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Something we haven't heard much about recently but what was a big deal in years gone past.

DEFINITION:  Angel hair is a silky, sticky substance that falls from the sky in thin strands that sometimes look like spider webs.  It is very unstable and degrades in oxygen.

What the Believers Say:  Angel hair is some kind of manifestation from another dimension, or a supernatural realm. or it is a substance that falls from UFOs.  Some psychics claim to sense the presence of spirits during and following an angel hair manifestation.

You can touch it, but you can't hold it without it sublimating into nothing.  You can see it, but sometimes it doesn't show up in photographs taken of it.  It looks like spider webs, but there are never any spiders around when it appears.  It often appears after UFO sightings, yet many people who have never seen a UFO report finding it in their yard.  Some manifestations occur in the presence of many witnesses; some are reported by only a single person.  Charles Darwin reported seeing it fall  on his ship, the Beagle, in 1832.

It is called "angel hair" and it has been manifesting on earth for centuries, perhaps eons.  One of the earliest known reports is from the early eighteenth century (September 21, 1741) recent sightings are commonplace, although often not reported.  Some people experience it all the time; others have never even heard of it.  Sometimes it falls on an entire town; sometimes it appears on people's houses.  It can fall in such quantity as to cover cars and entire fields, or it can appear as a single gossamer strand.

In October 1955, a retired Navy man reported seeing ten silvery balls darting about the sky in North Carolina, followed by a fall of angel hair that covered a field and the telephone lines.

On September 21, 1997 (another September 21 sighting), people in Santa Cruz, California reported seeing strands of angel hair falling from the sky.  One witness described them as "three-foot strands.. of a translucent fibrous substance."

On Sunday, August 9, 2001 in Quirindi, South Wales, Australia, multiple witnesses saw approximately twenty silver balls flitting through the sky, followed by a fall of angel hair.

There are many other reports of this weird substance falling from the sky, and what almost all of them have in common is that they are made by credible people, often with corroborating accounts from other witnesses.

So what is this stuff?  And where does it come from?

Several people have managed to preserve a sample of angel hair before it dissolved into nothing.  Some have paid labs to test it and it was often shown to be made of silicon, magnesium, calcium, and boron - but the source of the substance has consistently been reported as "Inconclusive."  The elements of angel hair are common to earth, but the actual substance itself is an anomaly that has yet to be conclusively identified and its origin determined.

Could it be cobwebs from migrating spiders?  Spiders don't fly, yet skeptics claim that spiders are carried aloft by winds, and then discharge the webs while in the air.  There are reports of angel hair covering entire backyards, and draping like tinsel over great lengths of electrical lines.  It would seem that it would take a great many spiders (perhaps millions) floating through the air in a group to create such an outpouring of webs.  I, for one, have never seen giant clouds of floating spiders.  There may be some who have, but such reports have yet to show up in the literature.

Could angel hair be some kind of material created inside tornadoes or plasma vortices, carried a distance, and then dropped?

Maybe, but there are many, many accounts of angel hair occurring in perfectly calm weather, with no reports of turbulent weather for miles.

Can angel hair be a discharge from UFOs?  The connection between UFO sightings and subsequent falling angel hair is strong.  And yet, no one has reported ever seeing a UFO actually dropping the stuff, nor has anyone ever photographed such an event.

It is said that the veil between other dimensions and other realms, is thin, and that sometimes does appear, allowing some to see and experience things alien to our world.  Ghosts, UFOs, manifestations of the Virgin Mary, sightings of creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster, and channeled information have all been alleged to come from dimensions parallel, or perhaps above or below our own.

Could angel hair be from such a realm?

Can we be seeing something that is undoubtedly alien to us, but which might be as commonplace "somewhere else" as rain is to us in our world?

Or is it nothing but cobwebs from flying spiders?
The above is from the Weird 100

Angel hair was reported at the Miracle at Fatima on the 13th of September and October 1917.

The most reported incidence occurred in Oloron, France in 1952.

On October 27, 1954, Gennaro Lucetti and Pietro Lastrucci stood on the balcony of a hotel in St. Mark's Square in Venice and saw two "shining spindles" flying across the sky leaving a trail of the angel hair.
In the Portuguese city of Évora on November 2, 1959, angel hair was collected and analyzed at the microscope by local school director and later by armed forces technicians and scientists of the University of Lisbon. Conclusions were not possible although it was formed, apparently, by a small organism featuring 10 'arms' stretching from a central core. It was advanced that it could be a single-celled organism of some kind. This event followed the sighting, by the population of the city, of several UFOs. Angel hair was also spotted in the same day, at the Air Force Base of Sintra, several kilometers to the north.


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Chuck said...

I saw lots of it during encounter in 1998 in Tucson ,AZ Aileen !

P. Urial said...

Interesting. I have seen it for years as a little girl...mostly in the morning with due on the ground. had never wonder where it came from.will half to check the next time I find some..........Thanks

P. Urial said...

The above comment was sent to me and I submitted it as a comment. It is from Marge.

P. Urial said...

From Bruce:

I have a cousin who is a preacher (now). Many years ago he and his Dad were fishing and for years the boy had tried to introduce his Dad to the concept that God is! That day the boy's father accepted the Christian Faith and there was something from above that descended all around them as they prayed, covering the bushes and the grass. The boys father became a better man and accepted God as his guiding light.

The boy and his dad both told (me) the same story, though several years apart) and I believe them. They referred to it as a miracle which brought the two of them together and made life happier for them.

If the younger man (now a grandpa and great grandpa) would be willing to visit with you concerning this event it might be enlightening. He tells all his friends and his "congregation" about the event, so perhaps he would share with you and a wider public.

Sebastiano said...
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