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Otherworldly contact, Ukraine, 1966:

Location. Simferopol, Crimean peninsula, Ukraine (USSR)
Date: April 25 1966 Time: noon

On this weekend after Easter, 19-year old Valentina Ivanovna, a local resident of house # 36 on Druzhby Street, was staying alone at home, reading a book and waiting for her parents to arrive. Momentarily looking away from the book she looked at the clock and noticed that it was already noon time. Suddenly the heard a strange sound, which she could then only describe as similar to “shimmering electronic bells” but soft in nature, looking around looking for the source of the strange melodic sound she saw a tiny sphere or globe shaped object, dark gray in color, hovering just above the floorboards. The sound then stopped and the strange sphere began increasing in size and it became so big that it seemed to totally envelope the room, the witness felt as if she had been “absorbed” into the sphere and suddenly found herself transported into an unearthly realm.

At first everything around her was gray, and then Valentina noticed a far horizon, the strange new sky above her was dark blue, without any stars. She then noticed the grass below her, which seemed to be cut very low and was of an unearthly red color. She felt a strong wind which bended the short grass to the ground and somehow understood that the alien’s star (their sun) was evidently behind her, but she didn’t see it. 

Looking to her right at about 1.5meters away Valentina saw an alien woman standing. Valentina felt that she could have easily touched her, but felt no desire to do so. 

The alien woman had dark wavy hair and wore a white dress. The strong wind was blowing the dress around. The alien woman stood still staring into the horizon. She wasn’t that tall, about 1.55m in height, slender and thin, with tanned skin, of a pleasant brown tint. Such color of skin was usually typical to the Caribbean region on Earth like Cuba. Her eyes were unearthly, much bigger than normal human eyes, and elongated but straight, not slanted. The eyes were very beautiful and expressive. Her nose, mouth, ears and the rest of her body looked quite human or terrestrial. Her hands had five digits. Her dress was incredibly white---clean without any design, it was cut in an earthly style, with a low cut neck line, without any sleeves, extending below the knees. 

Valentina and the alien woman stared at each other, then the woman smiled (Valentina noticed incredible white teeth) turned around and began walking away towards the horizon, Valentina watched as it appeared that the woman seemed to float just above the ground as the grass did not bend as she walked over it. Valentina did not notice if the woman wore any foot gear. 

Moments later Valentina saw a gray mist and the same tiny sphere began “rolling” towards her, the space around immediately transformed into her familiar bedroom. The strange sphere then rolled under the sideboard and vanished. 

The witness again heard the soft melodic sound and everything returned to normal. Valentina realized that the sound had been aimed to attract her attention. When she looked at the clock it was only 5 minutes after 12. Only five minutes had passed. Valentina never felt any fear during the encounter.

HC addendum
Source: Dr. Anton A. Anfalov PhD. Personal investigation. Type: G?
Comments: It appears that the witness was somehow momentarily transferred into another realm or dimension, for what purpose? It remains to be seen.

Thank you Albert Rosales of Humanoid Contacts!

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