Thursday, January 17, 2013


This picture was taken by "Paul" in Australia
inside his apartment.  He has several pictures 
with beings inside of the orb.


I had an experience with what may be an orb on a Wednesday evening, July 2, 2007.  I did not know much about orbs.  After learning a little about them since the experience, I thought others actually saw them as I did on this night, but now I realize most people are only seeing them on digital camera photos.

That night I actually had contact with this "light energy," not only seeing it, but actually interacting with this being of intelligence.  It lasted for about two hours.  The "light energy" was outside my apartment in Branson, Missouri, from 10:00 p.m. until about midnight.  It was originally about 30 feet above me, but came in closer to me -- to only inches from my outreached hand at one point, and then at the end of these incredible two hours, it very quickly moved way up and out into the sky away from me and disappeared.

It was in the form of four somewhat fuzzy white lights, rotating counter clockwise, equally spaced, around and around about four or six times.  Then the four white lights (like a sheer curtain) would meet in the center, make a more solid ball of light, then sort of bounce off each other and then go back to being four separate, equally spaced faint lights, going round and round again.

I had my sister in New York on the cell phone all the time while I was experiencing this unusual happening.  She was scared for me and told me to go back into the house, but I soon did not feel afraid but was rather mesmerized by the experience.  When I saw it at first, it was above the roof, and I thought it was one of those advertising lights.  But when I moved farther out into the parking lot, it moved with me, out above my head, and came down closer to me, always going round and round, meeting in the center, then bursting back into the four shapes of light.

I became curious, and I decided to "play' with it a little.  I moved about 500 feet to a building to the left of my apartment, and it followed over me! I then decided to move up the hill to the highway, where a small strip mall is located.  As I was at the crest of the hill, I reached up, still on the cell phone with my sister, and reached out my right hand.  The "lights" came down very close to me.  One of the four actually separated from the other three, which continued to circle in a counter clockwise fashion above and behind it, and the one light came down to almost touching my finger tips!

When this happened, I just felt this feeling of "pure love and peace"!  It was wonderful!  I remember just feeling totally full of love, and I remember saying to my sister on the phone, "Its beautiful!  It's beautiful!"  But it was not "physical" beauty, because the lights remained sort of dull, fuzzy white features (not colorful or distinctive in any way), but it was the feeling of "beauty" that I was experiencing.  I was totally filled with the feeling of love and peace.

Then I moved up and to the right about 1,500 feet, and the lights moved above me, kept right along with me, over my head.  I sat on the curb for about 20 minutes or so, talking to my sister, totally taken aback by all this.  They moved up and away in the sky a bit, but still quite low above me all the while.  I was watching them go round and round and meet in the center, and burst back into four separated lights.

Then I decided to go back down and around to my apartment.  The lights came with me.  When I came down to my apartment, I actually pulled out a folding chair and placed it in the middle of the parking lot, and sat there talking to my sister - and the light was circling up above me all the time.

Then a strange thing happened.  I just started t think where my camera and the new batteries were - I was thinking about taking photos of this - my friends will not believe it without "proof," and suddenly the lights moved up and way out from me, became four distinct small solid balls of light (like the pattern on a dice) and blink - lights out - and it was gone.  At first, I became scared and thought, Oh, they are going to beam me up!  But they just disappeared.  I have not seen them since.   

This pictures was taken by Lozanna B. at our APRG Christmas party on December 22.  There are four orbs in the picture.  The interesting part is that the bright white orb was closest to Eugene N. who is a healer.  He was talking to a lady that has a tumor in her head about what he could do to help her.  I think the spirit in the Orb agreed with what he was saying.  A phenomenal picture.

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