Thursday, November 18, 2010


I had the opportunity to meet a social scientist who was investigating Big Foot. He was introduced to me in a roundabout way through my friend Dave. Together the three of us walked up the mountain.

After a while we sat down and we began receiving all kinds of "vibes" and feelings that we knew were coming from the creature. There is a distinct vibration that identifies their presence. I had noticed this many times while hunting in this area but did not know it was Big Foot until later. Now it is easy for me to distinguish their presence even when I do not see them. One has to experience this to understand.

We walked on a ways further and then decided to separate. I walked about two hundred yards down towards a canyon to see if I could find any sign of them. I sat down, Indian style, and meditated for a few minutes. Soon I could hear what sounded like a small baby crying. It didn't sound exactly like a human, it sounded odd. I couldn't tell the direction it was coming from so I decided to plug my ears. It was then that I knew that I wasn't hearing those sounds because I had my fingers in both ears. Apparently the sound was coming to me through some kind of mental telepathy. Since I knew nothing about telepathy it confused and upset me.

Going back up the hill I met Dave coming down and asked him if he had heard anything. He said, "Yes, I thought I heard a baby cry." I asked him if he had heard anything else and he said he had heard a growling noise. I told him I had heard that too. Then Bob joined us and said he hadn't heard anything.

I then happened to think, and I said, "I didn't hear that because I had my ears plugged. You are hearing through your ears and I heard it in my mind." Then Bob explained to me that this is the way they talk. They are telepathic.

We decided to move in the direction of the growling noise. We spread out and within minutes I found fresh tracks. We all examined the tracks which measured seventeen and a half inches long and seven inches wide at the widest part. The foot had no bend in the middle and would have been hard to tell left from right if it hadn't been for the big toe. The ball of the foot was about seven inches across and the heel about four inches across. After further study I determined that the Big Foot walked with emphasis on the ball of the foot and hardly any on the heel. This explains the springy walk.

In this area we found an odd feature. We found three mounds of earth about a foot in diameter and six to eight inches high. One mound contained a fifteen inch long metal cable. The soil was not from the area we were in as we dug into them and the earth around them and could notice the difference. So whoever made these mounds had brought dirt from another place. Because of the remoteness of the area we suspected the Big Foot might have built them.

We went back up the mountain and Bob left a block of salt on top of the eight foot stump where I had first encountered the Big Foot. As we were leaving, I told the others that I was going back up in a couple of days to see if the salt was still there.

May 31, 1985

I went back up to where the Big Foot was sighted. The block of salt was gone. Again, it was about 4 o'clock in the afternoon and it was raining. On top of the stump was a character in the shape of a triangle made of small sticks. The sticks were curved like a bow that was pointed. Facing me on the right hand side of the point was a little stick about six inches long crosswise, about one half the way up.

I walked out into the woods. I could see tracks in the earth where it had been raining. The rain had washed them away some but there was enough left to make out where he had walked. Along the trail were little flecks of salt here and there. In one place under a tree it was dry and I found a big print where the earth had been kicked away. I found a root that had been disturbed and with some digging around found the salt block under some bark. The corners of the block had been eaten away. I decided to leave at this point and to come back in a few days to see what else might have happened.


Next installment Stan establishes communication with the Big Foot by the name of Allone.

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