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Were they all originally extraterrestrials?
By Mary Joyce
Photo of "Lead Head"Irish Little People
EDITOR’S NOTE: Click here to read when, where and how the ancient metal artifact of an alien face was found on the Balsam Mountain Ridge in Tuckasegee, North Carolina.

The ancient metal artifact of an alien face found on Balsam Mountain Ridge in North Carolina should get us all pondering. It’s so similar to depictions of Irish leprechauns that we have to consider that all the pointed-ear mythological creatures -- pixies, gremlins, elves, imps, brownies, leprechauns and Dr. Spock -- might be based on something real. This same artifact also may give credibility to legends of “Cherokee Little People” living in the mountains of North Carolina. I confess I thought the stories were mythology until a number of Cherokee friends told me, with absolute sincerity, that the stories were true. They said the Little People disappeared suddenly a long time ago, yet there are rumors a few remained behind in the most remote mountains. There were even claims of personal encounters with them. All these reports inspired me to investigate for myself.

In 2000, I interviewed eight people who witnessed ancient little skeletons and little tunnels being uncovered. Most helped break virgin ground for new construction projects at Western Carolina University in the 1940s and 1950s. Here are portions of testimonies from the two oldest witnesses who were well into their eighties when I interviewed them.

Eyewitness One
T. Walter Middleton is a recognized WWII hero and a former Jackson County pastor. He was one of the men who dug out a basement for the McKee Building on campus when three small, square-cut tunnels were exposed in the late 1940s.

“I was down in front of one, peeking into it,” he recalled. “The best I remember, it was about two feet wide and three feet high.” Without a flashlight, he said he could see only eight to ten feet into it.

When asked if the tunnel was geometrical in shape, he said, “Oh, yes. It wasn’t real sharp, but you could tell it had been dug by human hands, no doubt.”

Middleton also told about a child-size skull that was uncovered during an excavation on campus. “I do know that the child’s skull was used as a paperweight on one of the college teacher’s desk for a long time.”

Then one day, he explained, a high school English teacher, Winona Hooper, stopped at the desk. “She picked it up and looked at it,” he said. “Whoever was at the desk told her it was a child’s skull that came out of the mound, and she (Hooper) said that was the only child she’d ever seen that had a full set of teeth, including wisdom teeth.”

Moonshiners also discovered little skeletons at the top of Cullowhee Mountain. “They were digging where they could establish a pretty good moonshine place, and they ran into these children’s skeletons, and there were quite a few of them. They called them a pile of bones, but they were child-size bones.

Being mostly Cherokee himself, Middleton has heard stories about the Little People all his life and later more fully researched the subject for his own book, Qualla – Home of the Middle Cherokee Settlement published by WorldComm.

“In my opinion,” he explained, “there were two different kinds of Little People. The ones I’ve been talking about were more like the Cherokee. Evidently, they were black-headed and black-eyed and had a dark complexion.

“The other Little People had come from a different source because they had reddish whiskers and they squinted their eyes as if the sun hurt their eyes.” He felt they spent a lot of time living below ground. They may have looked more like leprechauns.

“The Cherokee said they killed the red whiskered ones,” he said. “The Cherokee said they cleaned them out. I don’t know why, but the Cherokee didn’t like them from the beginning. They didn’t like the looks of them because they weren’t like us.”

Down in the Yucatan,” he added, “there are stories about Little People there the Mayans called the Pu’us. They worked with metals. They were the first to work with metals. Something happened to them and they suddenly all left there.”

It’s interesting to note that some of the little tunnels in Jackson County, NC were found during mining operations in the 1800s and 1900s.
Eyewitness Two
John H. Clayton was a painter by trade for 60 years in Jackson County and volunteer for the Cullowhee Fire Department. He, too, saw the ancient tunnels at the McKee Building, but his personal memories of little tunnels went back further than anyone else I interviewed.

“Well, my Daddy was involved with various things, including a mica mine he had going up on Wilson Creek,” he said. “I was six or seven.” He then explained that the miners came to their house on Saturdays to pick up paychecks from his Dad.

Click here to listen to a “Stories of Mountain Folk” radio program about North Carolina’s Little People. The episode originally was broadcast on 680 AM in Sylva, NC on July 31, 2010. The second segment of the program features Doreyl Ammons Cain interviewing Mary Joyce of this website about evidence that the legendary Little People were real. The show also includes a song about the Little People by singer/songwriter Keith Shuler of Sylva, NC.
“They told about these tunnels that they’d run into,” he said. “Everyone was excited about them. I know it excited me, too. After hearing about the tunnels on Saturday, Dad went up to the mine on Sunday and looked at the tunnels. He was very excited about them, but on Monday when he went back there, they’d fallen in.” Clayton later surmised that dynamiting the previous week had weakened the ancient little tunnels.

“Well they were talking about the Little People,” he continued, “and they were awfully excited about that and my Dad was asking a lot of questions about that. He had encountered something involving the Little People before, and he had a lot of friends that were Indian and they had told him about the Little People.”

Clayton also explained that people were “very superstitious” about the Little People and wouldn’t talk about them, but added, “When the old folks were dying, when they were sick and all, these Little People appeared before them.” He added that the old folks said the Little People were “very fair skinned and very small” and “blond-headed.”

ETs on the mountaintop
By Mary Joyce
Living near a secret underground entrance can be more than interesting according to Rebecca who lives on a mountaintop in the Hendersonville, NC area. She’s talked about unique structures and unusual human activities on her mountain in a previous article titled “Second secret underground entrance exposed.” Now she talks about the extraterrestrials (ETs) on her mountaintop.
“I’ve been coming up to this mountain since 1969,” Rebecca begins, “but I don’t remember communicating with the ETs until the early 1990s. Some are highly spiritual and come from more advanced civilizations than ours and some are mischievous and clearly on a lower level.”
Mischievous ETs
“The mischievous ones seemed to have left here about two years ago,” she says, “but before that they would play with people’s minds. Sometimes they would follow them to town when they left the mountain. They would freak people out. They especially liked to scare away anyone who was highly intuitive or psychic, probably because they might tune in to what was happening beneath the mountain. They didn’t bother those who were oblivious and unaware because those people wouldn’t have a clue about what was going on anyway.”
“In the early days,” she adds, “I think they also were trying to slow me down, interfere and keep me from accomplishing my purpose for being on Earth. Over time, though, and with Divine help, I learned to telepathically talk with the mischievous ETs and could tell them to cease and desist when they would bother me or other people - and they would stop their meddling.”
Highly spiritual ETs
There are only two things the highly spiritual ETs have in common with the mischievous ones according to Rebecca. Both communicate telepathically and both prefer to remain in a higher frequency that generally is not visible to human eyes.
“I’m an artist and I feel the highly spiritual ETs help inspire my creativity,” she says. “They also have helped me understand my Divine purpose.”
When asked what that Divine purpose might be, she says, “I came to Earth this time to get rid of all my old karma and to do something that would help humanity make the shift because we’re all here on Earth right now to make the shift. That’s what we signed on for. Because I’m an artist, and always have been an artist, that’s how I’m going to help humanity see a new way of being a human being.”

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