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Dennis Whitney is an ET Experiencer, Ufologist, writer, columnist, and speaker on all things extra-terrestrial, as well as the 2012 Ascension into the 5th Dimension. He has spoken on radio shows all over the country, and has written for numerous forms of media around the world, including X-Times Magazine in Italy, The Ufologist in Australia, UFO
Magazine here in the states, and has hosted an online column on UFOs and the paranormal for the Australian news website

Beginning in 2005, Dennis began to undergo a series of close encounter episodes with those he (now) believes to be from the Sirius Star System, as members of the Galactic Federation of Light. He has experienced numerous occasions of ‘missing time’, resulting in an instantaneous jump of several hundred miles down the highway, in the blink of an eye. And, through his connection to ET Sculptor,
Cynthia Crawford ( ), he also believes what is taking place during these moments away’ are reunions with his star family, as well as discussions involving his own mission here on this planet, at this time. Evidence of all such activity can be supported by his many, many hundreds of photos captured where ever he travels or moves to!

Dennis has also encountered the attention of what are known as ‘Men in Black’. A personal case study of these events, that revolve around his first major sighting in Northern California, is documented in an article titled, “UFOs: Physical, Dimensional, or Holographic”, which is also a follow up to a piece titled “World Chaos and Our Rise into the 5th Dimension”. A piece written, in fact, the morning after his
apparent Awakening had begun, with a sudden knowledge of how the universe seemed to work, with information he’d never understood, or known before! The article, to him, felt very…’channeled’ in its form.

These articles can be searched online, as well as through UFO Casebook, and the magazines noted at the top. On the issue of implants, Dennis has also awoken to the tell-tale surgical cuts, the finger-tip bruises, the glimpses of beings, and the ‘bead’ behind his ear. And, after one such contact experience, has been ‘scanned’ by an amber beam of light from an (unseen) cloaked craft before him in Palm Springs.

In 2009, Dennis’ own Spirit Guides brought him to the Southwest area of the United States, which oddly,
happens to be a place of historical UFO presence and relevance, as well as being positioned under one
of the many Stargates, now dotted around our planet, for reasons we can only speculate about.

In 2010, Dennis found himself in the midst of chaos, and in the cross-hairs of a much darker agenda, when he happened to disclose an internal, and damning document, relating to the events of the Gulf Oil Spill, for which he has also been very outspoken. These events consisted of implied threats, a
heightened, black helicopter presence over his home, and an entire library of suddenly ‘missing’ UFO emails, caused him to re-evaluate his true purpose at this critical time in our planet’s, and human history, and he elected to step away from all speaking and writing of the subject, essentially going
‘underground’ to devote his time to the ‘New World’ at hand, and the colossal changes humanity now faces, and to be there for others in a much more physical sense.

Today, he assists those who are racing to catch up, and to understand, if not already Awakened, themselves. He devotes the remaining portion of his time to sustainable living, speaking about ‘The 2012 Shift’ now underway, and growing a large, community garden in the Four Corners area of the desert Southwest. He focuses now on the positive changes we face, and educating others about the Awakening
process, and the extraordinary days ahead, as old paradigms begin to crumble, and a new, 5th dimensional existence unfolds!

 From another site:

  So now, as I ponder just why it is I’m so ‘lucky’ to have a constant presence around me, I think back to two more incidents that may suggest this is something much deeper than happenstance. I have also discussed this on several occasions with Jim Sparks, a noted and very credible abductee, with over 90% recollection of his experiences.
While in Palm Springs, in 2006, I was ‘scanned’ (for lack of a better term), by something unseen, while getting up at 3am to grab a glass of water. I was looking out the patio window on the third floor, as the downtown area slept. Earlier in the evening, while with my family, we watched several craft rise above the San Jacinto Mountains, bobble around a bit, then descend one at a time, behind the peak after about 45 minutes. One first, followed by the next. I guess they saw what they wanted to see in the valley below, and called it a night. This would have been directly in my line of site, from the patio. 

This is the same spot I was standing at 3am, when a vertical, bronze/amber beam, about a foot wide, reaching from floor to ceiling, passing steadily from the back wall to my left, over my body, and across the right side until it disappeared. I was stunned. I stood frozen in that moment. I saw NOTHING in the air, the town was silent, and there was absolutely no traffic or aircraft whatsoever. Absolute silence, in the dead of night. Then it happened again! Almost in a steady, rhythmic and rotational cycle, like that of a lighthouse beacon, the beam crossed over my body in a smooth, fluid motion. I was ready the third time, if it happened again, and it did. With my left side to the back wall, and my right side aimed toward the balcony, I actually watched it start on one wall, move across, and as I looked directly across the patio to the mountains, it passed over my body again. Not a single source of light in the air, or on the ground, or anywhere from which this could have generated. This was the final pass. There may have been only 10-15 seconds between passes. Just three times. I thought then, as I do now, that something or someone may have activated something in me, to begin my ‘awakening’. It was from this point on that my total immersion into the field of the paranormal REALLY began. Elk Grove was the first major catalyst to my interest, but this led me deeper into my study. This had some meaning. How could it not? And why the interest in me? 

And finally, the most invasive, in-your-face event took place, about one year ago (prior to the SFO drone event). I had the most vivid UFO dream one night. We all have them, don’t we? But this was very different. The morning after this powerful dream, which felt so very, very real, left me feeling somehow different. I then found a half inch incision (?) on my right knee. No scab. Just a bright red, blade-fine cut, with no soreness, and which disappeared almost entirely by the following day. But this was not a scratch. It truly looked like a scalpel cut. I’ve never seen anything like it, with all the cuts and bruises I’ve had in my life. And, this would be the same morning I find a very small ‘bead’ of some sort behind my left ear. It moves slightly to the touch, and inflames at times. I can feel it now. In fairness, it’s never been tested, though I have my curiosity. I also now get a steady, deliberate tone that lasts 10-15 seconds at a time, almost daily, and only from that ear. Not piercing, but obvious when it takes place. It doesn’t fade, and cannot be attributed to some medical explanation of ringing in the ears, that I know of. It turns on, then off, like a switch. And always for the same, short length of time. This bead itself, very much matches the description given by Whitley Streiber, whom I have never met, but admire his forthright attitude in speaking what he knows.

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