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Location. Near Kiev, Ukraine
Date: 1998
Time: night

Alla, a local woman was in her bed submerged in dark thoughts, her husband and her three children were alcoholics. She saw no future and had on that night decided to commit suicide. 

Suddenly someone knocked on her front door. She could only say, “Who is there? The time is late”. But she did not have time to react as two strange entities suddenly appeared amid the room. The figures were generally humanoid in appearance with very black claw-like hands with long nails. Evidently the entities knew exactly what their purpose was. They then said politely, but firmly, “Don’t do what you are planning, is better that you come with us.” Where?
For what? And who are you, Alla replied.

Her guests explained that they lived in a planet with “shape shifting beings” that can change their shape and density at will “It is difficult for those beings  to perform physical tasks, that’s why at times they ask humans for help”. Their species also lacked females of their kind, and were having trouble in continuing their species. It was difficult for their women to give birth and that’s why they invited terrestrial females to their planet. 

At this point, Alla half got up, intending to put her shoes on, but the strangers stopped her, saying, “No footwear is needed.” Her next memory was in appearing in a large room, evidently on board of a big spacecraft. She saw about three compartments on board and in one she noticed about 20 human males of different ages, the second compartment was empty, and in the third room she saw two adult women that were talking to each other. In apparent bewilderment one of them was saying to the other, “I can’t understand, whether I am still in this world, or already dead and in heaven?” Surprised, Alla wondered why the aliens needed those elderly women. 

At this moment the door opened and the aliens appeared, accompanied by a younger human woman. “Hello” she said to everyone. One of the “captive” men then said, “Here is one more prisoner”. 

Moments later the young woman explained to Alla that she had met the strange entities as she left a dance hall, at which time they proposed sex to her. After getting over her shock, she agreed, since her life was full of marital and family problems anyway. The aliens then performed medical checks on both women and also performed some type of “IQ” test, that including remembering chemical formulas. The aliens were evidently testing their mental capabilities. 

The aliens spoke with the captives in the Russian and Ukrainian languages, but communicated among themselves in a strange “sing-song” language. Apparently Alla did not pass any of the tests given to her by the aliens, so she was apparently returned back to her home. But apparently the other female taken from outside the dance hall remained with the aliens. 

While speaking with the other earth woman on board the spacecraft, Alla noticed five small globe-shaped spheres, resembling ball lighting and seemingly behaving like intelligent beings. They positioned themselves in a row. 

The alien commander then proceeded to tell them something, which Alla understood as, “My dear, you returned! Well go to your place.” Alla then saw six small containers on the control panel resembling ordinary wine glasses; the spheres obeyed and placed themselves inside those containers, changing into the shape of a mushroom.

HC addendum

Source: Leonid Terentyev, “UFO Captives”, the Secret Doctrine
# 7, April 2004, quoting Tatyana Nuraliyeva
Type: G

Comments: Very bizarre abduction incident, again the hybrid theme is touched upon here by these somewhat different aliens. Different types of aliens have used before the “dying planet or race” excuse, during a myriad of encounters.

Thank you Albert Rosales of Humanoid Contacts

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