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Thanks to Bill Puckett, UFOSNW

May 26, 2013 – Rochester, Minnesota – 7 to 8 PM CDT


Description: The witness took this photo with an Iphone. He did not say anything about the photo other than the comment: “Cigar or Tube Shaped?” The witness also said that the photo was taken in a northwest direction. I have written to the witness to find out if the object was seen or later discovered in the background of a photo. In either case the object appears intriguing.
Response to Investigator Questions: I saw the object. It was there for awhile before I took the picture. The photo is looking north/northwest. I was driving to the Twin Cities from Rochester, MN.

Kenneth Larson says:
From what I could see of the UFO photographed by a witness over Rochester, Minnesota, May 26, 2013, the object seemed similar in design to the nine UFOs seen near Mount Rainier, Washington, June 24, 1947. Both similar objects of 1947 and 2013 appeared to be disc-shaped or fan-shaped with a curved front and tapering wings on each side. The May 2013 sighting would be 65 years after June 1947. Could the 2013 Rochester UFO be one of the nine similar Mount Rainier discs seen during 1947? I may have seen one of the 1947 UFOs over Seattle on July 4, 1947, and Frank Ryman took a celebrated photo of a similar silvery UFO over northern Seattle on July 4, 1947. This bolsters my theory the UFOs may be related to each other under some intelligent and wide-ranging plan and that 1947 to 2012 equals 65 years to humans, but only about 94 minutes of time to the UFOs. Hence, a thousand years to humans could represent only 24 hours to the UFOs.
  • Administrator says:
    I just learned that the witness had been watching the object for some time before taking the photo. Many UFOs photographed are not seen and only later discovered in photos.
Aileen says:
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Thanks Bill:
I had the same thought as Kenneth Larson. It looks like the ones Kenneth Arnold saw over Mt. Rainier. Time is nothing to the aliens.

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