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By Mary Joyce

Former Airman First Class Charles Hall is one who knows the answer to that question. He was a weatherman assigned to solitary duty in a very remote area of Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada in 1965-66. But releasing weather balloons and measuring wind was really just a sideline. Hall was out in the desert wilderness because he, unlike his predecessors, did not completely freak out when he encountered the resident extraterrestrials (ETs).

Hall tells his complete story in a four-volume series titled Millennial Hospitality, but if you can’t afford the time to read them all, here are some excerpts from his books that give insights into an ET race he calls “Tall Whites.” Three of ETs will be mentioned by titles Hall gave them: the Teacher, the Captain, and Pamela the scientist.

Why are the Tall Whites in Nevada?

THE CAPTAIN: “Pamela will become the Director of the joint US/Tall White team of scientific translators. The Americans receive increased scientific knowledge and will be able to build better equipment. The Tall White people are able to monitor American scientific development, and receive a desert base that is better furnished than it is now. . . . This new cooperation opens the road for the Americans to travel into deep space and on to the stars. It also allows the White people to better equip their safe haven from which they rescue, repair, and resupply their space ships that are traveling in the vicinity of the solar system.”

HALL: “Month after month during the previous summer, I had regularly observed the deep-space craft of the Tall White aliens arriving at the hanger entrance precisely at sundown on the evening of the full moon. . . . I estimated the object was perhaps 70 feet high and 500 feet wide. . . . As it sat silently out there in the darkness, it reminded me . . . of a Caribbean cruise ship resting in port. . . . Suddenly I realized that the dark object was one of the deep-space craft built by the Tall White aliens.”

What do the Tall Whites look like?

HALL: “I was surprised to see that he wasn’t wearing his usual fluorescent white travel suit that allowed him to float. He was just walking on the ground. His clear blue eyes, chalky white skin, aluminized clothing, and short blond hair were clearly visible. As usual, he was carrying a weapon of some type in his left hand.”

What is life expectancy of the Tall Whites?

THE TEACHER: “We live much longer than you do. When my grandfather died from old age, he was more than ten feet tall and almost 700 years old. But we also grow much slower than you do. That’s why my bones take so much longer to heal than yours.”

“The Captain’s daughter was born right here in this valley when James Madison was your President. She actually has never been back to where we come from. Forty or fifty years is not much time to us.”

How do the Tall Whites communicate with humans?

HALL: “The Tall Whites had communication equipment in their helmets which enabled them, under certain conditions, to read my thoughts and/or plant thoughts in my mind. If they were not using their communication equipment, and had not taught themselves to speak English, we were reduced to using hand signals.”

THE TEACHER: “The children and I used to go in the barracks when he (Hall) was sleeping and read his thoughts. The electronics that the children and I wear, let us tell what some of his thoughts are, even if he is sleeping.”

TEACHER SPEAKING TO PAMELA: “You, yourself spoke English to humans in Virginia, just a year ago. Now the American Generals have decided that he (Hall) has to be told what we are planning and the Committee has decided that you have to do it as part of your training. Do not worry, now. Talking to him is very easy.”

HALL: “Even the teacher occasionally broke into her natural barks and whinnies when she was laughing.”

Are the Tall Whites dangerous?

HALL: “I could see the Captain standing motionless by the other corner, facing me. He was holding a thin tube weapon probably eighteen inches long, in his hands. It wasn’t actually pointed towards me, but just the same, it made me a little nervous. Although he, like all of the white creatures, had only four fingers on each hand, and no visible thumbs, he had the weapon under complete control. . . . the white creatures never attacked without first being provoked.”

THE TEACHER: “He (Hall) knows we are here. He is still a little afraid of some of us. He knows the men will kill him if he ever hurts one of the children, but my brother and I do not think he would ever do that. We are certain that he knows he is helpless against us. He has such control over his emotions that he just goes about his business whenever any of us come around him.”

HALL: “I wanted for him to understand that the Tall Whites didn’t handle the emotion of anger the way humans do. If they ever once became angry with a human, their natural reaction was to kill or severely injure him.”

Will there ever be disclosure about ET presence on Earth?

HALL IN 2007 VOLUME: “I believe that in a very short time, the world situation will be such that disclosure will happen. The president knew about the Tall Whites in the mid-sixties. Each president since then must also have been briefed. I believe that every American President since Franklin Roosevelt has known about the existence of the Tall Whites. . .”

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