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Location. Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Date: 1998                                 Time: various

A young Tatar-Muslim woman named Aihsa reported entering into a series of contacts with aliens from an extraterrestrial civilization from the Big Bear constellation (Ursa Major). At one time a man-like humanoid entity entered her bedroom and communicated with the witness via telepathy. The alien was tall, about 1.8m to 1.9m in height, and was dressed in a dark overall, his face was tanned, and he had large slanted eyes, a long straight nose and a slightly protruding chin. His hand had five long narrow fingers. 

The alien said that his name was “IMA” and spoke about numerous different subjects: God, evil, and about the 5 laws of the Universe. Sometimes he spoke in Russian and at times bright, living images were transmitted directly into her mind like a cinema. She always saw “IMA” in front of her as if it were a holographic image, she was told: “What you see before your eyes, it's not entirely me.” He added, “Information transmitted to you can be so exact to a degree that you will be able to almost touch it.” 

At one point they argued as to the nature of the aliens, Aisha stated that they were neither Gods nor demons and she then received the following answer, “Aisha we are are not Gods or demons. We are not from some unnaturally developed civilization. We are the same people as you are, but based on a different genetic base. So that qualitatively makes us people, men, but not in principle. We are not spirits we belong to the SAINA race”. 

The aliens told Aisha that they were inhabitants of a huge star system called “O-NAVAIL”. Their star was located in the Great Bear Constellation. They call their star system IR-SHIIR. Their planet is called NIASU which literally means, “The dwelling place”. And the center of their entire system (which is a union of 5 different planetary systems in different constellations) is a spiritual entity called TRON. TRON is the collective mind of all the representatives of the system. Aisha later learned that IMA was subordinated to his alien “boss” which is a female by the name of KILAMANS. IMA was supposed to take her place in this difficult system (Earth?) and have a career here. 

Aisha made an astral journey to the alien planet NIASU which she found quite interesting. Everything in the planet was surrounded by stern solemnity, tranquility and as seemed to her, aristocratism. The light there was dim (cloud cover?) but the ultraviolet rays were powerful like in the hottest deserts on Earth. Their cities had many trees and plants, and they built their homes in the immediate vicinity of the water reservoirs, which was cooler than the rest of the planet. 

At one point Aisha asked IMA if they had created the Earth and IMA answered, “We didn’t create anything, everything is the will of the Universe, but we have kept your planet under control since the moment of its birth”. IMA also added that temporarily they had established a base in the area of the Kerch Peninsula (probably under the Sea of Azov). 

They are “the 5th unit of a galactic star fleet”. IMA is the captain of a flagship named “The floating Butterfly”. They are engaged in guarding and studying the Universe and provide communications within. For some time now they have had responsibility over the human civilization, which was imposed to them as “curators” of Earth. 

On another occasion Aisha was contacted by an alien named LOESU which she considered to be the ideal of inner beauty and perfection. He was tall, dark skinned, with huge slanted eyes, no hair (his head was covered with something resembling a hood) a long nose, wide mouth and broad lips. He had very long and thin fingers. LOESU also had a very muscular chest, which Aisha saw since he wore something resembling a partially opened shirt.

When asked by local journalists why she had been chosen for contact, Aisha answered that the aliens did not have the right to communicate with any human. They have to follow definite criteria to choose the person they were to contact. The “Contactee” must have the abilities that can play the role in expanding humanity’s mind. The person must have the aptitude for comprehending the existence of other civilizations and to promote others to realize the fact. They told her that they would be transmitting information to her and that she “should write it down or draw it”. The aliens told her that they had been preparing her for the final contact and had decided that she met all the requirements they insisted upon. They only asked her to pass the information on to others since they wanted to study their reaction. They also told Aisha that this was needed more by humans than by them, in fact they pointed out that “human souls were the smallest particles of the whole universal soul.” That humans had lost their communication with space and must somehow restore it. 

At one time IMA told Aisha that evil exists only in the mind and that we had the ability to throw it out with our thoughts. That meant that humans must change their attitudes. Only by understanding their role in the Universe can humans re-establish their connection with the Creator. The Creator will then help humans cleanse themselves from evil. But only the humans had the choice to destroy or save themselves. None of the alien races were able to interfere in this.

According to IMA the five basic laws of the Universe were: 1. The priority of Energy. 2. Creation. 3. Non-comparison. 4. Compatibility. 5. Eternity.

HC addendum
Source: Elena Petriv in: “Mriya” Zaporozhye, August 3-10 2000 and Dr. Anton A. Analov                                                                            e

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