Thursday, November 25, 2010


Painting - thanks to Stan Romanek

by Karen H.

One afternoon in 1986, my four-year-old daughter and my newborn son had miraculously fallen asleep about the same time. I had been recovering from a near-fatal childbirth experience, and I was exhausted. So I jumped at the chance to jump on the couch and take a long overdue nap. I had never had a dream before during one of these 30-minute rest periods. The four-year-old was not a good napper, so I always dozed lightly so that I could hear her if she got up. This nap, however, would prove to be quite different.

I must have fallen deeply asleep right away. I shut my eyes, and suddenly felt myself in a different place. Everything grew dark as I closed my eyes, but then suddenly, I felt as if I had been transported to a different place in the universe or something. I looked around, and everything was white and gold. I was standing in the street, and the street was paved with white bricks, and there were high walls lining the streets that were white and smooth. I thought I was walking, but I didn't seem to be moving. It was as if the scenery was "rolling" by me. I felt a great sense of wonderment, like I was somewhere very special that not a lot of people get to see.

Someone was with me, but I could not see them. They seemed to be there, I felt their presence, but could not see them. The sun was stunningly bright, and there was a brilliance to everything. There was a man passing on the other side of the street and he caught my attention because of his dress. He wore a long, flowing white robe, and he was tall and very well built. As I followed the outline of his clothing, suddenly, I realized that what I at first thought was some kind of hood on his robe was actually wings. The thought crossed my mind that I was seeing a real angel, a beautiful creature so much like a man, yet physically perfect. I was admiring his shining blond hair that was like spun gold, when suddenly, he turned his head and looked at me and I felt a stunning, piercing feeling that he was coming for me.

His face was perfect, his skin so smooth and waxy peach-like. He looked like a manican with his distinct features, but his eyes were so blue they were like crystal sapphires. He glided toward me, coming across the street, with a look of stern but loving discipline on his face. As he approached me, I realized just how huge he was. His chest was exposed where the neckline of his robe dipped down, and it was smooth and waxy too, but had deep muscular trails across it. I felt humbled, and I looked to the ground. His voice was indescribable. It was melodic, flowing and manly, but kind and loving.

As he approached me, I felt empowered, happy, physically well and somehow fulfilled. Without speaking audibly, he imparted to me these words: "You are so special and your work is not done. I have great plans for you. I have great and wonderful plans for you. Your work is not done."

I felt engulfed by his presence, infused with strength, and I asked, "What is it that I have to do?" and he responded, "Go and know that you are special and your work is not done. I have great plans for you."

Suddenly, I felt sucked backward toward whatever blackness I had just emerged from, and as I opened my eyes, I felt myself "fall" back onto the couch. I sat up, knowing he would be there in the room with me, because I could still feel him. But he wasn't there. And with my eyes opening, I felt him step back from me and I was back in my own living room.

I felt so weird, so awed. I knew this was no dream. It felt real, and different from anything I ever experienced since in a dream. I looked over at the clock, and It was 6 p.m.! I had been asleep for four hours! I nearly panicked. I jumped from the couch, afraid my daughter had gotten into something, wondering why I didn't wake up sooner, and there she was, sound asleep in her bed. I ran to the nursery, and my son was still sound asleep too. Somehow, we all three had slept for four hours soundly, which had never happened before, nor happened again while they were young. It was as if we had all been "put to sleep." They began to wake up then, and I didn't realize until a day or two later, that I felt more energy and life in me than I had since I had had the baby and that near-death experience.

I am not an overly religious person, and I never thought about angels visiting people much, but somehow, I know that this being infused me with hope, and some healthy healing somehow. It was a real turning point in my recovery. I still don't know what "great plans" there are for me, but I'm sure I'll find out some day.

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