside cans, plates, etc.  The food was very tasty and resembled terrestrial cuisine.  All meals ended with very tasty drinks.  After eating Ivan felt drowsy and sat and rested on the couch.

He visited a second and third planet which was very rocky, with stones resembling gold silver and precious stones that covered its surface.  The aliens again put a spacesuit on Ivan before walking onto the planet's surface.  He did not see any living creatures on these planets.  Ivan thought that possibly this planet was used as a source for the aliens to build their spacecraft.  He did not touch anything on the surface.

Their stop on the planet was very short and soon they continued their flight until Ivan was again called to the control room where he saw a new planet, entirely covered by water.  He then sat on the sofa again and some time later the aliens called on Ivan to come to the screen again where he saw a surface covered with smoke and fire and was difficult to discern.

They soon landed (twice) on a fifth planet where Ivan saw terrible sights and thought that if humans did not change their ways this type of future was awaiting them.  Ivan saw a destructed city without a living soul around.  He saw numerous bones scattered around.  None of the houses had any doors or window and there was no bush or blade of grass around.  He also saw the bones of great huge animals no less than 5 elephants in size.

Later they again landed twice on a sixth planet, which was a complete opposite of the previous one.  They exited the spacecraft without donning the spacesuits.  Ivan was surrounded by indescribable beauty, dense forests, rivers and a sea visible afar.  He could see many animals but no people.  He thought that maybe this planet was like a "farm" for the aliens.  So Ivan asked "Do you have animals resembling those we have on earth?"  He was told that they had animals similar to the ones on earth but also many with substantial differences.

The next planet, number 7, was the alien's home planet.  The alien females exited the spacecraft there and Ivan did not see them again.  He was accompanied by only the two alien males.  On the alien planet Ivan felt youthful and agile and was easy for him to walk.  The smell of lilac was present in the air similar to the smell on board the spacecraft.

At first the aliens led Ivan into what they called a church or place of worship.  Inside the church he saw several elderly men standing side by side with young men. He could hear a chime and a loud melodic chorus singing.  All seemed to be praying.  The church appeared remotely like a terrestrial church.

But the living quarters or buildings were radically different from those on earth.  All buildings were topped with cupolas.  Every resident of the planet had its own flying apparatuses.  Ivan did not see any other kind of transportation there.  The inhabitants only used their flying machines for long journeys and enjoyed walking more.

Everything on the planet was beautiful and well groomed.  Everywhere Ivan went he was greeted with calm restraint, there was no apparent excitement.  All the humanoids on the planet were tall, about 3 meters in height.  He felt like a Lilliputian among them.  He received the impression that the average lifespan in the world was very long, but that they eventually perished.

Ivan was then taken to a beautiful cemetery.  He also noticed a common practice among the aliens, one that consisted of each one giving each other food gifts.  He was given a big beautiful fruit resembling an apple.  He attempted to hide this apple-like fruit and bring it back to earth as proof but the aliens did not permit it.  He was made to eat it in view of them.

After church Ivan was taken on an excursion to a "milk-production" plant.  There he saw mountains of what looked like cheese and butter.  At this plant only one alien seemed to be in charge by pressing certain buttons, the rest was done automatically. 

After a short visit Ivan was brought back to the spacecraft, which was still at the same location.  While returning back to earth, the spacecraft performed a short stop.  They left the ship clad in spacesuits and appeared in a place enveloped by a dense fog.  Through the haze Ivan could see bright white lights all around their unknown source.

Later when he entered the craft he heard someone calling his name.  The sound was very clearly heard through the helmet of his spacesuit.  He turned around and saw his two sisters, both who had died many years before, Zina and Nadya.  They both looked very young.  They gave Ivan pastry and guiding by their hands took him aside where they told him that his father and grandparent still lived.  Ivan wanted to go and look at his relatives but his alien guides did not permit him to do that.  Ivan also saw his neighbor who had died recently.  He appeared to be carrying some pieces of wood or boards.  The figures of his sisters seemed semi-transparent but upon touching them they felt like normal humans.  They had normal colored pink skin.  Ivan then asked where his mother was.  They then told him that they had taken great offense towards her since she never came to visit their grave in the cemetery.  They added that she had been taken somewhere else as a form of temporary punishment.  Ivan then saw a large beautiful meadow where his father and grandfather were pasturing sheep.  At this moment the meeting with his dead relatives was over, the aliens did not allow Ivan to have a detailed conversation with his "dead" sisters.

From there he was taken straight home.  When the spacecraft silently landed Ivan at first thought that they had landed on another planet, but as soon as the hatch opened he noticed his native country immediately.  They then brought him to the same place he was originally taken from.  Ivan does not remember how he got back home but without realizing how, the aliens were already gone.

Later Ivan noticed that the snow had melted in the place where the spacecraft had landed, and a dark spot approximately 3 meters in diameter was visible.  For three days after "returning" Ivan did not eat anything, and became very ill.  His whole body ached, including his muscles.  He remained in that state for a long time.  At one point he thought he was going to die.  In a month he developed a severe itch on his skin.

Gennady Y. Leszshenko, "At the Edge of the Unknown or What is Behind the Curtain" Donetsk 1994

By far the most incredible story out of the former Soviet Union in that incredible year of 1990.  For a simple Russian peasant it was almost totally impossible to imagine something as fantastic as this story.  Apparently the author personally investigated this case.

This report is courtesy of Albert Rosales, Humanoid Sighting Reports.

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