Thursday, May 24, 2012


Dear Aileen:

I am writing this story to you because of a dream I had two months ago and your face appeared in it.  I think my story should be told by you.

I would like to share my incident with the readers.  It happened in August of 1970 in the state of New Hampshire, the city of Dover.

The surrounding environment was a dirt road surrounded by trees - very isolated and no one around.  My friend and I were walking back to our homes which were down the hill where we played a lot.  We had to be home for supper and it was coming to be dusk so we were in a hurry.  All of a sudden we both looked up in the sky to see an object that looked like it was falling.

We both started to run but both were frozen by some kind of light.  As we both were paralyzed by a ray we watched this spaceship land.  I know that I wanted to scream but I couldn't.

All of a sudden a hatch came down from the top and four little gray men came out and carried us aboard.  Their heads were larger than ours with large slanted eyes with small noses and small mouths that didn't move.  I could hear them without their mouths moving.  They took us into separate rooms so I didn't see what happened to my friend.  They told me he will be alright.

They started using different instruments on me, but I didn't know why.  I started to wonder what they were going to do when I heard a female voice telling me that everything was going to be okay.

As she came out of the shadows where she was standing I noticed she looked like us a little bit.  Her skin was gray and cold to the touch.

She asked me if I had a girlfriend and wondered if I had intercourse before.  I said no.  She then told me it was going to be for another race and it wouldn't hurt.

She then told me some other things I can't remember but I am going to be hypnotized to remember everything.

I do remember she told me in time I would remember but they had to erase what had happened to prevent shock and for my own protection.  She then put an instrument on my head and that is when I lost the memory of that day.  The last thing I remember is my friend and I were at the same spot.

We both took off as fast as we could run and when we got to our houses our parents asked us where we both had been because it was pitch black by then.  We told our parents but they said it was kid fantasy and was dismissed.

We were so afraid to go to Garrison Hill after that incident for maybe a couple of weeks, but we finally did and where the spaceship landed was burned in a circle with three indents on the outside of it.

I was entering sixth grade then and got straight F's the first term.  The funny thing is I was an above average student.

This a true story that really happened to me and I hope that you would print it if you like  By the way, I see them all the time now!  Thank you LLL,II, E.Lebanon, ME.

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