Thursday, May 17, 2012

MAY 26, 2012

    • May 26

  • This 2012 Memorial Day Weekend, join the hosts of The Black Vault Radio Network’s, Reality, Checked, in a weekend nation-wide UFO sky watch. If there is something meant for us to see – let’s find it! You can be anywhere in the world to attend... you just simply need to "look up!"

    = What are we Sky Watching for? =

    Memorial Day weekend, 2012, marks a momentous event. Initiated by the hosts of The Black Vault Radio Network's (BVRN) Reality, Checked, John Greenewald, Jr. of and Trevor Lowder, author of, have organized a 72 hour event in which already, HUNDREDS of people are confirmed to 'look up' and sky watch for something strange and unusual.

    Many theorize that human beings are too busy texting, typing, or looking down - when they should be looking up for answers. So whether it be a UFO, spaceship, top secret aircraft, or a meteor, this sky watch is sure to produce some AMAZING results from anywhere on our planet.

    = Ok, I'll do it - now what? =

    Easy. BRING A CAMERA! HAVE IT READY... AND WAIT. Again, you may not find ET staring back at you - but you are set to see some amazing sights. Beautiful night skies, beautiful sunsets, amazing sunrises, stars, and depending upon your equipment and locale, planets and other celestial objects.

    TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS - and SHARE them with everyone here and on The Black Vault. The Black Vault wants to chronicle and archive all of those who took part in the event - and to do so - we invite you to upload your photos (of WHATEVER you SAW) to The Black Vault Case File Database, which archives your role in this event, places you on the map, and archives your photos, videos, stories, and more. To do so, logon to and share your event! This can be done ANYTIME, FROM ANYWHERE, so please, check it out and take part!

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