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The Humanoids of Vravrona Greece 2001

Date: end of August 2001
Time: around 21-22:00
Place: Hamolia area, near Vravrona, Attica, Greece.
Witnesses: 3 (Mr I.B, Mr D.K and D.V), all of them seasonal firemen.

The witnesses were working in the night shift on a small observation point, on the top of a small hill, with good view over South Evoikos Gulf and the area of Perati (Vravrona). Practically they were doing that every night during the summer season to guard for forest fires.

On the top of hill there is a small kiosk and an old abandoned helicodrome with a tattered landing platform made of concrete. The witnesses were sitting in the kiosk having parked their vehicle next to it.

Suddenly, a disk-shaped light-colored flying object was seen coming towards them, flying low and soundless over the sea, from NE direction. Their mobile phones, radio and the vehicle’s CB ceased to function (after the incident the batteries of the portable radio were empty, event though I.B. remembers well that they were brand new). The CB, which is always buzzing with voices or static every now and then, was silent during the incident.

When the UFO approached them, it was emitting a light sound, like “a small electrical motor”, as I.M. described afterwards. This sound was not heard after the UFO landed (see below) or during the rest of the incident.

The UFO approached and landed softly on the old concrete platform, about 15 m away from the kiosk where the witnesses were sitting. It was shaped “two plates stuck together on their lids”, was about 3 m in diameter and seemed to have a whitish or metallic color (it was dark). It seemed to land on its “belly” and not on landing legs or any other system –nevertheless from the kiosk the landed UFO was partly hidden by small bushes. Also its surface was smooth with no protuberances, antennas or any other characteristic. When landed, its top was about 1 - 1.10 m high from the ground.

The reaction of the witnesses was astonishment and fear. The main reaction was the question “what to do now?”. I.M. said that he felt strange because he was witnessing something that he had read about it and seen on TV. As he said, he was amazed to see a UFO that was “so much smaller than the classical UFOs”.

After a while a door opened on the side of the UFO “like the door in some airplanes which is also used as a ladder”. The opened door formed a ramp leading to the ground. Inside the opening there a dim light was observed.

After that, three small occupants emerged from the inside one after the other. They were humanoids, 80-90 cm tall, with normal bodies and limbs, resembling “small kids”. The beings were wearing tight-fitting and seemingly metallic uniforms or suits, like the ones used in scuba diving, ending in a “hood” that was covering the head but not the face. The witnesses could not see their faces in the dark, but seemingly the humanoids were not wearing a visor, or faceplate or something similar. Also they could not see any details in their legs or arms.

The three humanoids went down the ramp and proceeded one after the other, for about 5-7 m until they reached the end of the flat area on the top of the hill. They seemed to walk “properly” although a little bit faster than the normal. Then they seemed to descend a small path between the bushes, a path that leads to the seaside, some dozens of meters below and vanished from view. The opening on the side of the UFO remained open.

The three overwhelmed witnesses started discussing what should they do next. D.K. started walking to the UFO but after making a few steps, he came back saying “something had kept him away”. I.M. told me that actually D.K. was afraid and he said that as an excuse.

After 10 minutes or less, the creatures appeared again at the same point where they disappeared, seemingly having ascended the hill. The three humanoids proceeded again walking one after the other and entered the UFO. The door closed and the UFO took off softly and noiselessly. It gained height and flew southwards until it vanished from view.

The witnesses searched afterwards the site of the landing and in the bushes for any traces but could find none. They decided not to report their experience to the fire-brigade headquarters in order to avoid being ridiculed.

Two or three days later, the three witnesses were again in the night shift on the same spot, around 23:00 when they say a huge disk-shaped UFO, around 30 m in diameter which approached them from NW flying slowly. The UFO was again emitting a sound like “small electrical motor”. It had whitish-metallic color and passed overhead in a height of about 100-200 m. There were again problems with the function of their mobile phones and radios. It must have reached a maximum height of 260 m until it disappeared, judging by the nearby small mountain of Perati (308 m).

The nearby hill of Perati has a long history of strange phenomena, UFO reports and apparition sightings. We must also note the existence of the Artemis (Diana) ancient temple quite near the area.

Source: field investigation. By Thanassis Vembos Greece

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