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The following is from a call in to Coast to Coast radio show on June 8.  It was from the beginning of the second hour.

C:  Caylen
G:  George Nori

C:  The reason I am calling you is because my friend River said I should call in because you talk about Bigfoot, Sasquatch and skunk apes.

G:  Why, have you seen one of these things?

C:  Have I seen them??  Back in 1970 I lived with them for about 3 weeks.

G:  What do you mean you lived with them?

C:  Well actually I was kind of abducted.  Actually it is kind of a long story.

G:  No, tell us the story.  If you have been abducted by a Bigfoot I want to hear about it.

C:  Not a problem, I was, OK, over in the Cascades is a place called Boulder Cave National Park, known as a Day Camp, because the people from the National service do not want to go out and pick up bodies anymore.

G:  Bodies??

C:  Yes, well mainly from snake bites.

G:  Ugh, so people died out there you are saying.

C:  Yeah, people have, so they have made it from a recreation area to a Day camp right there by the Little Natchez River.  Anyway when it was a National Park back in 1970, I went,.. I convinced my Dad, my step dad and my Mom that I needed to get out of the house because there was too much going on.

G:  At the house, you got to get away and go to the park.

C: Yeah, so anyway, they take me out to the park, that is where I wanted to go..

G:  So you were going to camp out there?

C:  Yes, and I told them I am going to stay out here for three weeks, I am going to enjoy the river, I am going to go see what Boulder Cave looks like and maybe I will go up to Devils Falls and my step dad said "If you go out to Devils Falls you might want to be just very careful out there because there are a lot of snakes."  And I said OK, fine.  I will hunt the snakes and have dinner.

G:  You were going to eat the snakes?

C:  Oh yeah, they were rattlers.

G:  I have never eaten a snake.

C:  Do you think snake tastes like chicken?

G:  That is what I hear.

C:  It tastes like fish, that's what it tastes like!

G:  It is a mental picture, I can't eat something like that.

C:  That's alright.

G:  Do you eat road kill?

C:  Yeah, anyway....

G:  You do?

C:  What?

G:  You eat road kill?

C:  No, but I do eat rattlers.

G:  Ohhh anyway, lets go back to your great story, so you are camping out there?

C:  Yeah.  I was camping out there for at least 3 days and then I decided I was going to go up to Boulder Cave because I never saw it.  I found it, went into that chilly place and it must have been 30 degrees, I mean it was cold.  It was about 70 feet long, so I went through the cave and I was cold and glad to get out.  I decided since I am this far and I have a pack on, I am going out to Devils Falls and see what is so great about it cause I had never been out there before.

G:  So off you went.

C:  Yes, so off I went.  About two hours into my hike I finally got out to the falls, but just before I got to the falls there was this big old log, so I just took off the bark and there was a bunch of grubs there so I get a bag full of grubs.

G:  What did you do with those?

C:  Well you eat them.

G:  You eat grubs??!

C:  Well yeah, they are not poison!

G:  They are like little worms, aren't they?

C:  Well they are actually more like little fat things.

G:  Maggots 

C.  Yeah, like maggots, but they taste really good.

G:  I bet you would be fun for dinner!

C:  Anyway, I decided I was going to have a very interesting lunch.  So after I done that I smelled this horrific smell.

G:  Uh huh!

C:  And I thought, my god, something is dead so I looked over into the ravine that goes out into the the Devils Creek area, and I didn't see anything  I thought OK... so I went over to the other side.

G:  For the sake of time now lets skip to the Bigfoot getting you.

C:  I am getting there; so I decided I am going to go down to the falls because it is really beautiful right there, if you've never been there.  I went out, there is a slippery path that goes down, I mean if you are not careful you will break your head.  Well when I finally got to the base of the falls I set up my camp and then I went to the waterfall because I was all dirty and I was washing up and then I saw this dark thing coming over me.  I looked up, I thought it was a bear, I fainted.

G:  You fainted?  You were in the water and you faint?

C:  I fainted.

G:  You could have drowned.

C:  I could have but I didn't.

G:  Because.....

C:  Because something took me.  I had no idea because I was unconscious and the next thing I knew was that I was waking up in darkness and the darkness was a cave.

G:  You were in a cave with a family of Bigfoot.

