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On March 12, 2012, Coast to Coast am Coast Insider, Grant Cameron was the guest for the last two hours.  He lives in Canada.

In 1975 Grant lived above the Canadian border in a little town.  Every night they would see UFOs.  The people from the town would gather outside to watch them.  Thirty years later he went back to the town and looked up the man who was in charge of the local airport back in 1975.  He asked the man why he thought there were so many sightings back in 1975.  He told Grant that it was because of all the missile silos along the border of the US/Canada.  

At that time there was only one anti ballistic missile silo for nuclear weapons and that one was about 80 miles south of where Grant lived back at that time.  It was shut down and the sightings stopped.


Grant calls it Phenomenology.  The aliens pick up on what people are thinking.  Wilbur Smith wrote an article on it.  He was head of the UFO Department in Canada.  He said that the aliens are here not to take over the world, only to watch. If nuclear weapons are to be used they will shut them down immediately because what happens here affects everything in the universe.  They interject ideas into persons heads.  

After Wilbur Smith wrote that article in 1950 two men in black suits showed up in 1951 at his office in Canada.  That was the beginning of MK Ultra.  They told him not to publish the article.


From the beginning in 1950 the US government didn’t know what was going on but there is a pattern.  The government knew there was mental phenomena taking place.  They felt the aliens were controlling us somehow or directing what was happening.  Many persons have felt the same thing.

In 1947 crash at Roswell

1950 - government knew mental phenomena was taking place

1952 - Contactees

1961 - Abductions

1967 - Cattle mutilations

1970 - Landing traces, now they have stopped

1980 - Crop circles

1990 - Triangle shaped craft

2002 - Big triangular ships.

Now we are seeing lighted ship/orbs all over the world.  Discs are controlled by aliens, we are the pawns.  Grant says it is important to be aware of consciousness.  Unless you have a 6th sense you will never know what is going on.  They are not here to take over. Nothing is random from the very beginning.

Congressman Stephen Schiff died of an unknown skin disease as did another woman who worked with him and Stephen Greer.  Stephen Greer also came down with the disease but somehow overcame it.  Stephen Schiff was angry because even with his clout he could not get answers as to what was going on.  He kept pushing and pushing and then he died under mysterious circumstances.

In 1981 Barry Goldwater wrote letters to different senators to try to find out what was going on, he kept pushing too insisting on knowing.  Grant found letters he wrote through Freedom of Information program where he talked about this. Finally he was the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.  At that time he joined the cover up, never to be heard of again about UFOs.  I suppose he knew after that.

Grant said that by his research he can see what the aliens are doing, it is like turning a page in a book.  After each year in the time line they move on to the next thing.

I wonder if they had something to do with the sounds heard all around the world.  Something made the sounds - but why?  If they did it no one knows what it means!

If you are a member of C2C am Coast Insider, then perhaps you can go back and listen to what Grant Cameron said on March 12, the last two hours.

Aileen Garoutté

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