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Location. Boca de Chila, Nayarit, Mexico
Date: February 26 2004 Time: 0130A

Several local inhabitants reported hearing a very loud booming noise over the area and what appeared to be a metallic object falling into the beach area. For a while they did not approach the supposed crash site because of fear. However others reported that the object was huge and disc-shaped, apparently metallic, without windows or wings. Soon after the "crash" members of the Mexican Territorial Army cordoned off the area and warned local inhabitants not to approach the area. Others have reported seeing similar disc-shaped craft flying at a high altitude over the area.

HC addendum

Source: Ovnis Mexico Forums Type: H?

Comments: It is necessary to obtain additional information on this intriguing case; so far none is available yet.

Location. Chann Kalan, Pakistan
Date: February 26 2004 Time: evening

Constable Jagdish Parishad who on Thursday was keeping vigil on the international border had seen a flying object like a hot air balloon carrying three persons who disembarked after landing in Pakistani territory.

Since the constable had never seen a para-glider, fan glider or even a hot air balloon during his service tenure, it is difficult to ascertain the authenticity of the matter.

Just prior to the UFO sighting Pakistani troops backed
by helicopter gunships and artillery detained 20 people in raids against suspected Al-Qaeda hideouts in a tribal region bordering Afghanistan.

HC addendum

Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 9 # 9 Type: B?

Location. Araraquara, Brazil
Date: early March 2004 Time: late night

On a very cold night, the witness, Marina was in her room reading a book when she heard loud scratching noises on her window. Startled she looked at the window and saw a bizarre entity with a very large head and strange red eyes. The entity stared at Marina and mumbled some words, which Marina thought it meant for her to come and open the window because he wanted to talk to her. In a trance-like state she opened the window and the entity then spoke the following words, "Humans less and less value their planet, and each day that goes by they destroy the planet a little more, humans do not realize that they are destroying themselves also." Moments later the entity vanished.

HC addendum

Source: Type: E

Comments: Important warning that we have been ignoring for decades now. We will reap what we sow.

Location. Monte Maiz, Cordoba, Argentina
Date: March 2004 Time: various

A silhouette of a man who walks on rooftops, drags heavy chains and makes strange noises turned into a disquieting "phantom" that has made residents of Monte Maiz restless. Opinions on the "phantom" are diametrically opposed, since some claim having seen "a figure standing over 2 meters tall, dressed in black and with spectacular agility" while others say its all imagination. The local residents call it "the phantom". Those who have seen it say that it is a young person, very tall and slim, with red eye. It dresses in white, sometimes black and others gray. Always wears a hat and covers its face with a mask or hood.

The sounds on the rooftops begin after 2100 hours, as do the calls to the police. Residents claim that it walks on the roof, shuffles and runs, drags chains, scratches at windows and bangs at doors. It doesn't speak or yell---it has only been heard to laugh in the dark or whistle, some claim having heard it imitate the howling of a dog. Locals say that it runs swiftly and jumps over barbed wire fencing and walls without touching them, according to concerned neighbors. Some eyewitness accounts follow:

Ivana Molina had gone out to her yard and saw a man dancing, whistling and slapping his hands. The neighbors heard similar noises. The next day, she went out and the same man tried to grab her. She ran into the house and phoned the police. It then banged on her bathroom window and wrote "mueres" (you'll die) with its finger.

Oscar Gonzalez reported standing in the yard when he saw a shadow walking along. He could see its red eyes. He then went out with another fellow to find it and the "phantom" jumped the neighbor's yard. It was dressed in white. The following day it whistled at the men again. They went out to chase it and it vanished.

Veronica Bertrando reported that her husband saw it as it crossed the patio; he said it was dressed in gray with a hood over its head. When it went by the dog barked, her husband then went outside and it took off running. He searched for it but could not find it.

Local police offered the following additional details on the stranger (or strangers?), 1.8 to 1.9 meters tall, dresses in black, a white face (possibly a mask) wears a black hat, its movements are generally silent and possesses extreme agility, it jumps over fences, walls and climbs up trees with ease. It normally appears between 2130 to 0300 hours

HC addendum

Source: Scott Corrales, Institute Of Hispanic Ufology, ChristianQuintero, Planeta UFO. Type: E

Comments: This case bears a strong resemblance to the visitations or encounters reported in Vegas Coria Spain in 1983-1984 and in Provincetown Massachusetts 1944-1945

Location. Johannesburg, South Africa
Date: March 2 2004 Time: 1900

A sort of "inner voice" told the witness to get his camera and go outside. He waited for about 5 minutes then a bright white light shone on his eyes and then he saw three disc-shaped craft surrounding a large cigar-shaped object maneuvering overhead. The discs kept circling around the cigar. He took three photographs then he was again illuminated by a bright white light and suddenly found himself on his bed the next morning. He suffered from nosebleeds after the incident and had strange lucid "dreams" of seeing a little "black man" who enters his bedroom and tells him that they are taking him. He remembers running and then being shot in the arm by a laser-like light. He woke up the next morning shivering and with his arm sore

HC addendum

Source: NUFORC Type: D or E?