C:  No, actually there was just one at that time.  He was a male and...

G:  Was he hovering over you?

C:  No actually he was sitting across from me.

G:  He was watching you?

C: Yeah, yeah at first I thought the devil had arrived.

G:  Were you clothed?  Did you take your clothes off when you went in the river?

C:  No, I was clothed.  I just thought the devil was after me because all I saw were these glowing red eyes.

G:  So you woke up Cay, you are in a cave, there was a Bigfoot, how big do you think was this thing?

C:  I had no idea at the time because it was pitch black.

G:  OK

C:  And I just heard this voice in my head.

G:  What do they sound like?

C: The voice itself was very pleasing, it was very clear and it said "Don't be afraid, you are OK.  Don't be afraid, we are not going to eat you."I said "That's fine.  Who are you? "Well some of us are called Zillock and others call us Sasquatch."  


G:  So they were communicating with you by telepathy?  Interesting.

C:  Um hum.  They are telepathic, matter of fact while most of these people can't, these so-called Sasquatch hunters, don't have any joy on especially spotting Sasquatch at night it is because these people, I call the Sasquatch people because that's what they are.  They are long range telepaths.  They know you are coming miles before you get there.

G:  OK, so there was one and.....

C:  There was one and he just told me not to be afraid and says "Are you hungry?" and I said well, yeah, and he said OK.  So he took my hand and he brought me out to the mouth of the cave.  I couldn't believe it, he was about 10 feet tall.  He called himself BaHog and I said OK. He said your name is Cay, right?  I said yeah - he said "Oh, good, I think we have been expecting you" and it was like "Oh good, really?"  So anyway four other Sasquatches emerged from the brushy area.

G:  All the same size?  Were there any little baby Sasquatches?

C:  There was one, except he was about four feet tall and he was only two summers old.

G:  And then, how long did you stay with them Cay?

C:  I stayed with them for about three weeks.

G:  On your own or did they keep you?

C.  No, they let me come and go as I wanted.

G:  So you wanted to stay there for three weeks?

C:  Oh gosh yes, I realized what an opportunity to find out about a different species.

G:  OK when you left why did you leave, just because you figured it was time to go?

C:  No, no, what happened was that for the three weeks I was taught how to fish with my hands, how to heal, how to communicate with them telepathically, cause I had never done that before, but they showed me how to do it.

G:  I only have a few more minutes left so I want to get to the bottom of this.  So why did you end up leaving?

C:  I left because I needed to.  I told them look, I love you all and I really want to stay with you but I have to go, I have a family I have to go to.

G:  Alright, did you ever come back and see them again?

C:  Oh yeah, I see them once a year for about a week.

G:  You are saying to me right now that you go back anytime you want at will and you know where they are and you go see them?

C:  Oh gosh, yes.

G:  Would you ever bring a group of people with you?

C:  Not if they have got cameras and not if they have got guns, no way.

G:  Not the guns, I agree with you on the guns, but what is wrong with the cameras?

C:  They are afraid that you will steal their souls.

G:  You are not going to steal a soul with a camera.

C:  Well, they think so.

G:  Here is my question, were they born on this planet or were they brought here?

C:  They were brought here.  Actually they weren't even brought here.  Their ship crash-landed about 90 thousand years ago and there were 700 Sasquatches on board who had been, who were on their way, to a prison planet.  Their planet, their home is called Enuva.

G:  Where is that in the galaxy?

C: It is in the Aries star system.

G:  These were like prisoners?

C:  They were prisoners, yeah, like Botany Bay.

G:  You were lucky you stumbled into a group of nice ones then.

C:  Well actually, they told me all about themselves and their relatives and why they spit up and went to the four corners of the earth.

G: Have you brought any body with you?  Even if they go without a camera, would you do that?

C: That's an iffy thing. First I would have to contact them and ask...

G:  Do me a favor, you ask them and get back to us.  I would probably go without a camera and definitely without a gun.

C:  That would be a very safe thing to do.

G:  You have got to guarantee that I would be able to come back though.

C:  Well I am not going to let them kill you.

G:  Would they?

C:  No.

G:  OK, you do that, you ask them, get back to us at  At worst, I'll send Tommy.

Thank you Neil B. for making us aware of this interview.

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