Sunday, November 7, 2010

Canada Abductions B.C. Woman Claims 'Visitations' From UFOs

KELOWNA, B.C. -- QMI Agency's Thane Burnett spoke with Corina Saebels, a 54- year- old mom who believes her family has been subjected to otherworldly experimentation.

Q - You have two children. What do they think about all this UFO talk?

A - They have both suffered first- hand experiences since early childhood, and still live with some of the after- effects from contact with these beings. They know the reality of what is really going on!

Q - You call yourself an abductee. What does that mean?

A - On a personal level, to be an abductee means that from early childhood, my children and I have been taken many times against our will, and had our bodies, minds and spirits raped. There are many abductees in Canada. The support group, which I held in Kelowna alone, held over 10 people ... from all, walks of life. The abductions began at four years of age, then once a teenager the visitations became more frequent, taking DNA material from us. It seems to be going from generation to generation. To this day, we still have unwanted visitations. Our friends witnessed a ship over our house, and know we were missing through the night and eyewitness reports from strangers. We also have medical evidence of burns on our bodies and marks on the ground after an event.

My personal belief is that there are many different species of aliens, and like us humans, there are benevolent ones and malevolent ones. Unfortunately, for us the "Grays" are the ones dealing with us. The "Grays" have no emotions and are not affected by how much pain and trauma they deliver. They are like robots who simply come to do their job and then leave. These beings come back in late July about every three years.

Q - Couldn't there be a great many explanations for what you've gone through, beyond UFOs and aliens?

A - Sure there are but in our case, there are no other explanations and there is too much proof to think otherwise. I wrote a book, called "The Collectors, that tells of my being paralyzed with fear. I decided to make the fear work for me by turning my diary into a book, hoping to help others and encourage them to come forward. Lately, people are becoming believers and more supportive. I encourage others to tell about their encounters. To the benevolent aliens I would say, "Stop these malevolent ones from hurting our children, and help us!

Scarborough -- Hope you received the many photos taken here in Scarborough of this bizarre swirling white shape-changing object taken on November 1, 2010 is ALL SAINTS DAY!

It is a strange and very bizarre form of communication from the sky.

Thanks to Paul Michael Shishis

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