Thursday, June 13, 2013


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South Africa Orbs

Johannesburg -- Clinton Morris reports, “After witnessing these orange orbs twice last year and two discs, one brownish red and the other silver. I actually saw an orange orb eject out of the center of the silver disc that was no more than 120 meters above my head at the time.” I've spent nearly a year outside my home EVERY night. It even snowed in Johannesburg last year which is very rare as you can imagine, I've been pretty diligent in keeping observation. The amount of orbs I'm seeing lately has almost tripled in the last three months. I would normally see about three to five a night and note times and directions in my journal. 

What became apparent was that the majority of these craft were not satellites, aircraft, balloons or anything other than orbs of orange/white light. What's disturbing is that we are now seeing sometimes five an hour. I even had one friend with me suggest the flight paths were outlining letters in the sky (really?) I'm going to now keep detailed descriptions of the directions and heights of each sighting and try test his theory. It may be wilder than own...I gave up trying to post individual sightings as a fruitless task due to the sheer number I'm able to observe on any clear night. 

I've invited a few friends with me to see "the show" as I call it and have had a few interesting responses. My favorite was a girlfriend that called them Angels. I've seen a disc 90-100 meters across that spits out 30 meter glowing orbs at random intervals. 

As a scientist making careful observations daily, the number of craft visible whilst other aircraft are in the sky at the same time is disturbing in itself. Another interesting fact is up until I take a friend out to see "the show" they all say they've never seen anything like it. Afterwards they call me and say "did you see the one flying southeast at 7:30 pm last night?" It confirms I'm not crazy and their calls reassure me. I've got an excel spreadsheet of sightings going back now 12 months. There is a definite increase in these things buzzing around up there. Thanks for the weekly file! Thanks to Clinton Morris in Johannesburg

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Ready Watcher said...

Strange. When I lived in Johannesburg I didn't see any ORB's.