Location. Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England
Date: March 8 2004 Time: 2130

Steven Nicklin and a friend were walking across Northicote Farm near an old Tudor farmhouse when both men saw a humanoid grayish figure with a human-type head standing on a tree, which formed part of the many trees that bordered the farm, these were tall pine trees, and the figure stood on the top branches. They estimated the size of the figure as being about 2.1 meters in height. It had two legs and two arms connected to membrane-type wings. Its clawed hands seemed connected to the wings, somehow resembling a pterosaur. It moved its head and looked directly at the witnesses, since the moon was full and there was a streetlight not far away. It turned its head from the witnesses and then took one giant leap and glided to the next tree. The tree bent under the creature's weight as it took the impact. It then turned its head to look at them once more. Its gaze felt that "it could look into their very being (soul)". Both men felt quite scared and both fled the area quickly. The men said that it was a creature they had never seen before nor wanted to see again.

HC addendum

Source: UFO Roundup March 16 2004 Type: E

Comments: Another flying humanoid report, this entity somehow resembled the gargoyle of the Middle Ages

Location. Near Carlsbad California
Date: March 9 2004 Time: 0320A

The witness was on his paper route and was driving at about 25-30 mph when he saw a real bright light in the sky about the size of the moon. He pulled up to the side to catch a better glimpse of the object. About 1 minute passed when all of the sudden it disappeared. Then after 10 seconds of dead silence a round bright object landed right in front of the witness. It was circular and glowed very brightly. It was probably about 25 ft in height and about 100 ft in diameter. Stunned the witness heard a voice as if someone was talking to him gently in his ear. He looked around and did not see anybody. All of the sudden the craft didn't glow anymore and on the side of the craft it said, "future". The voice then said, "nobody else can see this but you, we are from the future, you are a representative now of the future for this mass (sic), please lead or there will be dire consequences." The voice talked very slowly and clearly in perfect English. He still couldn't see anybody but after the voice stopped talking he shouted, "who the hell are you"! And then everything disappeared. After about 10 minutes of reflecting on what had occurred, the witness drove home.

HC addendum

Source: NUFORC Type: F

Location. Jordanow, Poland
Date: March 11 2004 Time: 2330

44-year old Miss Wiktoria Lesniakiewicz was in her bedroom when she suddenly noticed her cat, which had died several days ago. She followed the animal. The cat walked out of the bedroom through the closed door, but feeling very tired Wiktoria went to sleep. That same night she had a strange "dream" about her cat. She woke up feeling the cat's hot body on her legs. At the same time she sensed and heard strange voices and music. Three separate voices were discussing something, speaking in a strange language. The music resembled classical music, very similar to the Mozart symphonies, but it was definitely not a Mozart composition. Afraid, Wiktoria turned the lamp on. The voices and the music then slowly faded away. She was unable to sleep the rest of the night.

HC addendum

Source: Robert Lesniakiewicz, Poland Type: F?

Location. Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada
Date: March 12 2004 Time: 0400A

The witness, M N, was driving eastward on Wellington Street on the southeastern end of Lake Superior and as he came to the central part of the city (known to locals of the Lake Superior region as Soo, Canada). He noticed a straight beam of light hovering in the early morning sky, from the top of the hill that was on his northern side. His vehicle came to a complete stop at a cross street and he looked all the way down to the end of the street (about 7 blocks away) because the street ended at the base of the hill and has a metal stairwell leading to McDonald Avenue. Although being 7 blocks away his eyes were able to focus on a little dark figure that was standing very still. This caught his curiosity as he slowly drove towards it, and then started moving from side to side using fluid movements as if it was hovering in mid-air. It moved as if it was confused, or afraid and didn't know what to do. As he got closer, the figure's appearance seemed to have metamorphosed into a transparent, shadow like entity that very swiftly flew up the stairs. To his astonishment, the beam of light that he had seen in the sky a few minutes before and a couple of miles away was now at the top of the hill, only about 100 ft away. With his heart racing, he drove as fast as he could eastward along the base of the hill until he came to the nearest hill street and drove up McDonald Avenue to see what was happening. In a matter of seconds, traveling from the bottom to the top of the hill, he arrived at the top of the steps only to find three circle-shaped burn markings on the pavement of the street. Approximately 10 seconds later he heard a very weird kind of gunshot sound, looked up to the sky and saw a bright light shooting up into the stars. As he watched the spectacle a surreal kind of peaceful feeling came upon him and he felt as if every hair on his body as standing on end. The feeling only lasted for what felt like 30 seconds, but when he looked at his watch it was a good 40 minutes later.

HC addendum
Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 9 # 13 Type: C

Above cases from Humanoid Contacts, thank you Albert

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